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                                                      INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN..323
                                                        DR K Prabhakar rao

Gandhi, Nehru and patel  are seen sitting  at a park  at lower tank bund in Hyderabad.. Weather is cool and light breeze is seen blowing

Gandhi. Patel  climate   has changed in Hyderabad. Otherwise it was so much oppressing.

Patel. Bapu People are also much oppressed here in Hyderabad.

Gandhi. What is that?. What do you mean by that?

Patel. Bapu, the city was a bit tense with police patrolling Osmania University area. There was  too much of vehicle checking

Gandhi. Why the fear?

Patel. Bapu, The students  belonging  to a section from Osmania university  decided to conduct a fest of beef which  every year they conduct

Gandhi. Why this university is always in news?  During Telangana agitation the students of this University created  great law and order problems. There was no  academic environment.It earned very bad name in 1968 and its degrees were not recognized.  

Patel. Yes This university is famous for that. Guys hardly study. The university is managing  by virtue of past name.

Gandhi. Is it so bad?

Patel. Yeah Bapu. All troubles start from here only. There has been  big controversy on Beef eating. You know in north  India, a guy was beaten to death because he ate beef. It was a big news. It became a communal problem . Some how  the situation was controlled. Here in Hyderabad  the BJP guys have taken up the  cause and said they would  prevent the beef fest at Osmania university while students were adamant.  The court also gave directive that  it should not be not held till further orders. Tension built up rapidly as students were bent on violating  court orders.

Gandhi. Then what happened?

Patel. Police has  deployed more than 1500police men at university and the concerned MLA of BJP was also not allowed to take a rally. The crisis was averted. But tensions are there. Police resorted to too much of  checking and innocents were harassed. Life has become oppressive
Gandhi, I know that police guys need little  scope to trouble guys although they have to do  duty. But they also over react and become repressive.

Patel. Bapu in all countries police is used for repression of society. It is a govt tool for coercion, oppression and  state terrorism.

Gandhi. It will have its own repercussions. However in what way we are bothered.

Nehru. Why Bapu? Are you not bothered if people are suffering?

Gandhi. Yet it has not grown to that level. Any how the beef trouble is over for time being.

Patel. Partly. Hotels in  posh areas who serve beef are displaying that they are serving buffalo meat and  not cow meat or bullock meet.

Gandhi. In what way  meat differs  between a buffalo and   cow meat

Patel. I can not say as I never ate them.

Gandhi. Both are domestic  animals used widely in India

Patel. Cow is considered an holy animal. It is  loved by lord Krishna.

Gandhi. Is buffalo a  bad animal? Maximum guys drink buffalo milk. He Buffalo is the  vehicle for Lord yama.

Patel. Every animal is in fact a   mount for some god. There are thousands of gods and need variety of animals.

Gandhi. In fact all animals are good. We have goats, sheep,  pigs, that are reared, But our guys kill them in large numbers for eating.

Patel. Now  what is going to happen? In fact peole are divided on the issue of beef. Many are of the opinion that  people have the right to eat what they choose

Gnadhi. But they can not fellow humans . They can not be cannibals.

Patel. Bapu. This is too much

Gandhi.For muslims it is  a regular  diet. A section of Hindus  also devour beef regularly. But BJPguys want beef eating to be banned. They want ban on killing cows.

Patel. India is wasting time on such issues and such issues are causing disruption in progress

Gandhi.Patel, India declared peacock as national bird. One can not kill  and eat it.

Patel.  Does it mean  one can eat it alive?

Gandhi. No jokes please. We are discussing serious matter

Patel. Sorry babpu.

Gandhi. It is OK

Gandhi. Jawahar. You keep away from discussion. Why?

Nehru. There is nothing to discuss. Does our discussion make any impact on the issue. We are dead.

Gandhi. What is wrong in it?

Nehru.  These issues are raised by political parties  to create tension in society and they try to take advanatage for self glorification.

Gandhi. You are  true to some extent. Every society has certain norms. We created India as a secular country.

Patel. What goes on is false secularism. In the name of secularism Hindus are suppressed in India  by the govt.The govt has interfred in temple affairs  while they turn heads for mosques.  Minorities have started feeling that they have special status in India while majority community is the sucker.

Gandhi.Patel. You may not be correct.

Patel. I am hundred percent correct.Jawaharlal was practicing false secularism in fact. He was against  military action against Nizam of Hyderabad in 1948. The  nizam wanted to be independent creating  a third Pakistan.

Nehru. Patel. Your views are not accepted.

Patel. Your acceptanace has no meaning for me.

Gandhi Come on guys. You are getting personal.I have come to conclusion that India is  a mismanaged country fot for a foreign  rule as stated by W Churchill long ago.

Patel. True. Shall we go back to UK and request the queen to take over again.

Gandhi. I am sure they will run away after seeing us and hearing our proposal. Haaa..haa

( Gandhi throws hands in to air and bursts into laughter. He calms down and sings)

India  is now  of no interest to English men
Who are happy eating  meat and chicken
They are happy that we have many  vows
And sure to go back to era of arrows and bows

Patel. Yeah… well sung bapu.

Gandhi. Friends. It is getting dark. Let us go.This is not a safe place. Let us go

The trio walks away slowly

               CURTAIN FALLS 

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