Thursday, December 26, 2013


                                      Dr K Prabhakar Rao
165. In Hyderabad, govt gets jittery and shaky over maintenance of Kutubshahi tombs and runs around whenever there is some complaint of non maintenance. Recently a well caved in there. Photos appeared in news papers and there was great sympathy all over. If one walks t Mehdi patnam areas one can find a very old balaji tepmle at Gudi malkapur . It is called jham singh temple and is centuries old. The temple and surrounding temple premices are ins uch pathetic sight that it can nt be described. Why this apathy? Why the Hindus around there can not agitate to improve it? Every one turns a Nelsons eye and urinate around. How shameful it is!
166 Swami ji of Kanchi has Been found not guilty. After long trial and acquitted along with others. This is an indication that there was a big conspiracy against him and police guys too acted with over enthusiasm. This aspect has been told by the hon judge too? now is it not correct to find who made this conspiracy and why law enforcing agencies overreacted.can hindutwa parties file defamation suites for defaming him? Why there is no Hindu reaction at this moment?Are they castrated as believed.

167.Mr. Nooraani the well known historian in self styled his own way ( a great Congress camp follower) criticized Sardar Patel the iron man very severely in his book? he has of course played drums for late Nehru sahib who once stated that he is an Hindu by accident.I am sure no one prevented him from converting into a Muslim? He portrayed pastel ji as anti Muslim. And he hated Deccani Muslim state of Hyderabad. Nehru took over Kashmir issue in his own hand brushing aside Pael and entire world knows how he screwed it up? But for pastelji Hyderabad would have been become Pakistan III. Why the author and the crap book is not condemned by Hindutwa parties. What is Mr Togadia doing?

168 Akkanna and Madanna occupied very high positions in the court of last kutub shah of Golconda in 17 century. Madanna was the PM while Akkanna was the commander in chief. both were brothers. the Golconda Kingdom reached its zenith during their time. Aurangzeb the Mughal emperor of Delhi attacked Golconda for the final time in 1686 and the fort resisted valiantly for one full year.Akkanna and Madanna were assassinated after a conspiracy by some court nobles and the queens? Golconda fell by treachery and was annexed to Mughal empire? why these two great Hindu brothers are neglected and not given due recognition in Hyderabad?why Hindus can not raise their voice. if we can not honor our Greta. Sons who will do.will pakistan do. ? shame indeed.

169. Recently a Kashmiri separatist leader declared that Amanath yatra is against Islam. He said Kashmir has majority Muslims.He would soon rise against to ban the yatra. What the Hindu organizations are doing? Is Kashmir gone to Pakistan or has become independent Islamic state.Why there is no hue and cry from Hindutwa parties on this out cry? What they are doing. Are they existing to don uniform and do drills, play band and do some circus feats of pyramid at RSS sakhas ? They must do some productive work to build up Hindutwa.
170. In Tirupathi an Islamic University is coming up. Land has been allotted and huge campus is being built there close to the sacred Hills. Why there is no out cry from majority community. Will Arabs allow a temple to be built in Mecca? Will Pakistan allow a new one to be built in their country. Where was the necessity build the University there?

171.Why Hyderabad can not be named as Bhagya nagar which was its original name. Why there is no demand to that effect?

172. Amarnath yatra is the most sacred journey for Hindus. For centuries pilgrims have been treakking to the place bearing great hazards risking their lives. Why Govt can not build roads to the shrine? When it can build roads in Leh and Ladakh, why they are scared of building roads to that place. Why Hindus are not raising their voice? Why they have become impotent?

173. A single loose plaster tumbling down the edifice Charminar in Hyderabad sends the govt into tail spin.Why same thing does not happen when entire Tower of a Hindu temple collapses in Kalahasthi near Tirupathi. Hindus watch helplessly as they are throttled.

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