Monday, March 21, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 ARTHUR GRIESER He was a district SS leader in western Poland and  was extremely cruel nazi officer. he drove away thousands of poles from their houses and settled Germans in the vacated houses. He wrote to H einrich himmlers to send tubercular patients to the death camp at Chelmno for special treatment  that was  acode word for extermination.. After war he was tried in Poland sentensed to death and and publicly hanged In 1946
CHRISTIAN WIRTHChristian wirth was a nazi SS major and was a born criminal and extremely evil. He was appointed commandant of Concentration camp at B elzec and later was inspector for camps at B elzec, sob inor, trebinkin.He had a dirty face and used to bury infants and children alive in a dug pit. He flogged the Jews with a whip and drove them into gas chambers.T he SS. Leadership probably wanted yo get rid of him and other executioners in 1944 and he was posted to Yugoslavia to combat partisans that was . gravely dangerous and  he was killed in a roadside attack by partisans.
FRANZ STANGL He was Austrian by birth and the SS commandant of concentration camps Sobibor and treblinka and was responsible for killing inmates to a tune of 900000 . After war he was briefly detained by American army at L ins in Austria and he escaped to Syria with help of friends and stayed there for three years Till 1951. His family also joined him. From Syria he escaped to Brazil and he was traced by N AZI hunter Simon Wiesenthal and arrest warrant was issued by Austria in 1961.He was extradited in 1967 , tried at West German court and sentenced for 25 years in jail On 1970. But he died after six months due to cardiac arrest in 28 dec 1971. He was interviewed by Madam  gitta Serena for her book. Stagl all the time maintained in court that he just did his duty and has not committed any crime as per German law. However at the end, he accepted guilt in prison during the interview. when he said.. I feel guilt as I was there. After 19 hours at the end of last interview, he passed away due to heart failure.

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