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Dr K Prabhakar Rao
(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen strolling on the road in Hyderabad at gun park near assembly hall)

Gandhi. Patel. This place appears to be good. Lot of greenery is here. There is also a big ancient gun with great carvings on it

Patel . Yeah Bapu. This belongs to the times of earlier Nizams. Bapu. You know , there is a place called Gun foundry close to this place. In Telugu it is called Topula Bhatti.

Nehru. What is so great about it?

Patel. Guns were cast there.

Gandhi. I see

Patel. In those days Nizam favored French guys and he had a French General in Hyderabad. He was Monsieur Raymond.

Gandhi. Your knowledge in History is creditable

Patel. Thanks Bapu.

Nehru. Good. I also like it.

Patel. Thanks guys.

( In the mean time a crowd collects there. They start shouting Jai Telangana..Jai..jai Telangana. Chidambaram down down.. Atmosphere becomes tense In the mean time some political leaders arrive in cars and soon they are surrounded by the crowd. The leaders get down from cars and go to crowd. Crowd shouts go back go back.. Telangana Drohulu…Go back.)

Leader. Please listen to me. Please do not call us Drohulu ( Traitors). We are with you.

Student Prashant. Come on go. You are Drohi. You are thief. You have not resigned even after so many warnings

Leader. Please give us some time. If we resign who will talk to Chidambaram. We would not like to loose our positions to help you.

Student Kiran. Hee..hee.. So you want positions. Here students are dying one after the other for Telangana. You swine. You want position. How dare you talk like that? I shall break your teeth now itself.

Leader. Please do not be so crude. Behave. Remember you are talking to a MLA.

Student Bheem. So what, if you are an MLA? What is so big about it?Tell us why you have not resigned?

Student lachhanna. What he can say? They are after power and position. He has become a ledaer and he also must have spent crores of rupees to win elections. How can he resign? He will loose all perks.

Student Lateef. Yeah. He is yet to make up his money. So he can not resign. Chal Bhag yahha se. chor kainka.

Leader. Shut up you guys. Stop talking all shit.

Student Narsanna. You shut up. Go back or else..

Leader. What you will do?

( In the mean time some police men and Inspector surround the leader sensing trouble)

Inspector. Sir. Better leave this place. People are tense.

( In the mean time Gandhi ad Nehru walk to the leader curiously)

Gandhi. Look Inspector. I am Gandhi. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Father of Nation.

Inspector. Come on old man. Is this time to beg and for this fashion show and fancy dress competition?

Nehru. Inspector. Better know. He is real Gandhi. I am real Nehru. Look. That man is real Patel.

Inspector. Come on guys. Go away from here. Why are creating problem? We are already tense.

Gandhi. Look Oh leader. If you are really sincere for Telangana, why you are not resigning. Are you after power and position?

Leader. I need not answer all tom Dick and Harry

Gandhi. Am I tom dick and Harry? Have some shame.

Student Narsimha. That is good. That is the way. Let him eat grass.. Ghas khilao saale ko.. thoda akkal aayega.

Gandhi. Are you a leader? You do not become a leader by winning elections. Any joker can win elections if he spends money in India. ( sings and does jig)

Look oh foolish guy posing as leader
Are you not a corruption breeder?
Just in to your inner heart kindly look
I am sure you shall find yourself to be a great chaet and crook

Inspector. Come on stop singing. Stop dancing also. Is this the place for dance and drama?

Nehru. This is the correct place. The real actors are seen here. This leader claims to be the MLA and is the real actor. He acts as if he is with Telangana agitation. But he is scared to resign. He is a great actor.

Gandhi. The people who elected him are fooled.The election it self is a big drama and these MLAs are all actors with colored faces.

Leader. Look old man. Why are you interfering here? In what way you are bothered and concerned? It is between me and the Telanganites

Gandhi. I am also one among them. Go back. You nut.

( Students shout Go back.. Go back.. Jo hamse takrayega .. mitti me mil jayega..I the mean time a student throws a stone at the leader. Some guys push him from behind and the leader falls down. The police men try to stop the students. But students are many. They are uncontrollable and jump on the fallen leader. The leader is pulled up by some one holding his collar and another one thrashes him hard. The leader cries and begs them to leave him. Agitators do not leave him and bash him up thoroughly. His shirt is torn. His pant is also pulled off and the leader stands in inner garments. He begs with folded hands)

Leader. Mere Bap. Mere Bhai.. Mujhe chod dho.. Mujhe Maaf karo.. Mai idhar kabhi nahee isteefa dedoonga.. Suno.. mere Bhai.. (cries)

( Police men with great difficulty rescue him and take him away from the crowd)

Pulliah. Bhag gaya saala. Bach gaya. Iskito aisi ki taisi. Uska Gaadi hai. Jalao saleka gadi ko..jalao..

Mallesh. Jalao. Jalao..Janena pai. Haraam kee kamaayee hai saale ki...

( Pulliah and Mallesh run to the Sumo vehicle and sprinkle petrol all over and light match stick. With great flash, the vehicle catches fire and soon it is engulfed. Students shout Jai Telangana.. Jai Jai Telangana)

Gandhi. Ohfo. These guys have become very violent

Patel Bapu. It always happens like this.

Nehru. The leader was tactless. He infuriated students with his talk that was rude.

Gandhi. Lesson learnt is that one should not go where trouble is likely to erupt.

Patel. Hee.. hee. Is this taught by Bapu?.. the great Bapu?..Mere Bapu

Gandhi. Yeah. I am changed Bapu now. ( sings and does fast jig)

Look I am a changed Bapu oh dear
I go around now with great fear
I can never risk my life any more
Life in India has become very sore

( In the mean time some police men are seen running towards them with lathis lifted. Gandhi gets perturbed)

Gandhi. Look Patel. See these guys are surely coming to catch us. Better go away from here)

Patel True. Let us go.

Nehru. True. Bachke niklo yahhanse..Bahut ho gaya aaj ke liye..

( The trio suddenly vanish while the police men appear lost)



Anonymous said...

:) Nice one! So, did you actually happen to see a play like this or did you come up with this?

Dr K PrabhakarRao said...

Thanks for the comment.

In fact I have not seen any drama like this. This is the 86 th play from my work. I have been writing these plays since Oct 98 and all these are published mostlon this blog and and also on This is not functional one now). The plays involve Gandhi, Nehru and Patel who are trying to chnge the present scenerio but are unable to do. The total content runs into 430 A 4 size papers that I wish to publish as books at some stage
Dr K Prabhakaar Rao

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Dr K PrabhakarRao said...

Dear no name
Thanks for the cock and bull
Dr K Prabhakar Rao