Saturday, May 7, 2016

Into the past with pain..329

Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen at Hyderabad and walking through a colony.
Gandhi. Patel, I find some activities are going on. I find some people are busy
Patel. True. I also noticed it.Now what is our plan to day Bapu?]
Gandhi. I read in news papers that local CM is doing some thing good or atleast appear so.
Patel. These leaders do some thing or other to keep themselves in lime light.
Nehru. That is their job.
Patel OK. They are happy to see their photos in news papers every day
Gandhi. Recently I saw a photo in which a minister was handing over a cheque to the wife of a person who died in an accident. The guy was showing all his teeth and his flunkies were trying to get into the snap extending their necks. It is a shit photo.Is it the occasion to smile and laugh?
Patel. Bapu. That is life today. All want publicity. Even if the leader are donating a fan to a temple there will be a big function, show shaw are there a with snaps and a silly fan is being presented.That too it will be a local brand. Next day the snaps are in the news paper and the fan is suspended in temple with his name painted on it. These leaders have no shame
Gandhi. If they have some shame they will not become leaders and run for posts.They bring in wife, son, daughter, son in law, into various posts.Why not I say. Oppertunities will not come often. Make hay while sunshines.
Nehru. That means all leaders are shamless.
Gandhi. Did I say that?
Nehru. It means so. You were also leaders in your times.
Gandhi. I never ran for posts, If wished I could have become the first Governor General , President and PM all put together, But I never wanted.
Nehru. Are you feeling sorry now?
Gandhi. Not at all. You guys enjoyed and screwed up the country too.
Nehru. Sorry Bapu for your thoughts.
Gandhi .I speak truth.
Patel. Let it go Bapu, Past is past. There is a colony association building in this colony. I saw a flexy. Shall we go there? Please walk slowly.
(The trio takes a diversion and go into a side lane. Bapu steps on fresh soil and his foot sinks deep into ground. He collapses shouting )
Gandhi. mar gay.. bhai.. Bachao... Bacho.. ( Plesae save me. I am dying )
Patel. Bapu nothing happened. Be bold.
Gandhi is unable to come out. He is going still deep into ground. He is already sunk up to waist. He is being prevented from going still down by patel and Nehru who are holding his hands)
Gandhi. Guys do something. Pull me out.
Patel. It is dark bapu and no one is around. If I leave you and search for help you will go down. Jawahar will not be able to hold you. He may also drop in
Gandhi. But why this happened?
Nehru. God knows.
(In the mean time they see a lorry coming that way and it stops with a screeching brake seeing them. There are ten labourers in the lorry. All of them crowd around )
Driver. Ohfo. This is an inkudu Gunta ( Pit for rain water harvesting). In the morning only we were here.Brought some kankar and stones. Local corporator inaugurated its construction. There was big fan fare too.
Patel. Did they build it properly?
Driver. I do not know. We left after dropping the material.
Patel. The guys must have done some hotch potch work. Instead of Rain harvesting pit it has become sluchpit, which sucks any thing that falls in.
Gandhi. Are you doing some thing to pull me out? I am feeling very tired holding on to you.
Patel. Bapu . Plesae wait. Just now only we have some help.
Driver. Should I tie the old man hands tothe lorry with a rope and drive him out.
Patel. Come on. His hand will come out. Not he. He is already veryold, sick and like a skeleton. There is nothing in his body except bones.
Driver. Then what is the way?
Patel. We have to take out slush from the pit.
Driver. We do not have any spade and other materials.
Nehru. What will happen now?
Patel. If we do not pull him out now by tomorrowthe soil will become hardand Bapu will be fixed inside.
Nehru. Oh No. Gandhi. will it be ?
Patel. Let us inform police guys. They may contact Political bosses and request for armys help.
Gandhi. It will take lot oftime.They have to contact MODand get permission from there.
Patel. May be . But let us try.
Gandhi. But why army?
Patel. Bapu Army is remembered in trouble and mothers is remembered in pain.
Gandhi. And later they are kicked and neglected and That is common democracies.
Patel. Bapu somehow You have to come out
Nehru. Bapu. You always used to say jiska koyee nahi uska Sri Ram hai.Why do not call raji. Sings...Ramji karega beda paar udaasi man kahe ko dare...
Parel. Please no Jokes.
Driver. What we will do babu. We are getting late.
Gandhi. Do some thing. I am aa...
Pate. I have to do something my self. Driver sahib . Plesae catch hold of Bapus hand and I will befreleived.
(The driver holds Bapus hand and Patel gets free. Patel removes his shirt and jumps into pit and sinks quickly. Patel pushes bapu up with great force and bapu slowly comes out. Finally Bapu is pulled out by the other persons. Bapu is made to lie down on road side and he is full of mud and dirt.The driver and others go away in lorry)
Gandhi. Patel. I am feeling very weak.
Patel. OK OK Relax Bapu, Sing Ramdhun for some time
(Gandhi sings Ramdhun. He slowly gains energy and gets up )
Gandhi. I am up again. Let us go.
Nehru. Hee..Hee. Nice time we had .I am sure if I had fallen in pit you guys would have walked away
Gandhi. Come on , behave Jawahar. That is not the way to talk.
Nehru. Sorry bapu. Let us go.
The trio slowly walks away.

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