Saturday, August 15, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

All sane thinking people hope that some day some guy would rise and lead the country in a spirited way. But till today, India struggled in the grip of Nehru Gandhi ( Gandy)family. the congress party had some young stalwarts such as Madhav Rao Scindia and Rajesh pilot who were up- coming and were thought to be material to lead the country. But both guys died very young in accidents. Pilot died in a car accident while Scindia died in air crash. These are thought to be mere accidents. But there is always an air of doubt about these accidents ( ?). No party is interested in development of the nation and they are all fishing in troubled waters. In fact MK Gandhi ensured that all opposition to him was cleverly got rid off before Independence was granted to Indians. Netaji Subhas Chadra Bose was the grand example in this case. The Indian political system is based on poor values and corruption that is rampant in the country. The adult franchise in a country where literacy is lacking has been completely clouded by the typical Indian caste barriers, regional feelings, local issues and religious aspects that are narrow. India can never get free from these problems. Democracy has become a mockery It would suffer in this centrifuge and swirling shit pool. All most all political leaders can not come out of their sectarian feuds, selfish motives and regional moorings. The political leaders who are aged, some are unable to even talk and move properly and have to be carried on stretchers and wheel chairs still want to be in the fore front of the dirty game and do all tricks to remain in lime light. There is not a single agency in the country that is free of corruption. What hope people can have? The credit must be given to the Englishmen who established some working form and methods in administration throughout the country that is taking care of the country even to day.Or else the nation would have broken long ago. The railways was laid by the English men to which we could hardly add any thing in 60 years,. The bridges built by them are still going strong while those built by us have been washed off. The defense forces that are aping English men still are loyal to the constitution and guarding the country from perils. Luckily they have not been politicized in spite of their degradation over the years. All kudos to them. Next door in Pakistan we can see what is happening. Similar things happened in Bangladesh. the slavish mentality and feudalistic aping and slavery have made people to vote for same family again and again at the call of sermons and some catchy words. Reality is not seen. The electorate does not see the damage to the nation by the pseudo secularists. the damage continues to be done day and night while the nation inches towards self destruction and balkanization. In USA the states are made by just drawing vertical and some horizontal lines irrespective of ethnic grouping. The language based division of the country in the past has done the greatest damage to this country and has resulted in regional feelings and many are even harboring of breaking away from union too. Tamil nadu is the example . they have already threatened to become independent in the past during the time of Periyar. The rulers are shit scared to touch them. What Karunaanidhi did to Rama Sethu is well known. He abused lord Rama. Whole India watched and leaders gave wide smiles at him. The country is destined to suffer and disintegrate over a period surely. This is not the prediction of a alarmist, but is a bitter truth that is very difficult to swallow unless people wake up and bring a change in the country.
Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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