Friday, March 25, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

KARL BOLENDERHe was the staff sergent of SS organization and was posted at Sobibor camp where he personally killed 360 Jews and took part in killing another 86000 Jews . He lived in Germany under false identity and was recognised in 1961 at a night club where he was working as a doorman. He was arrested and tried . In 1965.the trail was to be completed, but kurt Bolender committed suicide in jail two moths before sentencing.
ARTUR AXMANNArtur axmann was a leader of youth who reached the rank of SS reichfuhrer and was the only officer with such high rank to survive after war and live long to see the aftermaths of WW II. During the war he fought along with G reman army. And was seriously wounded. And lost his right arm and survived. He was one if the close aides of H itler and was At the bunker of hitler before hitler committed suicide. Before shooting himself. hitler declared that the officers should break out of the enemy ring. Consequently Martin borman! a doctor Ludwig stumpfeger , Werner Neumann and Axmann tried to escape from the place. By crossing river spree, Axmann picked up the pistol of Walther PP make with which hitler shot himself dead in the bunker. At some point on the way Axmann proceeded in opposite direction of Bormann . When he saw a Russian patrol He doubled back and saw Bormann and the doctor lying dead near the bridge invalided star be . He had no time to investigate and disappered quickly escaping from the enemy. he lived with false names but He was arrested in 1945 dec at lubeck and tried and sentensed to 3 yeras of prison which he served. In 1958 a German de nazifiaction  court  fined him 35000 marks. After release he tried his hand in business with some success. He also left Germany in 1971 and lived on an island Gran canaria And later returned in 1976 . And When he passed away the family did not disclose the reasons for his death. He passed away on 24 October 1996 at the age of 83 years.
HEINZE LINGEHeinz Linge was Hitlers valet and a nazi officer who spent many hours with Hitler on the day of his suicide.He was an SS officer.Hitler told his plan that he would commit suicide in his private room in the bunker and gave instructions how the bodies of he and his wife should be disposed off. They were to be burnt in the backyard of chancellery. hitler addressed all his aides , had meals with them and gave instructions for a breakout.Soviets were closing on Berlin and Hitler never wanted fall in their hands. A s planned he committed suicide along with his wife EVA Braun whom he married few hours ago. After disposing bodies of hitler and his wife Heinz Linge escaped but was arrested by soviets at seestrasse on 02 ' may 1945 and once they found his identity they sent him to the notorious Russian prison labjanka. he spent ten years in the prison. He was interrogated by Russian agencies NKVD and later MVD not KGB. He was released in 1955. Linge wrote his memoirs that were published bY Front liner books in 2009 called ...with hitler to end .Linze died in 1980 in Germany . ..
HERBERT FLOSS Herbert floss joined SS in 1935 and was master sergent.. He was the acting commander at sobibor Extermination camp in1942 before gustav Wagner took over from him.He carried out cremation of murdered Jews by mass burning by placing them as stacks over specially made devices. rails were kept over concrete blocks. And the corpses were stacked over them. Below the corpses gasoline soaked brush wood was stacked and they were burnt. A fter revolt at the camp in 1943, he was escorting some prisoners by train to Lublin and at chelm he was overpowered by the prisoners and was shot dead by his own service machine pistol at Chelms. his evil life came to an End

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