Monday, January 13, 2014


                                             INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…303
                                                 DR K Prabhakar Rao

       (It is Delhi and  Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen at Ramlila maidan ( large flat  open ground). There is very large crowd at the place and lot of barricades are arranged.Many police men are also deployed)

Gandhi. Patel. What is going on here? Dassara festival is already over. Diwali is already over.

Patel. Bapu. To day there is  public redressal meeting  by AAP here.

Gandhi. What is this AAP?

Nehru. Bapu. AAP means Aam aadmi party. All members of this party wear Gandhi caps with AAP printed on it. Tamasha ( fun) is that the caps are oversized for their heads and they appear to be comedians.

Gandhi. What they are going to solve here?

Patel. They would here all grievances directly from the public

Gandhi. In olden days, Mughal emperor Jahangir suspended a large bell and any one  seeking justice could  pull the string. Hee.. Are Jehangirs re born now?

Patel.Bapu. Those days are over. In those days emperor was ultimate. His word was final. To day the judicial system has  undergone sea changes. Less is spoken beter it is.

Gandhi. True. Shall we also  sit here and see the tamasha of Delhi Durbar?

Patel Why not? Darbar word is also used in army where senior military officers of   battalions hold darbars to hear from the soldiers.It is sainik sammelan. AAP has introduced this tamasha in Delhi.

Gandhi. In army it works as all the jawans are disciplined and are made to sit in order. They also know that they can not ask awakward questions. They are also told earlier that they can not ask silly questions. These sammelans are more or less  stage managed.The sainiks can give only useful suggestions.Seeing army guys police  guys  have started doing the same as police in india apes army in uniform, etc. Here it is free for all. They will not be able to control the crowd. Problems and grievances would be very large. Moreover people are indisciplined.AAP party will have tough time. Haa.. Haa.. hee..hee..Ho.hoho. Wait for some time and see to yourself.

Patel. True. Let us see tamasha.

Nehru. You guys can never think straight and give credit to new ideas.

Patel. Oh I forgot. Congress party is giving support to AAP in Delhi.So Jawaharlal is getting upset. Is it not correct Jawaharlal?

Nehru. I am telling facts. Why have negative opinion?.

Patel. I am only telling what is going to happen.

Nehru. Are you a fortune teller?

Patel. You may thinks so. Relax bhai.

( In the mean time, AAP leaders arrive with great fanfare while crowd cheers them. They walk in like comic figures with white caps with AAP written on caps. The party symbol Broom ( Jhadu )  is carried by every one. They take seats on dias. Some volunteers  garland them and give them boquets.They give wide smile and adjust caps on their heads giving the caps light push from rear. Kejriwal gets up from his chair and says namaste to the crowd. )

Kejriwal. Namste bhayiyon aur bahno. Iam very happy to be here as CM of Delhi. This was possible because you have voted us to power.

Suresh ( From crowd),No .. No .  You came to power because congress gave you support. You dod not get majority. BJP had it more than you.

Kejriwal. Tho kya hua ( So what ). I am the CM today. I call shots.I came to power to root out corruption from governance. I promice that I shall do it. With in few hours, I gave free water  to you.

Narendra ( From crowd)  I am Narendra,What is the use? This is all bogus. A meterewallh ( Meter man ) came to my house and  demaded money for adjusting the meter.

Santa Singh  ( From crowd).. Iam  Satnta singh. I also paid money to meterwallh.

AAP leader  over mike. Why you paid money? Are you gone nuts? You should have reported to us. We would have sacked him. Made an example out of him.

Suresh. Oh brother. How many you will sack? Who will remain in administration? Every dept has thieves full.  Only you will be left finally till you are thrown out.

Kejriwaal. Please bear with us. It is not possible to remove corruption all at once.

Naresh. Vadra ka kya hua ( What happened to Vadra)? Why you have not booked him so far?

Santa singh. Sheila Dixit is happy. You have not arrested her. You promised.

Keriwal. Brothers. There is no evidence against them What all I gave is now lost.

Suresh. It happens like this only. Will they leave evidence to get  caught? Before you assumed power, evidence has been destroyed.In news papers it was written that Delhi administration destroyed many files after you won.

Santa singh. Now what will you do Kejriwal? Suck your thumb and wait till you get something.. ooooo…aaaa… What a fun!

( Whole crowd boos AAP leaders. They shout down down…..boooo…boooo..boooooo)

Kejriwal. Plesae  keep silence. Otherwise I can not listen to your problems. Please bear with us

Suresh. Till you make something big.. baa..booo..booo

Kejriwal. If you guys behave like this I can not do anything. Better I go home.

Santa singh. Boo…boooo. Go back. Go home. Boo.. You traitor

( Whole crowd boos the AAP leaders and surge forward. Police personnel can not control the crowd. Someone announces on mike that the meeting is cancelled)

Gandhi. Look Patel, What I told you has become true.

Patel. Yeah…oo..ooooh.. well done.

Nehru. Very sad.  

Patel. Bapu. We must move out now  . This is dangerous state in Delhi. 

Gandhi. OK . Let us go.

( The trio quickly walks off )
                                                  CURTAIN FALLS

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