Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen at a park in Hyderabad and are seen chitchatting. )

Gandhi. Bhai. All looks quiet in this city. I do not see any chaos now a days.

Patel. True Bapu. I think people are tired. They are disgusted.

Gandhi. What happened to Telangana agitation? Have they forgotten it?

Patel. Looks so Bapu. But there is a saying that before a storm all things are calm.

Gandhi. Jawaharlal. You are quiet. You have been a PM of this unfortunate beleaguered nation for many years. What do you think?

Nehru. What can I say? The problem is not solved. People and leaders are confused. They do not know which way to go. Bapu, why do you say this is unfortunate nation?

Gandhi. True. I think they have no policy and proper direction. They tried all tricks. Jawaharlal, what I should say if I do not use word unfortunate?

Patel. Bapu. Biggest problems is that leaders from Telangana are not united. Every one wants to be the main leader and has vested interests. Every one wants to be the CM of Telangana if it is granted. They are digging graves for each other clandestinely.

Gandhi. They have made mockery of the agitation. People have lost faith in these so called leaders.

Patel. True Bapu. It picked up tempo with fast of KCR ( K Chandrasekhar Rao) and a drama was enacted by MP Rajagopal of Andhra. Then, Jagan problem came up. Rosiah was removed.He some how managed always saying Amma Amma.. Three bags full. New CM KK Reddy is the new CM now. Then Govt employees went on strike. Education suffered in state. All are fed up. Buses also went on strike almost killing the organization.

Gandhi. Parents are fed up of the agitation and they are not in favor of this tamasha. They feel the careers of their children are being spoiled by these strikes. They are wise now.

Patel. Center also played up well. They are stubborn and taken these leaders for camel ride. ( sings and does jig)

All these time pass leaders are on a camel ride
The center has fooled them upto the hilt
They guys are now clueless and are lost
While their dreams are shattered which they built

Gandhi. Very good Patel. Well sung. I am proud of you.

Nehru. Now stop praising each other.

Patel. What troubles you Jawaharlal? If you like you may also sing.

Nehru. I have better things to do.

Patel. Please tell us what are they?

Nehru. I am planning to write a new book now.

Patel. Please name it India rediscovered. Have you written any thing till day?

Nehru. I am thinking now.

Gandhi. That is good. Please do something useful.

Patel. Bapu, What do you think about the Telangana agitation. Do you think it will be revived?

Gandhi. There are some people who are threatening that it would be revived. But all are doubtful about others. Biggest problem is about the congress MP and MLA from Telangana . They do not want to leave the chairs and positions. Unless they do there will not be much pressure on govt. At Hyderabad they shout like tigers, but when they go to Delhi they become cats and say mew..mew..They fall flat in front of great Amma. More over they are scared of Govt actions. Look What is happening to Jagan? All want to be safe and fire gun from others shoulder. Each and every one wants to become CM if the new state is given. All these men are opportunists and none of them is a real worthy guy. No one is sure that Telangana will be realised. Like ctas on wall they are watching to jump to safety. These guys are no Bhagat singhs or Subhas chandra boses or atleast Potti sreeramulu. They fought selflessly. They want to staty in power enjoy perks and also want Telangana ina platter. Who will give. Creation of new state requires great sacrifices. These opportunistic leaders are not ready to sacrifice their careers. TRS is also lying low.Theya re out of steam. BJP says it will give new state if it gains power. But who knows who will win?

Patel. This is like a Kabaddi match between Telanganites and center. Center has scored over the locals. All are scared of center. Bapu. Do you know that in Telangana region Engineering education has gone to dogs. Scores of these colleges are on the verge of closing. Students are not preferring to study in Telangana colleges. Fees reimbursement scheme started by YSR has become a great burden to the govt. It has become bankrupt. If they withdraw they will loose votes. They are in fix. It is like a quagmire. Finally they may have to sell the state to some one.


Gandhi. It has already been done by some guys. There is nothing to be sold further. Gali brothers have dug out entire state from blow. I was told that entire state is hollow underground.

Patel. Why not? There is Salarjung museum and Charminar that can be sold out and raise revenue.

Gandhi. How do you know that some one has not already sold them out?

Patel. It is also true.

Nehru. Eee…eee….eee… Bapu. Let us run from here soon.

Patel. Why are you so scared? Be bold. You have already died. There is nothing to feel scared. Look Jawaharlal, you said you will write a new book. Please include all these things in your book. You may win Nobel prize too this time that eluded you in your life time.

Nehru. Bapu. Enough of this. I am serious. Let us go from here.

Patel. As you wish bhai. We can not force you. Let s go.

( The trio walks away )


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