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                                                      Part VIII
                                          Dr K Prabhakar Rao
                Hindus lack unity from time immemorial and hence suffered in the past. The tragedy is that even now they are suffering as they have not learnt lessons. They pull in different directions and therefore the enemies are able to  keep them under their thumb. The vote politics have destroyed the nation which is on death bed and is awaiting liberation of its soul from the rotten body.
137. In the latest incident the Shivaji Gopuram at Srisailam Shivajis temple in Karnool dist collapsed . It was built by none other than the great Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj after his visit to the shrine. The structure developed cracks and there has been undue delay on part of Govt in restoring it. They planned to dismantle it and build a new one. The locals objected as per news reports. At last the Gopuram collapsed at top portions. It is a shame that we can not take care of our heritage structures of religious importance. The govt runs around hectic when some thing happens to Charminar or Kutubshahi Tomb or any Islamic monument. The attitude is shameful.
138. In another incident, some stones from the top portion of the gopuram near Kalasam on the temple of godess at Srikalahasthiswara tempe at kalahasthi fell down after recent rains. This happened due to negligence of the officials. The main Gopuram of the temple collapsed a couple of years ago that was built by Krishna Deva Raya 500 years ago. Ho ahmeful it is.
139.Recently sushil kumar shinde the central home minister stated that RSS and BJP arepromoting terrorsim. Of course there was some uproar from BJP and RSS. However Shinde stuck to his utterings.BJP wants the govt to sack the Home minister. Some demonstrations were held by RSS.However there was no universal condemning and actions by all Hindu outfits nation wide.
140.In case of Akbaruddins hate speech, there was no national Hindu outrage. Police arrested him after many days of his speech based on court directives in response to a case filed at Hyderabad by an advocate.
141. After the death of Krishna deva Raya of Vijay nagar empire, his half brother under custody Achyuta deva Raya became the emperor as per the will of Krishna deva Raya. He ruled for 13 years. During his reign, he crowned Viswanatha naika a chieftain as the king of Madura ( Madurai) in present Tamil nadu. Earlier, he was only a viceroy and the ruler made matrimonial alliances. Similarly he also crowned another chieftain as king of Tanjavur. The decentralization of authority proved disastrous soon. Thus the policy of keeping provinces under direct control of the emperor was changed. Soon these chieftains developed vested interests and they became the cause for downfall of the Hindu empire. Hindus had no unity.They were jealous of each other.
142. As years pass off we find that the memory of Netaji is being eroded very rapidly. His birthday passes off without any ceremonies and people do not bother. In fact a national holiday should be declared on his birth day.RSS plans huge rallies for Vivekananada. But it is quiet in case of Netaji who is the most beloved leader of masses.
143.Some of the Muslims in Hyderabad fix national emblem of Saudi Arabia on their personal jeeps and move around. No Police man stops them. Being Indians how they can do such acts? There has been no protests from Hindu organizations. We look other way.
144.Sri Sir Raja Kishan pershad the most distinguished PM of Ex Hyderabad state had several wives including Muslims. However the children born to Muslim wives were brought up as Muslims while those born to Hindu wives were Hindus only. How generous he was! Can it happen if a Muslim noble is in his position? Emperor Akbar married Jodha Bai . But her son was named Saleem and he became the next ruler of India. Foolish historians glorify Akbar, saleem  and  Jodha Bai . 
145.There is a saying that even a small thorn should be destroyed when it hurts you. Chanakya of Magadha kingdom preached and practiced this.When a thorn pricked his foot , he pulled it out and burnt it in fire and disposed off the ash with water. However in India the anti nationls are being allowed to grow threatening blood bath and these men grew up over the years due to appeasement vote catching policies. In fact Chanakya neethi was to be followed. It was our major failure.
146.Recently Sant Asaram has been picked up for allegedly  trying to outrage modesty of a 16 years old girl. He was arrested and was given for police custody.  Earlier too some Hindu seers were similarly maligned. There has been no Hindu back  lash. Law will take its own course. Can the rulers do same thing with other religious  seers?
147.A MP  belonging to minority community walked off from parliament refusing to sing Vande mataram. He got scot-free. Rulers have no guts to take him to task.
148. In a recent exhibition held at Delhi on Martyrs of India The portrait of Shaheed Bhagat singh was missing. The organizer did not know  who was Bhagat singh. All guys kept mum. There was no protest from major community.
149. The house of Shaheed Bhagat singh in his native place in Punjab is  in a  very bad state and none cares for it. How shameful it is! There is no protest from any quarters. All look other way.
150.Sanjay Dutt the film actor was sentenced to prison term by a special court as he was guilty of  Possessing unauthorized weapons and was in contact with anti nationals. There was great sympathy for him and  some even demanded that he be pardoned in view of his popularity. How shameful it is! The Bombay terror blasts resulted in the death  of hundreds of people.
To be Continued

151.Akbaruddin Owaissi the MLA from Hyderabad is having nice time out on bail after giving hate speech and court cases have gone to a iron safe. Will he be convicted in future? Why the case is being dragged? Why there  are no  protests from major community for his quick  trial  and passing of  sentence?

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viroti somasekhar said...

Just because we are not celebrating the birth days of our martyrs does not mean that their sacrifices were belittled or forgotten.Moreover, they didn't sacrifice their lives for name and fame. They just had followed their inner calling. And they will be revered and remembered by their worthy successors(true patriots), for whom they had left behind a proud legacy.