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                      INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN.. 327
                                    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are strolling on Delhis roads..

Gandhi. Patel.What are thenews. All appears to be quiet.

Patel. No Bapu. Things are not simple..Some trouble is going on. Now universities are creating troubles.

Gandhi. Why. Don't they have academic atmosphere there?

Patel. It is dead long ago.

Gandhi. Why?

Patel, Bapu recently a research student in Hyderabad central university committed suicide in the Campus.

Gandhi. What for?

Patel. In the news it was said that he did not blame any one in suicide note.It was stated that he belonged to Dalits. 

Gandhi. Oh. I feel very bad. What couldbe the reason?.

Nehru. As per thenews paper reports he wasinvolved in some case of indiscipline and he and few more were put under some restrictions. 

Gandhi. So the guy was hurt and took his own life.

patel. Bapu the issue is in court. We should not discuss.

Gandhi. True.Better keep quiet.

Patel. But Raul gandhi and Delhi CM have no other work and ran to Hyderabad to politicize the issue.

Gandhi. People must have laughed at them.

Patel.True. They are useless guys. Good for nothing. Raul is desperate. His party lost power. His dreams are shattered to dust. His mom is heart broken and crying in closed room..

Gandhi. I have no comments. It happens in politics. They are paying for misdeeds and misrule 

Nehru. Bapu. You belong to Congress party.

Gandhi. I d not belong to any party. I told long ago that congress party be disbanded. I fore saw this shit game.

Nehru. Bapu. Your words hurt me.

Gandhi. Why. Is it not true that I told you guys to disband congress . You guys did not listen. You wanted power, cushioned chairs, AC offices. Luxary cars. Army salutes, airtravel. Guard of honours.. 

Patel. I have no comments as you ditched me too.

Gandhi. Oh.So you are angry that Jawahar was madePM

Patel. Yes.The party wanted me as PM.

Gandhi.Probably,it was a mistake on my part. Now I realise

Nehru. So you are repenting bapu. 

Gandhi. Surely. ( Sings)

“Surely I made a mistake
And made Jawahar as the hero
Sixty years have passed 
And the country is made a big zero.
Patel. ( Claps). Hear..hear..Great..

(The trio is near Jawaharlal nehru university gate )

They see a group of students shouting
Student1. Hindostan.. Murdabad

Student 2. Cheen lenge azadi tumse’’

Student 3. Kashmir ki azadi leke rahenge

Student4. Hindustan ka tukde kardenge

Student 5.Kerla ko azadi do

Student6. Afzal guru. Zindabad

(Many students are seen repeating slogans)

Gandhi. Patel. What is this? Are we surely in India

Patel. Why bapu? Why this doubt?

Gandhi. I think we are by mistake in pakistan.Check where we are?

Patel. I think we are in India only

Gandhi. No. Patel. I am sure we are in rawalpindi or Karachi or Islamabad
Patel. No Bapu.

Gandhi. Then why these guys are shouting such slogans. Are they not Indians

Patel. They are JNU students 

Gandhi. Then how they can shout such slogans?

Patel. We haveto ask them

Gandhi. Shh.. Do not do that that is not our job. Police is there for that.

Patel. But they are also watching

Gandhi. Police needs permission to enter university

Patel. what type of laws we have! These students are shouting antii India slogans and can’t the
police do any thing? They should hammer them black and blue.

Gandhi. Govt has to answer for this.

Patel. Bapu, Why students can agitate like this. Better catch the guys and send them to Pakistan
Gandhi. That is not our job. But I am sad at the state of affairs in the university

Patel..Bapu, This university is famous for such activities. Earlier too ,,a teacher of University was involved in anti Indian activities.

Gandhi .That is too bad.Tamsha is that it is named after our Jawahar.

Nehru. Why I am being dragged in? Did I say to them to shout these slogans? They are spoiling my name.

Gandhi. Relax jawahar. No one is blaming you.

Patel. It is time to close down this university as it has become den for anti  national  activities, jihadis, ISIS supporters.

Gandhi. It is a good idea. Better closedown. When one of the leg has gangrene it has to be amputated. This University has been destroyed by gangrene and needs to be dissolved to save the nation.

Patel. Very true. Bapu. We must move now. The trouble is likely to grow

Gandhi. Yeah. Let them hang themselves. Shit guys

(The trio disappears quickly)

                                                     CURTAIN FALLS

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