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                                                    INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN … 324
                                                                Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are  seen strolling on the streets of heavens in the evening hours. They are near a park..  They see a person walking towards  them.)

Gandhi. Look , some one is approaching us. I can not see him clearly.  I am not putting on  my spectacles.

Patel. The figure is hazy.  It is not clear.

Nehru. I am also unable to make out.

( In the mean time , a person  comes close to them.  He says  Namaste to Bapu and hello to Patel and Nehru. His figure is not yet clear)

Gandhi. Namaste Bhai. Who are you?  I am unable to make out. Who are you?

Stranger. Bapu. Did you not recognize me.

Gandhi. No ( Scatches is  bald head )

Nehru. I am also unable to make out. Jawaharlal , can you?.

Nehru. Oh . No

Stranger.  Come on sir. I am subhas. Your subhas.

Gandhi. Oh subhas. How are you? Why are you concealed in form? Why you are not showing up? Your figure is hazy.

Subhas. Bapu. I am neither dead or alive till today. So I am like this. If I was alive, I would have full form active and busy. If I am already dead I shall  have ghost form like you guys. I am neither this nor that. So I am like this.

Gandhi. I am very sorry to hear this.   I Was told  that   you died in an air crash in Japan while trying  to go to  some un known destination. I felt very sad when I heard the news.

Subhas.  But in  India there is a hue and cry that I did not die in air crash and it was a  fake news. There was no convincing evidence.

Gandhi. I did not live long after that. WW was over in  1945. I was killed in 1948 immediately after freedom was granted to India.I can not say much about it. 

Patel. I also did not last long. I died in 1951  within three years of gaining freedom. God has taken us soon away. Nehru however lived long.

Nehru. True. I lived long and I also suffered long particularly at the  end.

Subhas. What suffering  you went through. You had  nice time as PM for  1 long years with none to oppose.

Nehru. I only know the sufferings.

Subhas. You suffered due to your own deeds. No one caused your suffering.

Gandhi. Subhas. Cool down please.  You  have not yet cooled down although decades have passed.

 Subhas. How I shall cool down. I was a burning volcano all these years. I was declared dead after WW II in plane crash. But some doubt always  existed even in the minds of the English men. They tried INA officers and  men in the famous Red fort trial. It is a different thing that they were acquitted and set free. Thanks to Jawaharlal for pleading. But INA soldiers were not accommodated in Indian army and they were discharged. Most of the INA soldiers were  Indian army soldiers earlier. They were captured by Japanese and  Germans at various fronts.Of course it is funny to note that some men and officers of Nizams army were  taken into Indian army after police action in 1948 on Hyderabad .  In fact these Nizams army fought Indian army to achieve third Pakistan  during police action. Strange things happened.

Gandhi. What I can say? Probably Indian govt has not pardoned the  INA men for leaving Indian army and joining INA under you. It was a betrayal as per the govt. I feel so.

Subhas. These are old things. There was none to  bother for these INA men who fought for the freedom of  India.  Both of us fought for freedom. But ways were different

Gandhi True. Our ways were poles apart. I was  an ahimsa wadi. You were a  military man waging war against  the English men.

Subhas. Acharya  Chanakya stated long ago that  your enemy has to  be my friend in strategies. I followed it. It is not new.If we had succeeded we would have been glorified greatly. It is just a destiny. In war  victory and loss are  not in our hands.

Gandhi. Very true.  But I am not still clear why your figure is hazy.

Subhas. Bapu. It because It is still not clear whether I am alive or no more. The records here also are not clear. Whenever a person leaves earth record is made here. My file is missing here too.

Gandhi..  I thought  administration in  India was onlty bad. Here also is same.

Subhas. Never mind Bapu. One day things will come out correctly.How long truth will be hidden
Gandhi. Subhas now tell me  what really happened to you in plane crash after WW II

Subhas.  I can not reveal.

Gandhi. If you did not die you can tell us where you stayed all these years.. Even by normal standards You have to die. You were born in 1897. Now it is 2015. If you are alive you would be  118 years. By all standards your time would have been up.Even if we count 80 years of age  you could have died in 1977.if you had survived crash of the plane. So I see no reason why your figure should be hazy.

Subhas. Good argument. But  the entire mystery must be solved and facts declared open  if I have to assume normal form. Therefore I am in this state.

Patel. That means you know what happened to you.

Subhas . Sure. But I shall not tell you.

Patel. Why?

Subhas. Indians have to establish and expose every culprit.

Gandhi. You therefore see some fishy thing

Subhas. Yeah Bapu.

Gandhi. Why some one will be against you? What he would gain?

Subhas. Only they will know. I learnt that recently CM of West Bengal mamta benarjee declared some  secret files in the state after declassification. It has come to light that  My family members were under surveillance of intelligence agencies for many decades. Why it was necessary.?If I was dead really in air crash why it was  required? Of Whom did they were scared of after gaining independence.

Gandhi. That means  there was  something surely  fishy and some guys in power knew about you. How bad it is.

Subhas. So bapu. Let  truth come out. If all files with the PM  and files in Russia and UK are  revealed, the reality will come out. That  could be very embarrassing for some persons.

Gandhi. Truth must come out and villains  must be made accountable. I am with you.

Subhas. Thanks Bapu.

Nehru. Bapu. I am feeling sleepy. We shall talk some other time. OK Subhas. Nice that you came. Please come again.

Subhas. I shall surely come. bye Bapu and Patelji. Jai hind.

Bapuand Patel. Jai hind

 ( Subhas  walks away goose stepping  while in back ground INA music  Kadam kadam badhaye jaa is heard.)

( Nehru is seen walking away)

Patel. Bapu. Let us go. I am sure we are in for some great surprise in future.

Gandhi. Let it be. Let us go. It is already late

(Both walk away)


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