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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( Gandhi , Nehru and Patel are seen at a cinema hall in Hyderabad. They want to see the latest Telugu film Adurs. There are scores of police men and vehicles too near the theater. Gandhi gets worried as usual)

Gandhi. Patel. Why there are so many police guys here? Do you think all of them have come to see the movie on the day of release?

Patel. I have to find out.

( He goes to a group of people standing at the counter)

Patel. Oh Mere Bhai. Mere Bap. What is there to day? Why so many police guys are here?

Narsaiah. Bhai. To day the new film Adurs is being released. So police is here.

Patel. Do you think all these police guys will buy tickets for the show?

Narsiah. Hee..hee..Will they ? Has any police man purchased any ticket any where in India? It is free fund for them. Are they mad? No . No. No one will purchase ticket. Most of them will go and sit in the hall free.manager just swallows the lumps down the throat.

Patel. But why so many on this day?

Narsiah. Don’t you know? This movie is being boycotted by Pro Telangana activists.. They have even threatened that they will block the show.

Patel. I see.

Narsiah. What is there to see?

Patel. There is nothing to see. It is the way of expression in English showing surprise and acceptance. A jargon just.

Narsiah. You appear to be a mad guy.

( Patel goes to Gandhi)

Gandhi. Have you found out some thing?

Patel. Yeah Bapu. It is Telangana trouble as usual.

Gandhi. How movie is concerned with it?

Nehru. Bapu. Everything gets involved once passions rise.

Patel. This Adurs movie is the starrer of Junior NTR, grandson of late NTR who formed Telugu Desam party in AP and ousted Congress from power for nearly two decades and congress party was sent on leather hunt.Although junior NTR is born in Telangana as he claims there is some confusion. Telugudesam party is not sure about Telangana and the leadership is like cat on wall.The cat is also doping with half closed eyes. So Telanganites are up against them. They claim that they would oppose the release of all movies of those who are for united Andhra.

Nehru. Hee..hee. Is this India?

Patel. I sense something.

Nehru. I did not mean any thing.

Patel . Neither I did. Hoo..hoo..haaa..ou..ou..

Gandhi. Heee..hee.Good Joke..

Patel. I brought three tickets for us in first class.

Gandhi. I like to sit in third class. I travelled in Third class railway bogies all the while. Why these comfort suddenly

Patel. Bapu. Those days are over. There is no third class now. The old third class is now made II class. It is like Indira gandhis slogan, garibi hatao. When one can not do , he should aim at amiri hatao. all will be Garibs. By writing II class on thir class bogies and scrapping word Third class status has been improved. The II class bogies are nothing but shit pots and are like Sulabh complexes. Now if you sit in third class some one will be putting his long legs on your head. Some even may spit or piss on you from behind.Some guy may also take away your Dhothi and leave you naked in the seat.

Bapu.Chee..Chee..Ohfo what a shit? Is this so bad now in India?

Patel. India is much changed. ( sings and does jig too)

Bapu.Oh . My Bapu.. Please listen to me
In to the movie hall please move first you and then we
Let us go fast and run from here
Or else we may not get seats oh dear

( They quickly go into the theater and search for seats in darkness as per numbers. Gandhi still holding his log stick)

Gandhi. Ohfo, some one is sitting in my seat

Patel Same case with me.

Nehru. Neither my seat is free.

(Gandhi goes to the seat that is marked on his ticket. A deadly looking police man is seen snoring in the seat. He looks like a Gorilla dozing in its seat)

Gandhi. Oh Bahi. Mera Bahia. Please rise. This is my seat.

( The police man lazily wakes up from slumber)

Police man. Arre kon gadbad kar rahaa hai. Kyon mujhe uthaya. Uska khoon peejawunga. Teri to…. ( Who is the guy creating commotion? Why I have been woken up? I shall drink his blood)

Patel. My dear friend. Please cool down. I have very less lood in me. Look I am a skeleton just. You are sleeping in the seat given to us.Mere Bap utto ( Plesae get up).

Police man. So What? All seats belong to us. Entire country belongs to us.

Nehru. Who told you thus?

Police man. Who are you in between? Dekhloonga tereko( I shall see)

Patel. What you will see? Behave yourself. I am standing in front of you. Now see what you want to see.

Police man. ( Gets up from seat) Yeh baat hai. Chal Bahar nikal. Teri ki aisito waisi. ( He screams loudly)

( Suddenly people sitting in other chairs get up and shout at the police man for disturbing and occupying others seats. There are some pro Andhrites led by Suba Rao in the group and they are confronted by Telanganites led by Yadgiri)

Yadgiri. Chal.. Idli Sambar. We will not allow this movie to go on

Subba Rao. I shall see how you will do? Is this your dad's place?

Yadgiri. This way.

( He lifts a coco cola bottle and throws at the screen. Some guys run towards the screen. They are chased by a police man. The Telanganites manage to go near the screen and tear it with a sharp blade.Some piss on the screen. Suddenly movies is stopped and lights are switched on. Telanganites and Andhrites are now at blows and soon the whole area turns into a battle ground. One has a petrol can. He sprinkles petrol on the seats all over and another guy lights a match stick and throws it. There is a big flash and there is a great fire and in a fraction of second, the theatre starts burning. Every one is trying to run away. Police men are the first to run)

Gandhi. Jawahar, Patel. Where are you? Let us run.

Patel. Bapu. We are here. Let us run away

( the trio runs out and the theater turns into a big fire ball)

Gandhi. What a shit . This is horrible. Where is the fire tender?

Patel. This is India Bapu. The fire tender got tire punctured in the garage. It can not come. You are outdated. No one will listen to you. Might is right now. Let us go Bapu or some one will catch us.

Nehru. True

Patel. Bapu shall we sing ramdhun?

Gandhi. Not now. We can sing later on.

( The trio vanish quickly )


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