Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pencil sketch of Nazi by Dr K Prabhakar rao

AUMEIER HANS.    He joined nazi party in 1929 and SA in 1931. he was posted as driver at SA hq at Berlin.I n dec 31 he was transferred to SS and worked at a garage as driver.. on Feb 01 , 1942 he was posted to Auschwitz camp where he was the head of the dept III  and he was called Schutzaflagerfuhrer and stayed till Aug 16' 1943. during his tenure, he made name for himself by his draconian methods of torture, beating and execution. On 19 march 1942 he was present at the execution of women 144 in numbers at barracks 10 and 11 at the firing wall., Again 168 persons  were executed at same place by shooting on 27 May 1942. He was charged with corruption of stealing away gold from gassed victims and on the orders of camp commandant Rudolf hob, he was transferred. He later served with construction brigade of 5 th panzer corps. He became commandant of camp  vaivara and was there till Aug 1944.He took part in front line assault on enemy positions at Estonia island  but failed and  his contributions in this action  are not known.. in Oct 44 he   reported to Richard Glücks the Gruppen fuehrer. He was arrested at Tevrningmoen on 11 June 1945. and  was handed over to Amercian  investigators who later extradited him to Poland. He was tried at krakow trials during 25 Nov 1947 to 16 DEC 1947 and was sentenced to death. He was executed by hanging on 28 Jan 1948 at M ontelupcich prison. During trials, he commented that he is being made a scape goat.he reached rank of major during service.

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