Thursday, November 3, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is Pak occupied Kashmir and in a forest some militants are seen sitting near a fire. They are fully armed with latest weapons. They are Rasheed, Mujahid, Rasool khan, Iftikhar and Jilani )

Rasheed. Bhai Mujahid, You had been to Indian areas recently, what is the news?

Mujahid. There is a an interesting news no doubt.

Rasheed. What is that?

Mujahid. The CM of J and K state who is OmarAbdullah grandson of Sheikh Abdullah and son of Farookh Abdullah is making efforts to get special powers withdrawn for Indian army in the state.He wants to appease section of people.

Jilanil. That means the kid Abdullah is doing some thing good for us.

Mujahid. Probably it will be so if powers are withdrawn.

Iftikhar. But will central govt in India allow such idea?

Jilani. I doubt it. Indian army will not allow it. Probably they would resist it tooth and nail. J and K is their bread and butter.

Rasheed. If it comes through, we shall be very happy. Indian army will keep looking while we loot Kashmir, commit arson, abduct and kill at will. Paramilitary forces are no match to us. They can be crushed by us.

Mujahid. Yeah. Insha Allah. It will soon be realized. Long live Pakistan

Iftikhar. Long live Azad Kashmir. Allah Ho Akbar.

Rashhed. Bhai Mujahid. Please tune the radio. It is time for news from India of Kafirs.

( Mujahid tunes the radio and news from Delhi are blared out)

Voice. Keee..keee. grrr..grrr…peee..peeee.. Good Morning listeners.eee..eeee…. This is All India Radio. News read by Chamcha Singh Murkhatia. Listeners already know that CM of J and Kashmir state has demanded that special powers of army in the state be withdrawn. Army in very powerful way has represented against such move and the matter is being considered very serious at top most level. Now, the CM Omar Abdullah has gone defensive and is making damage controlling exercise. He is back tracking. Today in parliament there was a chaos as honorable Members of Parliament fought each other on the floor of the house. They tore each others shirts and attacked each other with shoes and slippers. Many broke their heads and limbs. The members were disqualified for the season. Speaker adjourned the house for the day….hee..heee.. What a tamasha in India

Majahid Shhh.. Shit… What type of nuts are there! It is a regular affair there ( He switches off the radio)

Jilani. These Indian kashmiris lack guts in fact. Look! Abdulla has back tracked .

Iftikhar. What he will do? After all he is a kid. He lacks depth. He dances after a key is given to him. ( He gets up and imitates a dancing doll )

Mujahid. ( Laughs)Our entire expectations have gone for a six.

Jilani. Hee..hee.. Nothing to worry brother. Allah is with us. We shall win one day.

Iftikhar. We will not live to see the day.

Rasheed. We may not live. Some others will live surely.

Iftikhar. Yeah.. Insha Allah.

Rasheed. Bhai. How long this fight will go on. We are tired.

Iftikhar. Stop it. Please control yourself. A Mujahid will never get disappointed.

Rasheed. Aftr all, we are also humans. Our families in Karachi are suffering. Recently, my third wife gave birth to a daughter. I have not seen my fourth wife after nikha. Hope she is still there.

Iftikhar. Mujahids have to sacrifice entire thing and lives for a cause. My 4 th wife also recently gave birth to her 6th son at Peshawar. Earlier to it, my 3 rd wife gave birth to her fifth daughter in Rawalpindi.My second wife is pregnant for 4th time now. I have not seen them.

Rasool. Brothers. Please control your emotions. We have a cause to fight for. We must sacrifice.

Rasheed. We get sacrificed and finally some clown will rule, if at all we realize Azad Kashmir.

Rasool. True. Such things will always happen. Look. In Pakistan army guys ruled for very long although it was realized by our veterans. Army can take over at any time in Pakistan. Now General Kayani is itching.

Rasheed. True. After all Pakistan lives by sword.

Iftikhar. Please know that those who live by sword also will die by sword.

Rasheed. Let it be. It is better to die like a tiger than dying like rat in backyard.

Iftikhar. Zia ul Haq died like a rat in air plane explosion. In fact all Pak dictators died in oblivion unsung and un heard like rats. Haa..haa..haa. It is turn of Musharraf now and later for Kayani too. In India, Army keeps away from the shit pot of politics. In Pakistan once they entered the shit pot, they could not get out. They liked the taste in shit pot. They can not leave it.

Rasool. Bhai. Well said. Now what is to be done? Abdullah’s plans in Kashmir are no success. We have to find some other way. We have to influence some political parties there.

Rasheed. All our plans are not meeting success. We had some hopes on Abdullah’s politics. That too failed.

Rasool. Failures are stepping stones to success. One day Entire Kashmir will be ours. Indians will then weep. No Kafir can live there. All will be Muslims only. As it is, we have driven all Pundits out. Now some how, Jammu region we have to clean.

Rasheed. That’s difficult.

Rasool. Nothing is difficult for a jihadi. If we can not enjoy fruits of jihad in this world, we shall enjoy in Allah’s heavens. There will be many virgins waiting for us with open arms. Ha..haa..Haaa.

Jilani. Bhai Any other news from India?

Rasool. Gandhigiri is going on in India. There is a old hat called Anna Hazare who is waging agitation against corruption in India. He made life hell for ruling party. He puts on Gandhi cap.In Pakistan also a lawyer started such fast after getting inspired by Hazare.

Jilani. Was he successful?I am sure General Kayani must have screwed that guy.

Rasool. How success can come so soon? That too in India. The Indian leaders are thick skinned. They are trying all tricks to bring discredit to Anna and his team. His team mates are being targeted in all ways. One Shanti Bhushan was kicked by some guys in his office. That guy spoke in favor of our cause. He supported plebiscite in Kashmir.

Jilani. Indian leaders must have got a very bad name.

Rasool. How it matters? I said they are thick skinned like Komodo dragons. Many are shameless too. They want power some how. Means are of no matters. End is important. MK Gandhi must be crying in heavens.

(Suddenly a flash is seen and MK Gandhi , Nehru and Patel appear in front of them)

Rasool. Bhai. Who are you? You do not look like Kashmiri guys. Are you from India?

Gandhi. We are from India. We are Gandhi, Patel and Nehru.

( Gandhi does jig and sings while Patel and Nehru clap)

Gandhi ( sings)

I am the great bald and bold Gandhi of India
And also called the Mahatma meaning great soul
I died many years ago by Godse’s pistol bullet
After India was broken by us and made a begging bowl

Rasool. Oh, you are the old timers of past and partition days. Why you have come here? This is a forbidden land for you. More over you are dancing too. You appear to be very bold. Are you nuts?

Gandhi. There is nothing forbidden for us. There is nothing to be afraid of for us. We need no Visa or pass port. We are already dead guys

Iftikhar. Any how you have come here. Please sit down and have some chai ( Tea)

Patel. Thanks.

( Tea is served to all and they sip happily)

Nehru. Why are you struggling in forest like this? Are you Pakistani border guards?

Rasool. No. We are militants and Jihadis fighting for liberating Kashmir.

Patel. I see.

Nehru. Eee..eee.. these guys may harm us.

Rasool. Please do not worry. We are not that bad. Bhai. We hear that a serious fight is going on in India against corruption.

Patel. Yeah, Hazareji is leading it.

Rasool. Where is it now?

Patel. At present it is there only and they are trying to get a bill passed in Parliament for LOK pal.

Rasool. Will they do it?

Patel. I doubt it.

Rasool. Then it becomes a joke.

Patel. Yes . Life in India has become a joke in fact.

Rasool. Can I say jokers live in India?

Gandhi. That may be harsh. Some are good too. But such men are few. But politics have lost face in view of people.

Patel. Bapu. Even then every one wants to become MLA or MP in India.

Gandhi. Why not? They can make lot of money. That is the situation today. Look at the scams in India. Pakistan in fact is feeling happy. India is no better. They lost moral plane.

Iftikhar. Earlier you guys used to preach sermons to all. Now where do you stand?

Patel. We stand on the same ground as you..

Rasool. You are no way better.

Gandhi. We never said we were better. We are after all brothers ( sings and does jig)

Look brother we are all nuts
And fruits of same rotten tree
We think and act in the same way
Being mentally sick and morally free

Patel. Bapu. Well sung. Hear , hear

Rasool. I do not think Anna can succeed. After him there is none to lead the movement. His team is in shambles. It can not sustain. Bhookh Hartal se kya hoga ( What will happen by hunger fasts?). Any how, it is your head ache. We have our own of freeing Kashmir at any cost.

Patel. Hee..Hee. Are you still dreaming of seizing Kashmir? Why do you dream false ones?

Rasheed. Look. Do not underestimate us. We are not like Hindus who allowed creation of Pakistan in 1947. If we were in majority and Hindus wanted separate nation, we would have never allowed it.

Patel. That was our weakness no doubt.

Gandhi. Why do you call weakness. We had no choice. Otherwise freedom would have been delayed.

Nehru. Yes. Very true. Chota or Bada we had India at last

Rasool. Are you fee now?

Patel. What else can we do. But one day we shall gain everything that was lost.

Rasool. How? You could not merge Bangladesh with India in 1971. How can you do with Pakistan?

Patel. What is wrong in dreaming for Akhand Bharat. RSS does it for it.

Rasool. Now keep watching. Soon we shall take Kashmir from you.You guys are tired of defending it. It has become a cancer for you. Many in your country are fed up.Recently a guy from Annas team also favored Plebisite in Kashmir.

Patel. His view is not nations view.

Rasool. Slowly it will grow. When cancer can not be cured in a limb it is amputated. Kashmir also will be like that.

Patel. Keep dreaming for it.

Rasool. Now if we catch hold of you and black mail India in exchange for Kashmir what will happen?

Gandhi. Nothing will happen. They will be least bothered. They will not give one paisa in exchange for us leave Kashmir. We are of no use to them.

Patel. We lost our value once India gained freedom. Our names are required only for elections and cheating people. Behind our backs they laugh and mock at us.

Rasool. Then there is no point in catching you guys. We will waste our energies.

Iftikhar. You guys. Better pack off from you. Before we change minds.

Rasheed. Run from here you old guys.

Gandhi. OK brothers. Thanks for listening to us. May Allah bless you with wisdom and sanity.

( The trio quickly walk off from there and vanish into darkness)


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