Monday, May 23, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by dr K Prabhakar Rao


Rudolf Lange was a police official an d commander of SD and S iPo in R iga, and Latvia. In ensatzgruppen A and  nearly 250000 people were exterminated in less than six months.He was a favorite of Reinhard heydrich and himmlers.During the last months of war he was posted to Posen NAND red army surrounded the city on the day of his arrival. He Leda desperate resistance to red army by his police men under him and for his valor and determined effort he was promoted as standartenfuhrer? He was wounded. . red army captured the garrison city in battle of Ponzen on 23 February 1945. Ad probably rudolf died or committed suicide. he was necer seen afterwards.


Sepp Dietrich was a general from waffen and commanded up yo army level. prior to 1929 , he was the chauffeur of Adolf hitler and took active part in night of long knives in which many political opponents of hitler and nazism were murdered. He got rapid promotions and commanded 6 panzer army during battle of bulge. After war he was arrested by Us army for war crimes and was sentensed to life but was reduced to 25 years later. He served only ten years and was again re arrested  by German govt for  his role during upsurge in 1934 when night of long knives took place in which many SA officers were murdered.. He was  sentenced to 19 months Prison Term. He was released on 2 February 1958. He died due to Heart attack in 1966 at the age of 73 years.

Paul Hausser was a German army officer who joined SS waffen after retirement from the army. He was elevated to rank of Gruppen fuehrer And general lietananat in he commanded SSdivisions and took part in campaigns. twice he was seriously wounded.Once he was shot through his jaw and he lost an eye. At Nuremberg trials, he argued that waffen was purely a military type setup and had nothing to do with war crimes. he did not undergo any prison term and was free man. He wrote books in which tried to project wafflen SS as a military force and was free of war Crimes. Of course his views were mostly not accepted

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