Tuesday, December 15, 2015

                                         NATION OF NUTS BY THE NUTS
                                                  AND FOR. THE NUTS
                                          Col DR Kuntamukkala Prabhakar Rao Retd

                              Indira gandhis slogan was GaribI Hatao but she failed to accomplish. So she switched Over to ameeri hatao. She abolished privy purses of former prices and kings in India. After independence ,govt slogans were Merit hatao at all costs..The nation Promoted duds and nuts In all walks of life and in govt organizations and we have achieved it and going strong. Reservations that were to go in 10 years have become permanent in India. Second rate or even third rare stuff are promoted in all walks of life in all cadres, all services except defense services. Defence services are not attracting talented persons as material of quality are opting for foreign jobs, foreign studies and in IT industry, IAS, IPS and Other central services and state services. Some of the  engineering students discontinued studies and joined police as constables while some join as attenders in Postal dept. They prefer it as it was a govt job. Left out useless stuff  compete at SSB and services have to draw for them. As it is. Services do not need. Highly intelligent people as they could be misfit. They need just  average guys who can fit in. Thus defense services too are down graded in quality and thanks to the govt policies of down grading the uniformed defense services. Thus, Entire nation is a pack of useless nuts in all walks of life particularly in govt services and politics. Industry recruit only quality material. India as a nation thus has come to stay a third rate stuff although we claim very high and effective in administration In state and centre , govt offices, schools, colleges, universities, govt industries, corporations and of course politics where reservations are effective at all levels.


viroti somasekhar said...

The moment a person accepts reservation is the moment he/she is giving up his/her self-respect. There is no honor in getting undue advantage in a competition. But who listens Sir?

Dr K Prabhakar Rao said...

Yes. Your comment reflects frustration in youth. I am 72 years of age. I was like you 50 yeras ago having graduated in Mech Engg where I secured admission on merit. In those days rat race was not very high.I joined army as an officer based on merit and SSB interview.After long innings in uniform I voluntarily left service. Having come to a free society I felt the effect of caste in industry too.Reddys, kamms, Gouds, Velamas, KSHATRIAYS, rajus, Banias,
Muslims , had their own groups and recruited candidates of their castes.I can understand frustration among youth particularly from those holding merit. The Indian society is rotten and I am sure would perish one day.Nation of mediocre will not survive for long. It is time the youth stand up against reservations that has gone for long.Let the down trodden be given money and facilities and let them compete. Even Ambedkar recommended reservations for only 10 yeras and he did not want the effected groups to be parasites.