Sunday, March 20, 2016


BLOBEL PAUL blobel Paul was an SD officer of rank of colonel.. He joined nazibparty in Dec 1931.In 1933 he joined police dusseldort.In 1934 he joined einsalzgruppec C in Ukraine he was the commander of the evil unit.It was established as a mobile unit to eliminate political and racial undesirables. Children were made to stand in front of the graves dug earlier and were shot mercilessly. The dead fell in the pits and were buried. He is responsible for killing nearly 59018 Jews including children. Although he testified at trial that he killed only15000. After war he was arrested and tried at Nuremberg soecial US military tribunal and sentensed to death. He was hanged in 1951. During the trial , he declared that he killed the racial undesirables as it was one of the the aim of the war and he did his job ordered by The fuehrer . He prayed that Germany should know and be careful of its enemies.The sketch shows him with beard that grew while he was in prison

 KARL RUDOLF WERNER BRAUNEBraune was a nazi SS officer. He was with EINSATZGRUPPEN D as a sub unit commander of Special det 11B in Ukraine and Crimea under Otto Ohdendorf ( was executed for war crimes after war in 1948) between 11..13 Dec 1941 the sub unit killed14300 Jews In cold blood.From 1943 to 44 he was with German foreign service academy and in 1945 he was sent to Norway as commander of security police Sipo 25 D. after WW II he was tried by soecial US military tribunal in 1948. And was sentensed to death and he was hanged on 7 June 1951 At Lindsberg prison in Bavaria.
ERICH KOCHErich Koch was a district leader in Prussia. 400000 poles perished under him. He was the commissioner of Bialystock region From 1941.. To 45.When Germany entered Ukraine he was made the reich commissioner from 1941..43, FIrst thing he did was to close schools. He said they need no schools and whatever they need will be taught by Germans. 4 million Jews and ukranians perished and two millions were sent as slave labour!. After WWII he went underground and lived in hamburg and in 1949 was arrested and extradited to Poland. He was tried in 1959 and convicted and sentensed to death, However the next year it was reduced to life term due to poor health. However Koch recovered and lived up to 90 yeras of age and died in 1986 in prison. If could be arrested in 1945 he would have Ben tried along with major nazis at IMT surely and faced gallows.
LUDWIG FISCHERLudwig Fischer joined nazi party as a student and he rose to gruppen fuehrer in SA . He was appointed as governor in annexed Poland where he created ghettos and implemented draconian laws. when Poland rose in revolt he was the no 1 target and after suppressing the polish rebellion, he was more severe in the extermination programmes. after war, he was captured and handed over to Poland where he was tried for war crimes and sentensed to death and was hanged on 8march 1947 .

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