Saturday, January 11, 2014


                                                          INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN..302
                                                               Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen walking near the Indira Park in Hyderabad. They come acrossa Pandal ( Tent ) where many people are  seen. Under the Pandal ared carpet is spread and some men are seen sitting in line with garlands.
Gandhi. Hey Patel. What is going on here?  Is  food likely  to be served?
Patel. I do not think so Bapu as I do not see any caterers around and arrangemnets.
Nehru. I think they will serve after some time.
Gandhi.Patel, You go there and find out what happens there.
Nehru. Why Bapu? What work we have there?
Gandhi. If they are serving some thing to eat we will also join them, of course if it is vegetarian.
(Patel goes to the tent and looks around. He returns after some time)
 Gandhi. Patel. What are the news?
Patel. Bapu, It isa hunger strike camp.
Gandhi. What for?
Patel. I saw a poster and flexy . It is written fast up to death by the leaders ofTelangana bachao pracharak samithi.
Gandhi. Why bacho?The bachao ( Save) word will be appropriate after Telangana is formed
Patel. Good joke Bapu. You are witty.
Gandhi. Thanks for compliments. Any how why this bachao?
Patel. Bapu. Seema  political ledars are trying their best to scuttle the formation of Telangana state. They are not leaving any stone unturned to prevent formation of new state.AP assembly is atamasha centre. We can see all types of things there. People shout, come to blows, tear shirts, break mikes,  tear papers, shout at pitch of voice.This hunger strike is against such attitude and moves by seemandhra leaders.
Nehru. Bapu, Do you feel these guys sitting under tent will really fast till their death?
Gandhi. Haa..Haa.Haaa..Hoo..hoo..hooo.. Hope they have insured. But insurance does not pay in such deaths.
Patel. Why Bapu? You are laughing so loudly
Gandhi. Haa..Haa. Do you think they will fast to end? Never. These are all pressure tactics. I know only one case in 1956 when Potti sriramulu died for creation of Andhra State carved out of Madras state by fasting .These guys are just tricksters and tamasha wallahs.  They will fast with great  show around.Many journalists  will come and take interviews and TV coverage wil be there.Of course those men will be well paid. These guys sitting  there do not look famished even after three days of fast. They are fine. Their skins are shyning. They are laughing also.They are misusing my photo by keeping there.Patel . Go and get my photo
Patel. Bapu, I am sure these guys are given some food stuff clandestinely. Samosas. Pakodas, Egg puffs, Vegetable puffs,  Chicken puffs, Good day biscuits amd cutlets  are reportedly served to them in darkness of night. Then how can they become weak. People say that after such camps rag pickers pick up many empty  liquor bottles thrown around .
Gandhi. They will also watch situation. If no one is caring , they send secret messages to some senior leaders that they are ready to withdraw fast. These are all pre planned.
Patel. True. I know that. The seniors arrive with fan fare and offer lime juice to fasting guys and later they declare that they are withdrawing from fast in best interest of state and respecting senior leaders word.Fun is that the senior eader hands over lime juice to these agitators on fast and  many photos are taken. TV coverage will be extensive. It will be relayed on many channels. People are made fools. All is well that ends well.All these nuts are super actors including seniors. Even late KL Saigal and Surendranath ( Surendra) are no match for these nuts.
Gandhi. What a joke!Fast has become a joke in thisa nation..
Patel. I think you gave Indians one of the best trick that is fast.
Gandhi. It is good for them. Look, How fat they are looking like white pigs  or Hippos.One guy is looking like a grizzly bear. Nothing happens to them even if they fast for one month.
Patel. This fast is more powerful than atom bomb. Indians are perfect in its use. For everything, they go on fast.Every one threatens with fast. Once the fast is over, they glut like pigs in top  hotels  gulping gallons of drinks and tons of chicken and mutton.I personally feel that they should be allowed to fast till they die and fasting  should be supervised by govt and police. Atleast some population will reduce in I India if tyese men are allowed to vanish.
Gandhi. Haa..haaa..This is Kaliyuga. You shall find these things very common.
Patel. True. Let us go Bapu. It is hot.
Gandhi. OK , Fine. We are not on fast. We shall have something.
( The trio walks off)
                                            CURTAIN FALLS

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