Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

BLUME  WALTERBlume water was an SS officer of colonels rank and he was associated with the terrible Gestapo too. he was responsible for massacre of. Jews in Russian territory. Ad later in Greece. He deported more than 45000 Jews from Greece to Auschwiz camp. he was captured by American troops. At the end of war and was tried on April 10, 1948. And sentensed to 25 yeras. But he was released in 1955. He was re arrested in 1968 and tried for atrocities in Greece. Although considerable evidence was produced he was set free. he diedp in 1974 at the age of 68 yers.
 AMON GOETH He was the SS captain. And the camp commandant at Krakow.. plaszow in Poland where he murdered scores of inmates and personally killed many. he was arrested after war and tried in Polnad and sentensed I to death for war crimes, homicide and hanged near plaszow. On 13 sept 1946
WILHELM STUCKARTHe was from judicial field originally and became legal advisor for nazi administration and he was drawn into the field? He was given the very senior rank of gruppen fuherer in SS organisation. He was the architect of nazi nuremberg laws that were anti semetic laws meant for protecting purity of German blood and German honor.He recommended forced sterilization of couples of mixed blood..T he entire theory finally ended in extermination of jews in occupied countries. He also Made laws. To get rid off new borns with disorders who would be a burden to society and weaken the race.Sfter war he was convicted for war crimes in respect of drafting. And legalising anti Semitic laws, but was sentensed to a period up to 1949 which was the same as his detention period. He was killed in a car accident ay Hanover a day before his 51. Birth day. It has been widely believed that the car accident was engineered by Mossad of Israel to kill stuckart.

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