Monday, December 9, 2013


                    Prof  DR Col K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

151.Sanjay Dutt actor- criminal in jail could get bail for 15 days ( parole) to get his leg treated. But the lady from VHP now in custody and suffering cancer can not get bail. Entire society have shut mouth.Where is unity?

152.DR MMS wanted to scuttle Court decision on preventing criminalsfrom contesting. Opposition gave a nod although small protest was there. In India all political parties have criminals as public representatives. Rajiv however turned tables. Why these majority Hindus could not oppose the ordinance?

153.Humayuns tomb in Delhi has been renovated by spending milllions of Rupees and time. Even DR MMS the PM went to inaugurate the old grave. Huamyun was not a great emperor. There are scores of Hindu heritage buildings in India which are left to suffer by neglect. Why Hindus are mum? Do they have no voice?. Scores of Shivajis forts are in neglect in Maharashtra. Wake up guys.

154.Distorted history is being taught to school kids glorifying only Gandhi family and brain washing them. There is no Hindu backlash.

155.Why Govt takes over Hindu Temples while they can not do same thing to other religious places. They can not even touch Saibaba temples who make lot of money. Why?

156.Why Muzaffar nagar inidents are being hidden. Why there are no protests?

157. The present PM and his cabinet are doing all the things in their power to denigrate Modiji. Why there is no public reaction?

158.The statues of Veer savarkar in the country are very very few. In entire Hyderabad city there is only big Bust at Kachiguda circle. Why. He wasa great patriot and nationalist, Why Hindus can not raise voice in his favour to immortalize his memory?

159.How many Hindus make pilgrimage to Shambhajis samadhi memorial ? in Maharashtra. He sacrificed his life for the nation and Hindu faith.Why Hindus do not recognize his sacrifice.? However they are after glorifying present leaders who are corrupt and experts in thieving.

160.There is only one University in name of Shivaji Maharaj in Kolhapur in entire country.There are thousands of Institutions and schemes in name of Nehru family members. Why Hindus are neglecting the great Shivaji Maharaj who gave identity to Hindu freedom movement.?

161.Mahharashtra govt has declared to shower scholarships to those who study in madrasahs? why they can not do same for Vedic schools? There is no demand by Hindus in country.
162. Recently Asaduddin Owaissi demanded status of state language to Urdu in telangana state along with Urdu. why there has been no objection from BJP in state?? Or Muslims in majority in telangana.?

163.Rrecently , high security has been denied to Modiji although threat exists for him?recent bomba explosions in Bihar at his meeting are the glaring so many bombs could be placed right under police nose is amystery. Why there is no Hindu uproar.probably Rahul has higher security than any other leader.

164.Recently kejriwal has joined hands with Muslim leaders involved in mazaffarnagar riots? how shameful on his part for the sake of votes. It is disgraceful act? he represents Anna hazare? Kieran bedi another person in hazards camp toes his line.have they become insane.

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