Monday, November 7, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is Washington city in USA and in White House President Obama is seen relaxing in a chair in the garden. There are many guards fully armed at different locations. Light music is heard in very slow tone. Obama is seen sipping a drink and appears much relaxed. Suddenly there is a flash and General Washington is seen entering the place from a corner and he is in smart uniform. )

Obama. ( gets up) Welcome sir. You are most welcome to this place. We have not met for a long time.

Washington. True. In fact, I was very busy too.

Obama. Sir, please be seated. What do you like to have?

Washington. Anything befitting fir the occasion.

( A waitress smartly dressed arrives with a drinks trolley and wine is served to the guest. Obama personally pours the drink.)

Washington. Mr. President, you appear much relaxed now than what you were when we met last time.

Obama. True sir. At that time, I was new and there were many challenges too.

Washington. I heard that Libya is crushed and Gaddafi is also killed.

Obama. True sir. Aim has been achieved. In fact my predecessor George Bush notified the evil axis. They were Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

Washington. Some how, he missed Libya in the list.

Obama. I was surprised at the omission. Of course we later modified the list.

Washington. Iraq - work is over. Saddam Hussein has gone to heavens and Iraq has become a democracy. hee..hee. Of course, they are under our thumbs.

Obama. Sir, Do you think Saddam has gone to heavens?

Washington. In fact, I must say to hell for his evil acts. But Muslims claim that he was a martyr who fought for his faith and laid down his life. He has to go to heavens directly without waiting for the Day of Judgment.

Obama. Haa..haa. Let him be happy wherever he is. We have no worry. For us, he is dead. Now Gaddafi will join him. As a matter of fact, Gaddafi deserves to be a martyr as he was shot in the battle field by his enemies where as Saddam Hussein was hanged at a scaffold after a trial as a criminal. In both cases, own people played great role in dethroning them.Haa..haaa…hee..heee

Washington. But you guys also played great role. Without your support, it was not possible.

Obama. True. Hee..heee..heee

Washington. In the evil axis, another member has been struck off. North Korea was doing some saber rattling before you became the President. They are quiet now. They probably know what would happen to them if thgey wag tails much. They do occasional jumping because they have a very powerful neighbor to fall back.

Obama. True. Iraq or Libya had no such friends. Iran earlier fought a decade war with Iraq. They are happy that Iraq has gone with Saddam. Libya was alone wagging the tail.

( In the mean time, a sentry walks in and smartly salutes.)

Obama. What is the matter Soldier?

Soldier. Sir. There are some visitors waiting to see you. They appear to be Indians.

Washington. Do you have appointment with them?

Obama. I do not remember. There can be only one guy who walks in like this. He is MK Gandhi of India.

Washington. Oh MK, I know him. He met us previously. He is harmless and has great fad of non violence.

Obama. True. Every guy has to have something. I shall call them in. (Looks at the sentry) OK . Please bring them in.

(After some time, Gandhi, Nehru and Patel walk in and they are dressed as usual)

Obama (Stands) welcome Mr Gandhi. Please come in and be seated.

(The visitors sit in chairs and appear to be relaxed)

Gandhi. Good evening Mr President Obama. Good Evening General Washington sir. It is nice to see you after long time.

( Patel and Nehru also pay compliments to them)

Gandhi. Sorry to disturb you at this odd hour.

Washington. (within himself) you have already disturbed us.

Gandhi. Any thing sir? You said some thing.

Washington. No, nothing like that.

Gandhi. I learnt that Libya has fallen to the revolutionaries who would establish democracy soon.

Obama. True. You heard correctly.

Gandhi. I am sorry to hear that Gaddafi was killed.

Obama. True.

Gandhi. Was it necessary to kill him after capture?

Obama. Who said that? The fighters fired at him to capture. He was injured and died while being taken in a vehicle.

Gandhi. But all are saying that he was deliberately shot and killed.

Obama. What can I say? I have not seen it.

Washington. He died like a soldier unlike Saddam. I am happy about it.

Gandhi. Where was the requirement of NATO forces involving themselves in Libya.

Obama. Mr. Gandhi. He was a dictator and people rose against his regime. He was not willing to step down. He committed atrocities on his own people. We always support the people who are fighting for democracy and justice.

Gandhi. It is a sovereign country. It is their internal matter. Why others should involve. Whole world is pointing finger at you stating that oil wells in Libya are the greatest attractions. Gaddafi always defied USA in past too. I remember that during the reign of senior bush Libya was subjected to missile attacks in which one of the sons of Gaddafi was killed.

Washington. I know that. But how this is connected to it?

Gandhi. It means that Libya was always on the hit list of USA. USA stands for West.

Washington. Mr Gandhi. How you are affected by these developments?

Gandhi. I believe in peace in world. I feel bad when human suffering is there.

Washington. Sir, where were you when Gaddafi was violating human rights in Libya and killing his own people?

Gandhi. I was planning to visit him and plead to him.

Washington. Look Mr. Gandhi. This is a cruel world. Your days of non violence are over. Many think that you drove the Englishmen by non violence. But was there no violence. There was great violence too . Can you give the figures of partition riots? How many Hindus were slaughtered? How many Muslims lost life? How many women lost honor. How many kids became orphans? How many women were abducted? Do you have any figures?

Gandhi. (Keeps silent)

Patel. Sir. There was great violence too in Indian subcontinent. I agree. MK Gandhi also was shot and killed soon after partition. Before that Indo Pak war took place. Many died in the war. War did not end by Gandhi’s fast.

Washington. Mr. Gandhi. To day world is ruled by the principle might is right and Make hay while sun shines. You know that in Middle East countries, people have woken up. They are resisting dictatorships. They want democracy. The struggle is going on in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and other places.

Patel. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are your satellites. USA tends to look other way to whatever happens in these two countries. Is there any democracy in Saudi Arabia? Paksitan is a terrorist state. Can you deny it. Laden was hiding in Pakistan for many years. Finally you guys killed him near Pak capital. Did you disown Pakistan? Have you taken them to task. You attacked Afghansitan and captured it after 9/11.You wanted Laden. Hundreds of Taliban cadres including top guys were hiding in Pakistan. Why you have not invaded Pakistan?

Washington. There is some truth in what you say Mr Patel.

Patel. I always speak truth. Truth is always bitter and sour too ( Gets up, sings and does jig).

My words are not like sweet chocolates
They are bitter and very sour
I do not mince any words like others
But I am simple and plain to the hearts core

I was the iron man of India
With a tough mind and soft heart
All the princes of India were brought into line
While I rarely wielded arrow and a dart

Washington. I like it. You appear to be a practical person. I read about you.

Patel. Thanks sir for the compliments.

Washington. We do not underestimate MK s Contribution. But his policies are out dated now. Then too they were not true to a great extent . It is a different matter that the English men left India weakened after WW II. In our case we had to fight a civil war.

Gandhi. I do not take cedit for getting freedom to India. It is alls effort.

Washington. Only you are highlighted.

Nehru. It happens. All can not be highlighted. In case of USA you have been highlighted. Is it not true.

Washington. You may have your own views.

Patel. ( sings)

We have our views and ways
While you can have your own
Others will have some thing different
But mostly people are overblown

Washington. Haa..Ha..haa .. well sung Mr Patel. You are witty too.

Patel. Thanks, sir. I am honored by your words.

Gandhi. We side tracked from Libya.

Patel. No. we are very much within. About Libya we have our views while USA has its own. We can not impose out views.

Gandhi. But there is some world opinion too. I find United Nations Organization to be an ineffective one.

Obama. That is what you think. Whole world knows what you have done to create Bangladesh in 1971. Why did you invade East Pakistan?

Gandhi. We had no option.

Obama. Here too we had no option except to interfere in Libya.

Gandhi. Pakistan was our neighbor. Libya was not your neighbor.

Obama. Wow.We have interests in entire world. We are super power and we do power balance.

Patel. What is this W0W? Sounds like Bow wow.

Obama. Nothing it is. It is a catch word.

Gandhi. But we are highly distressed with Libyan invasion and killing of Gaddafi.

Obama. Mr Gandhi. Please relax. Your days are over now. Your ideas are over.Your principles will not work now. If you do fasting at Kashmir border will Pakistani forces leave occupied Kashmir? They did not listen to you after partition and they invaded Kashmir. Where were you then?

Gandhi. Those days are over now.

Obama. Mr Gandhi. World politics change always. We have to keep our interests safe. We have to guard against our potential enemies and wipe away the existing enemies. We have done that in case of Saddam Hussein , Bin Laden and Gaddafi. Some more are left.

Washington. Yeah. Work is yet to be completed. Great indeed. We are in the process.

Patel. Hope Iran is in pipe line.

Obama. Yeah.Time only will tell you.

Gandhi. OK Obama sir and Washington sir, We shall take leave. Thanks for sharing the views with us.

Obama. Thanks Mr Gandhi. Never mind.

Washington. OK Mr Gandhi. Best of luck to you.

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel get up and shake hands with the President Obama and General Washington and walk out of the park while sentry escorts them away)

Washington. Thanks god , they have gone away. Let us enjoy our drink.

Obama. Sure sir.These guys do not drink and this drink has become stale now. Let us have fresh drink.

Washington. True.

( They pour fresh drink in the glasses and say cheers. )



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