Friday, December 25, 2015


                                        MYSTERY OF NETAJIS DISAPPERENCE

                                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                                      Disappearance  of the great patriot and leader whose where abouts afterWW II has been a great mystery. From our child hood we have been studying in history books that he was killed in a plane crash after WWII and his ashes were preserved at a temple in japan. Butt scores of Indians do not believe this And are of the opinion that he was alive after WW II .Modi govt is not willing to part with secret files pertaining to Netaji. He is keeping mum and is indifferent too.. However some files from west Bengal state were made public by the CM mamta benarjee. It is learnt that Netajis close relatives were spied up on by the govt of India agencies for decades . This no doubt has caused up roar. What was the need to do it?. Obviously there is some thing fishy about Netajis disappearance. It is claimed that our relations with some of the foreign powers would be Damaged if the secrets are revealed.This naturally poses a question..I f he died in air crash after the war what is there to be scared of? The problem arises only when Netaji escaped from Japan and was the prisoner in some country where he was killed in prison and the govt knew about it? Who are the people in our country who could have conspired to eliminate him in some foreign country? Who will be benefitted by it? Netaji was a very charismatic leader of I ndia and Indians adore him Very greatly. He was the stiff competitor to Jawahar lal  Nehru. If he was among us In 1947 he would have become the PM surely and this nation would not have been in such dire straits. Some people believe that Netaji lived as an hermit  called Gumnami Baba i.e mysterious saint at faizabad in the state of Uttar Pradeshand passed away in 1985. the hermit lived mysterious life and kept aloof. If it was true , what were the compulsions for Netaji to live such secluded life and why he did not surface? All these are mysteries indeed. For  aman of Netajis caliber and status  where was the necessity to live as a mysterious hermit? Many commissions  were  setup to investigate the mystery of disappearance of Netaji and nothing fruitful has come out all these  years .

    Some claim that It  would  be better to leave some secrets without unearthing them since real "real truth" is of no practical value at this juncture. All players are dead long ago and the country has several agenda items that would benefit then common man. The truth - whatever it may be, when unearthed will only result in disgusting panel discussions on National TV channels and probably occupy entire time of parliament. It is time to move on. Leaving past behind us.
                       Is it not necessary  that the persons who  conspired against Netaji our most beloved patriot of freedom struggle even if already dead need to be punished posthumously at least. If truth is un earthed if the guilty are identified who would have been our past leaders occupying important positions in govt although Dead now, they must be castigated and their memory is erased from history if glorified . Their statues if erected must be pulled down from pedestals and dumped in roadside dust bins. Russians did it for Lenin. All institutions named after such people must be renamed. Al projects, airports, roads, highways, Institutions, named after them and memorials of such persons should be reverted. We shall move on. But injustice done to the great man must be judged and guilty punished even if dead.   
             Some argue, “ we  know, the aim of punishment is to reform. Dead people can neither be punished nor reformed. Even the post- WW 2 Nuremberg trial was confined to surviving Nazi's only. When contemporary criminals - terrorists and rapists are not being punished, why bother about the dead ones? . We are witnessing a society with confused priorities. Why adding more to the confusion?”
                      It is  agreed that  punishment is for reformation. But nathuram godse. and Narayan apte ( gandhis  elimination), Afzal guru,( Attack on parliament) Kasab ( attack on Bombay taj) Indira and  Gen vaidyas killers, Punjab CM Pratap singh kairons killers, and many more since 1947 were hanged in this country for various crimes. What reformation can be expected after death. Therefore reformation logic would be applicable for smaller offences where the guy has further time to breath in the world. The conspirators against Netaji ,if proved ,need not be pardoned even if they have already died. Their image in history needs to be punished with no further glorification..In history books and  truth must be written about netaji and the deeds of conspirators against him. This is a must so that his soul would be at peace.

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