Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 KARL HOLZHe was a SA Gruppenfuhrer. He was nazi Gauleiters of gau Franconia. He joined the party in 1922 and grew. He had close relation ship with Streitcher, A prominent nazi. When streitcher was involved in a corruption charge, holz also lost his office, but soon was again in the run. He was made leader of Gaul by H itler although strietcher was still there. When allied troops captured nuremberg he holed up himself with a small group in a bunker at police camp and resisted the US troops without surrendering. With him was the mayor willy Liebel with  whom  he had many differences earlier over control of Nuremberg.. It is believed that Holz shot dead the mayor in the bunker as he was trying to surrender the city to US troops to stop fighting. Some also are of opinion that the mayor died in fighting the U.S. Troops. at last HoLz also met his end in the bunker fighting the allies on 20 April 1945 which happens to be the birth day of Hitler who  in fact awarded holz for bravery for defending Nuremberg very boldly and stubbornly.
KARL STEUBL Karl Steubl was a male nurse at camp alkoven in Austria initially before 1942 and saw the massacre of nearly 15000 handicapped Jews sent as part of T. 4 programme. he was an expert in gassing. Later he was shifted to Sobibor camp where his expertise was used .Jews sent to clean up near by camp treblinka after destruction were later gassed in very large numbers. After war he was arrested and he committed suicide at Lintz prison in Austria Before the trial began.
RUDOLF BECKMANN Rudolf Beckmann was an Oberscharfuhrer in SS organization and was initially posted at Grafenec castle and hardamar the killing places of Jews during T4 euthanasia programme. Later ,he was shifted to Sobibor concentratin camp. He was mostly on the duties concerned about sorting out the belongings of inmates before
 they were gassed and preparing for cremation. He was stabbed to death along with ten more German gurads and few more Ukranian gurads during uprising at the camp by inmates on 10 October 1943.

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