Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao


He was very  senior officer from SS of the rank obergruppen fuhrer in SS and und General waffen SS . He was taking care of all construction activities of SS including concentration camps. He was civil engineer and had a doctorate In civil Engg. In the last stages of war, he was made in charge of German rocket V2 programme. His death is not known. There are speculations that he was taken to US where he hanged himself in confinement. It is aslolearnt that Us offered him positions but he declined .There are some who claim that his ADC shot him dead so that he was not captured by partisan fighters who encircled them. Probably, he must have committed suicide by cyanide poisoning. His wife requested authorities to declare that he was dead on 9 may 1945 and  her request was accepted and date was confirmed as 10 May 1945.



 He was associated with Einsatzcgruppe organizations with which extermination started by forming death squads. He was highly notorious and got fully involved with the aims of extermination of Jews. He rose dramatically and was close to Himmler and other senior nazis. After war he had free life for thirteen years and was convicted for war crimes for a period of 9 years and was free man again. he should have been hanged in fact.  He died in 2004.  He was the major war criminal alive at the turn of century.

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