Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 ALFRED KRUPPAlfreid Krupp Von was the son of   famous industrialist Gustav  Krupp von. Who supplied weapons, arms  and ammunition etc to a hitlers nazi war machine By using extensive slave labour supplied by SS organization. The slave labour worked in very hard conditions and control over them was very harsh. many perished. After war was over he was tried for crimes against humanity and imprisoned for three years. After release he was given back all his wealth and factories and once again he rose to the past glory. He died in 1967 and after him the family control was passed to a philanthropist organisation. Alfred Krupp grew in status and occupied many important and prestigious positions in civil life in West Germany.
OSKAR DIRLEWANGER.  He was the founder commander of N ASI penal unit in SS called Dirlewanger in WWII. He fought in Spanish civil war, and WW I, too. He was the most cruel, sadistic, necrophille, psychopath killer and child monster. Very few could compete with him in the cruelty in all sectors of WW II.He was expert in extermination. He was arrested after WWII and died in prison on 07june 1945 probably due to beating by the guards
 ODILOGLOBOCNILHe was vile nazi SS. Leader and was responsible for mass murders of polish and Austrian jews at concentration camps.H e climbed the ladder in A ustria being a staunch supporter of Nazism. During the final stage of WWII he escaped to A ustrian mountain region but was tracked by A British cavalry. Unit and was arrested. He bit a cyanide pill and died immediately. His body was buried outside the compound wall of a local church as the church authorities did not allow him to be buried within church compound.
FREDRICK JECJLEN freidrich jackeln was senior SS officer of the rank of Lt Gen ( opergruppen fuehrer)And served in Occupied region of Russia. As SS and police leader.He was responsible for Killing 100000 Jews , Romani, Slavs and undesirables. h e personally supervised killings ?H e was the commanding general of one of the largest collection of. Einsatzgruppen. He got dug large pits in which the prisoners were made to lie naked and were shot by the soldiers behind the head. the next batch had to lie on the dead bodies.  Those who did not die after shooting were buried alive. He was captured along with other Nazis working in Riga fist and was tried at Soviet court at Riga and was sentenced to death. He accepted responsibility for the murders. He was executed on 03 February 1948.

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