Thursday, January 7, 2016


                                                           INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…325
                                                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Gandhi, Patel and Nehru  are seen  at parliament street. They are slowly walking on the pavement . Number of cars on roads are less.

Gandhi. Patel. I see less traffic today.

Patel. YesBapu. Cars have been restricted on roads.  With the new experiment  of odd and even numbers of cars being allowed on separate days,  the rush is reduced.

Gandhi. How long this will last.

Patel. Probably till the Delhi govt is thrown out.

Nehru.. hee..heee

Patel. Why are you laughing?

Nehru. Why not bhai. should I  Cry?Patel. I did not mean that. The AAP guy has experimented this copying from some western country.  But you can not continue eternally

Gandhi. I learnt that IIT guys have proved that  pollution in Delhi is not the result of cars.

Patel;. Bapu. But the power is with AAP guys. They will try their tricks. Let them hang themselves.

Gandhi. True. Already we have  sufficient head aches.

Patel. Bapu. Do you know that India is going to have a new parliament building?

Gandhi. I heard so. But why?

Patel. The present building is not sufficient for  the members of houses. They do not have free space to move, whistle and fight too.

Gandhi. Yeah. Most of the time these guys only fight each other. In the recent sessions in parliament Congress party did not allow a single day to  discuss any thing. They shouted in chorus, booed unworthy of their position.

Patel . True Bapu. These are all clumsy cats.

Gandhi. Do we need a new building for such guys? Shame indeed. What happens to the present building

Patel. They might make it a museum. They may  install wax statues of our leaders good and bad too. 

Nehru.  Why  those of bad leaders?

Patel. Otherwise how people will know about such leaders,

Gandhi. I suggest that a separate section should be catered for leaders who are involved in scams, rackets etc. It should include those involved in jeep scandal, chopper scandal, defense scandal,   bofors scanfdal,  the recent scandals, mundra scandal of Nehru times, recent coal scam , 2gTele scam, oh no.national herald scam … the list is endless.

Patel. I am afraid the entire building will be filled with scamsters,
Nehru. Patel. Please do not exaggerate.

Patel. I am telling facts. There are many scams unearthed in this country that involve many guys. For every scam, one room has to be catered where statues, photos details of scam have to be displayed. Even if one scandal per year is  counted we need 68 rooms  till date. Then it should cater for future. I suggest that this building be left as it is   for statues  and separate twin towers can be built for scam museum.

Gandhi. I learnt that Defense services are asking for a war museum in Delhi.

Nehru. Why it is needed?  I am against it. Why glorify  them. We are peace lovers.

Patel. I know your views. I remember that you told   first army chief that India does not need army as  we live in peace.

Gandhi. We know   that and it has ruined our preparedness.

Patel. We lost badly at hands of China.

Nehru. Why dig graves now?I am feeling suffocating.

Gandhi. Patel. Please  change topic

Patel. OK Bapu as per your wish. But Jawaharlal can not escape his folly.

Nehru. OK I am the greatest destroyer of India. Are you happy now?

Patel. I did not say that you destroyed  India.

Gandhi. You guys  can never  go together.

Patel. That’s why I died early and was happy. At least  a separate room will not be catered for me involving me in a scandal.

Gandhi. Hee..heee..heee. Now tell me Will I have a room?

Patel. How can I say that? People have to decide. I think you shall be spared. There is no scandal you committed.

Gandhi. I am happy if it is so.  For Netaji they must build separate Bhavan  named INA Bhavan where all his deeds  must be glorified including his stint in congress party.

Patel. True. I am with you. Bapu, What name should be given to the building where all scams are displayed.

Gandhi. It should be Scam bhavan.

Patel. Haa..haaa.haaa

Gandhi. Hee..heee.heee..Hoo

(Gandhi and Patel  fall on the floor laughing. They roll  unable to control laughter.)

Nehru. What is  this nonsense going on. I am going.

Gandhi. We are also coming . Wait.

Gandhi and Patel follow Nehru , laughing  and scratching bellies.

                                                            CURTAIN FALLS


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