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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen travelling in a AC first class bogie of AP express travelling to Delhi. The bogie is full and all seats are occupied. People are seen intensely discussing in small groups. Tempers are also found high. Gandhi is feeling out of place in the groups. He starts engaging himself in conversation),

Gandhi. May I disturb you sir? Can I know what the topic of this serious discussion is?

Narsimloo. Hello. Old man, You have already disturbed me. What is there further to disturb me?

Gandhi. Sorry sir. I think you are all going for a meeting at Delhi. My name is Gandhi

Narsimloo. True. We are at it. But which Gandhi you are?

Patel. He is MK Gandhi.Bapu, Father of nation. I am sure you are going for discussion on Telangana state.

Narsimloo. True. It is for that only. Does MK stand for Maha Kamzor.that befits him..hee..heee

Patel. Haa..haa …aa..What a translation!

Ellaih. My name is Ellaiah. I represent Galli no. 32 in Kima Reddy town. I belong to Apna Desam Party. I shall also take part in discussions. I can answer your doubts too.

Gandhi. Is the high command of ruling party calling Galli leaders for discussion?

Elaih. Why not? The state is decided in galli ( street) politics only.

Nehru. Hee..hee

Patel. Ou..ou. sings)

Dear you are going to Delhi
There you will come across a black silly Billy( Cat)
Your work shall not be done there, I am sure
For Telangana there appears to be no medical cure

Ellaih (Getting angry) Come on sir. Please do not say that. We are all going with great hopes. ( sings angrily)

I shall see you old man
To live I am sure you have no plan
I shall eat you bit by bit
Soon you shall loose all your wit

Gandhi. Ok.Ok. Relax. Do not get upset. Your BP will shoot up. Have faith in Telangana god or goddess that is Telangana Talli ( Mother)

Patel. How many Galli leaders are going there?

Narsimloo. From every Mandal town atlesat one guy will be there.

Patel. So I think atlesat few hundreds are there.

Narsimloo. Sure. Also there will be MLAs. Mostly they are well fed and fat too.

Nehru. I am sure there will be many like this from Andhra and Seema areas.

Narsimloo. Sure.They are also travelling in this train in other bogies

( In the mean time a tea vendor arrives with some snacks)

Tea vendor. Chai ( Tea)..Chai.. Garam Chai.. aaa chai.. aaa… chai

Gandhi. Ohoi.. Plesae give tea to four of us.

Narsimloo. Is it Telangana Chai?

Gandhi. What is this?

Narsimloo. He has to be from Telangana. From which place you are? Where were you born?

Tea vendor. Sir My name is Bezwada Madelu. I am from Kodad in Nalgonda district. I have one leg in Andhra and one hand in Andhra. The other leg and hand are in Telangana

Narsimloo. Which hand is from Telangana?

Tea vendor. Left hand sir.

Narsimloo. Give tea with left hand

Tea vendor. OK sir. But I use left hand for toilet purpose also

Gandhi. Chee…chee…aaacque,,chee..cheee ( about to vomit)

Ellaih. How dare old man you?… say chee ..chee to Teangana hand..(Becomes angry and Sings)

Oh look old man with bald head
I shall take away from your mouth the daily bread
You are insulting us at this place
I shall smack you with this mace

(He lifts up an iron rod to hit Gandhi)

Patel. Relax. Why are you hitting him? What he has said? Is this the way you get Telangana?

(Gandhi is totally shaken up)

Gandhi. Ok Bhai. You are having very high tempers. How does it make sense to me whether you get or not. Please allow me to live. I am from Gujarat.

( In the mean time a vendor Pullanna arrives selling Pakoras)

Pullana.. aa…pakora…pakora

Nehru. Bhai. Thoda Pakoras dho ( Please give some Pakoras). My tongue is itching ( He shows tongue )

Gandhi. Bhai. Tell me how Pakodas are made? Are they vegetarian?

Pullanna They are palak Pakoras. Palak has come from Amalapuram in Andhra region. Flour is from Kurnool and oil is from Maharashtra.

Ellaih. That means they are Andhra Pakoras, Maro Saaleko( Kick the nut).. Andhra Pagoda bech ta hai ( selling Andhra Pakoras Here).. Yahhan. That too in Telangana bogie mein..grr…grr.. How dare!

Pullanna Eee..eee.Bhai. Bacho. I do not know this is Telangana bogie

(Ellaih picks up the basket and throws it out of the train and vendor cries loudly)

Gandhi. This is unfair. He is a poor guy. It is a great loss to him.

Ellaih. He should be happy. I have not thrown him out of train.

( He angrily puffs and does fast break dance)

Gandhi. Ohfo.. What a temperament? (Sings)

Mera Bharat once was Mahan
Now to one other is dushman
You guys please see reason and stay
Or else loudly pray and bray

Narsimloo. Enough old man, Whom you are preaching? Preach in other bogies. Or else I shall throw you out along with your…son of b.. of first order.

Gandhi.. Ohfo.. Patel. What type of guys these are. Will these guys with this temperament can get some thing at Delhi? May God bless them.

Patel. I have my own doubt.

Narsimloo. Shut up.

Gandhi. Are you leaders? What type? May God bless Telangana and Andhra too

Patel. How about Royalaseema

Gandhi. I shall bless them too

Patel. Soon we have to bless upper Telangana and Lower Telangana too

Nehru. Why not Upper Andhra and Lower Andhra

Gandhi. Sure . I shall bless them too

Patel. Seema guys also will have Bellary and Raichur from Karnataka

Gandhi. More the merrier..hoo…hooo.hoo..All will have nice time fighting each other for water first.

Patel. Telangana will not have any coast

Gandhi. Any how Andhra will not cooperate for use of its ports by others

Patel. hee,,hee

Gandhi.. I am sure finally each district in Telangana will fight for separate state hood. When Singapore not even the size of Hyderabad city can be a country why each district can not be a state first and then as country. The day is not far. Haaa.haaa

Patel. Hoo..hooo..hooo

Nehru. Ou…ou…ou…

Narsimloo. You… stupid guys. I shall show you…

Patel. What you will show? Plesae see this mirror. You look nice in this.

(Narsimloo lifts up a box to hit Gandhi and Patel and the trio vanish suddenly from the bogie)



Anuj said...

Uncle,This one is amazing. This is Anuj Grover from US part of Ashwin's team.
You articles are too amazing. I don't have words for that.

Dr K PrabhakarRao said...

Dear Anuj

Thanks for comments. I am obliged May god bless you

Dr K Prabhakar Rao