Saturday, August 22, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

Technical education in State is down the drain
Where many nuts and bolts get the coveted seats
The State has now got into a dirty cesspool
And struggling around it is doing many circus feats

The Colleges have multiplied in hundreds
And managed by mostly many the shady men
For most of them making money is the sole aim
They run after money like a cock is after a virgin hen

Few shady men get together to float a group
With no clue in the education and its worth
They put- on white clothes however oh! Dear
Alas! For dubious men in the State there is no dearth.

Some change the Faculty every year
That they save money in the lean months
Quality of education is in deep drains
While the society is eaten by these moths

Some change the Principals too often
That they are saved of giving annual pay rise
In most of the places these are mere ceremonial men
And many stay away from the cesspools having become wise.

Some give in the news for top mans post
Only to show during inspections and visits
All other times a stooge runs the show at the college
While ethics are already down in drainage pits

At some places Faculty change everyday
They catch some one to stand on dais and loudly bray
Students are taken for a wild goose chase
All nuts and clowns are in this miserable fray

Most of the Faculty guys are cheated at end
While that on top make a fast buck
Aim is to make money by all possible means
They are sure to loose soon their ill-gotten luck

Some show heavens to Staff in their palm
While their hearts are the dirtiest filth
These guys are the shadiest men on this land
For such nuts in this State there is no dearth

Many dark greedy men are now in this business
To make money and cheat the entire parents
These guys are to be shown the back door
And none for their present fate is required to lament

Technical education in the State is on a crash course
Those on top managing have no remorse
Engineering colleges sprung up on roadside gutters
And parents of the children are having the jitters

There was a time when only few colleges were there
Standards in these were found to be fair
Students passed out came out with flying colors
And they were fresh as the morning flowers

In these dirty days of miserable times and politics
Where our elected leaders play dirty tricks and antics
The leaders in this business found a golden goose
The pseudo colleges in the society have been let loose

Most of these colleges have shady men on top
For them money making is the only aim without a stop
Some are builders, Contractors and milk and liquor traders
Most of them in society are the great corruption breeders

All these colleges have a political guy at the helm
Poor helpless parents swallow their own infected flum.
All the rules and regulations are violated to the hilt
And Govt decisions are turned in favor and they tilt

The entire process is a murky and shady game
Govt has failed miserably to control and tame
The pseudo colleges are taking the society on a camel ride
While most of the shamless men wear thick Water buffalo hide

All these colleges sign that all is very well
That they would develop although everything is a hell
The students are on a wild goose chase
Very soon many would vanish without a trace

Universities aim at empire building in the State
And students are left to their sad fate
With many colleges under their thumb
Most of the guys are growing fat and plump

Whimsical rules are the order of the day
Students are forced to eat dry hay
Summary decisions are the routine features
Poor students are treated as wild creatures

Some of the colleges are devoid of some labs
And the students pass out without a sob
Those on top do saber rattling as a threat
And all is forgotten after a good treat

All the Principals are seen as a suspect
And kids are deputed as observers to inspect
Years of service of seniors professors and men
Are now drowned in the game with a stroke of a pen.

These kids expect five star treatments at the college
And University cries that they face seniors- shortage
The guys are transported in luxury cars
While some are also treated in flashy bars

Four question papers are now made for each subject
All have different questions without a clear object
None can copy from each other in a test
University feels copying is now put to rest

The students face unequal papers at tests
Some face crisis while other have a ball
The swanky method is devoid of natural justice to a student
While those on top failed to be prudent

For some ones fancy students suffer and fail
However those on top feel all is on the rail
The students chase a woodcock in their career
And are poor to fight the State oh! Dear

All this is a mere cess pool
However all take it very cool
It is all crooks galore
Finally this would fade into the folklore

Technical education is now in a dirtiest shit pot
The demand for seats is no more hot
Most of the seats now would remain blank
The truth is still not seen by the cranks

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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