Monday, January 27, 2014



                                              Dr K Prabhaar Rao

174.Recently many Hindus came to India from Sindh Province of Pakistan unableto bear humiliation and torture. The islamic country Pakistan is trying best to erase remaining Hindus there and these unfortunatee people are on Delhis roads struggling to make both ends meet. Why Hindus are not united in favour of these victims? Why govt remains silent?shame on part of rulers.

175. The govt of India has been trying to destroy Rama sethu connecting Sri Lanka and India inorder to make way for the ships to pass through the strait.Even Lankan govt has protested. Ramasethu and Ramayana in fact is highly revered in all south east Asian nations and no Hindu should allow its destruction. Why there is no Hindu uprising against this foolish govt plan to destroy it?

176.Rachakonda is located at about 50 km from Hyderabad among hill ranges in Nalgonda distrct. There is an ancient fort here although it is in most neglected state. The fort has great history where Velama kings ruled during 14 and 15 centuries for almost 100 years. They had sway over Telangana areas. Rachakonda and Devarkakonda rulers were brothers and they joined hands with Bahmanis to fight Vijay nagar kings and later lost their own kingdom to Bahmanis eternally. They also fought with Kapayya Naika who was responsible for driving away Muslims from Warnagal in 14 century before Vijaynagar was born. The fort is of great historical significance. There are efforts being made to convert these hill ranges as Field firing ranges for Army. Why Hindus are not raising their voice against this idiotic plan?

177. In Bangladesh the senior leader of a political party has been recently executed for committing genocide in 1971 war against his own people. He got killed scores of writers, professionals nad journalists and teachers. Subsequently the cadres of the party has been committing atrocities against Hindus in that country while we watch like impotents. Why there is no uproar?

178. There are ancient forts at Ramgiri, sarvaipeta, Prataparudra giri,   Kothakonda and Malangoor in Karimnagar district,   Medak fort, shankaramma fort in medak district, Forts at Nirmal, fort at Utnoor in Adilabad district, Ghanapuram, Panagal forts in Mahboob nagar distrct  that are not taken care by the state. It is a well known fact that even  Islamic edifices are taken care by govt or some organizations from even foreign funds. Why Govt turns Nelsons eye to Hindu edifices? Why there is no Hindu reaction? Why they show apathy?

179. Aam aadmi party led by Mr Kejriwal has assumed power in Delhi after accepting support from Congress shamefully. He fought elections against congress and won seats in good streangth ( Lesser than BJP). How shameful it is for him to form govt with the support of his staunch enemy. Guys like Prashant Bhushan who gave anti national statements are with him. They want communists to merge with AAP. They also welcomed Dawood Ibrahim to join AAP.  Disgusting behavior indeed.

180.In recent  Republic day parade Karnataka govt  displyed its state decorated vehicle with Tippu sultan holding sword on the front vehicle. The personality of Tippu sultan is much disputed. It is  known that he forced conversions and destroyed temples and was cruel and a great   tyrant. Why Karnataka govt could not glorify Emperor Krishna deva Raya  of Vijay nagar which is very much part of Karnataka?

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