Tuesday, October 1, 2013



                      Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  Hail Sambhaji Maharaj the bravest of brave
  Who refused to be a  Mughals’s  slave
  His rule was however not a long one
  Wielding sword he made fighting look like a mere fun

  He differed with his father@  in his younger days
  While the father was worried at his wayward  ways
  Sambhaji even went over to Mughals for a while
  And in  many battles he took part with a smile

 At a strong fort he was confined by royal  will
 And the fort was built on a mighty hill
 Sambhaji had no way to get out and be free
 While his step mother at Raigad# was happy and full of glee

Shivaji Maharaj was a worried man in his last days
He was not at all happy with Sambhajis ways
Chatrapathi    in capital soon  fell ill
End however came soon as gods will

Nursery rhymes Rajaram his step brother  could sing
While his mother declared him as the new Maratha king
Some chiefs were however  ket issue on hold
 While they wanted the king to be strong and bold

Sambhaji   gathered his faithful men at the  jail soon
And many nobles too sided  that came as a big boon
His ranks soon swell  into a strong military force
And Samhaji entered Raigad without any remorse

Raigad  was thrown open for the young lion  and his band
And Sambhaji took reigns of the kingdom into his strong hand
Soon he became the Chatrapathi of Maratha land
And took a vow that he  would drive Mughals into desert sand

Palace conspiracies were at peak to kill the new   king
But none of these plans  could succeed and  sting
Sambhaji came out alive from  the deadly and evil  plan
He soon proved to be a very strong and  daring   man

Sambhaji took care of  young  Raja Ram the  lad
As a king he did not prove to be  bad
However he had strong dislikes and likes
Yet some men  harbored grouse , hate and dislike

Ganoji shirke was one among these evil men to sting
And he lost his fief in the reforms of the king
He was the brother in law of Sambhaji Rage the  scion
And he dreamt of a revenge against the Maratha lion

Sambhaji ruled with iron hand throughout his reign
And the Mughals waged many wars but were invain
Alas! Sambhaji was captured at sangameswar by ill fate
Ganoji Shirke did the dirty deed owing to his hate

Mararhas that day fought tooth and nail to free him
Luck however did not favor and became dim.
Maratha lion was atlast put in prison in Mughals den
And was tortured and the ways he suffered one can not even pen

Sambhaji refused to change his faith although facing death
He refused to reveal the  hidden places of his wealth
Preferring death to dishonor in that   hour among evil men
Sambhaji gave up his life at a scaffold in Mughals’ den

Sambhaji became the Dharmaveer the great
He however could not overcome the cruel fate
Marathas became more powerful after his   martyrdom
As every Maratha became a lion and saved the kingdom

@ Father..Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj
# Raigad..Capital