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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen in front of Red fort in old Delhi and they are walking casually talking to each other. On the Red fort ramparts, national flag is seen fluttering proudly while on the lawns outside the fort some kids are seen playing cricket with tennis ball. Some crows also are seen sitting in a group close by.At some distance few dogs are seen fighting for leftovers. They see a small group of people on road side and get interested.

Gandhi. Patel, Let us go and see. There is a small crowd there.

Patel. OK Bapu, as you say we go there.

Nehru. That’s I fine. I am also keen (within himself.. We have no choice)

Gandhi. You said something Jawaharlal.

Nehru. No Bapu. Nothing I said

Gandhi. I thought I heard something. That’s I OK. I am again telling. There is no compulsion. If you guys have any reservations about anything, please be bold. Please do not crib within yourselves.

Nehru. (Within himself).. If we were that bold we would not have been in the present condition.

Gandhi. OK. Let us go.

(The trio goes to the crowd. Seeing the old people, many on lookers allow them to get through them. The crowd is in the form of ring. At the center of the ring, three guys are seen singing along with Harmonium. They are Raj, Karbooj and Tarbooj)

Loot lenge ham zamana kya Karega

Ahaha intazaronka phal bada meetha rahe ga

Ho ho ho…. Loot lenge ham zamana kya Karega

Yahi din hai…….. masthi ke din hai… lootne ka din hai

Kyo sochata hai too bahutsa thu loot lena

Loot lenge ham zamana kya Karega

Masthi ke din hai loot neka din hai

Daka daal neka din hai zamana kya karega

Ho ho ho…. Loot lenge ham zamana kya Karega

(The three singers then forma ring and dance bhangra singing the song and shouting ahu..a hu.. ahu.. Nehru gets annoyed at them)

Nehru. Are you not ashamed of singing such song?

Raj . Why I should not sing and feel ashamed? What is wrong in it?

Nehru. Are you motivating people to do such things?

Tarbooj . Bhai. What is wrong in it? We are singing what is happening around. This is Delhi brother. There are plenty of looters everywhere. It is trickling from top.

Nehru. I am very un happy. This is our capital. We must feel ashamed at ourselves.

Karbooj . Why feel bad when some one tells truth? We are singing truth.

Gandhi. Patel, why fight with them. This is democracy. They are singing what they are seeing. Is it not true that loot mar is going on everywhere?

Patel. Bapu. True. Everywhere the trouble is there. See and look at the way scams are surfacing. You scratch a guy he is involved in some scam. The tragedy is that all bigwigs are involved in scams. This is a scams raj. Brtish raj has gone leaving to scamsters.

Gandhi. Well said ( Claps) ( all interestingly look at them ). I am getting inspired to sing.

Patel. Why hesitate Bapu? This is free India. We gave them freedom to do whatever they like. They are really doing what they want.

Gandhi ( sings and does jig holding stick)

Is duniya mein sab chor chor
Koyee anda chor koyi murgi chor
Is duniya mein sab chor chor

Patel ( sings and does jig waving a handkerchief )

Is duniya mein sab chor chor
Koyee anda chor koyi murgi chor
Is duniya mein sab chor chor

( Entire crowd gets inspired and start dancing on the street singing along with Gandhi and Patel. Nehru is seen holding his head and sitting on a roadside stone. Raj goes to Nehru)

Raj. Bhai. What is wrong with you? Why are you not dancing and enjoying?

Nehru. Is it enjoying? Is it not mockery?

Raj. Why mockery? If we are telling some thing unusual and un realistic it is mockery. But we are stating truth.

Nehru. Do you know who I am ?

Raj. How do I know unless you tell?

Nehru. Have you not recognized me

Raj ( Laughs) why I should? How I can?

Nehru. I was the first PM of India.

Raj . Hope you are all right and keeping well.

Nehru. I am very fine.

Raj . If you are fine you will not state so. He died long ago. How you are here then?

Nehru. This you will not understand.

Raj .I feel sorry for you. Better take some treatment before things go out of control. OK Bhai. Please remember what I said to you.

( Raj goes back to his friends and joins the dance. Traffic on both sides comes to a halt as more and more people join the dance. Suddenly some police vans arrive screaming the sirens. They stop near the crowd and from it jump out many police men fully armed with latest weapons. A Police man announces over mike that people should disperse. People do not care and continue dancing and singing.After many announcements the crowd finally halts. Every one is seen laughing.Gandhi and patel come out of crowd and are confronted by an Inspector)

Inspector. Hey old man. What is going on here? Why all are dancing? What is the occasion?

Patel. Look Inspector. People had some inspiration and they are enjoying.

Inspector. But you guys are singing that all are thieves. Some big and some small.

Patel. Is it not true?

Inspector. I may not subscribe to it. Hoe can all be thieves? There will be some good guys too.

Gandhi. Bhai. That was a film song in fact.

Inspector. Bhai . You have caused traffic jam. You guys are all old and aged. Is it correct for you to do such things?

Gandhi. For enjoyment there is no age limit Bhai.

Inspector. OK . Now go away. I have to clear the area.

Patel. OK Bhai. We shall go

( Crowd slowly melts away and police also go away from the scene)

Gandhi. Patel. We had a nice time today. We enjoyed to our heartsfill.Let us go.

( The trio walks away singing Ramdhun)


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