Sunday, February 28, 2016

                                         INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN.. 328
                                             Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is  evening hours   and Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen near  Kutub minar complex in Delhi.Shadows are extending over ground as sun is seen setting slowly)
Gandhi. Look Patel. It is getting  a bit dark early.
Patel. Bapu, Daily it will be like this only. Here there aremany structures which are very  big and they obstruct sun light. So there is a difference.
Nehru. Bapu. In the evening I heard ghosts of Delhi sultans  have a meeting here
Gandhi. True probably. Hee..heee.. You are a scared guy.
Patel. It is  correct what I said. I am more scientific about shadows.
Gandhi. Good. For every thing we must look in  a scientific way.
Nehru. Bapu , When you started believing in science?
Gandhi. Who said I do not believe in sience?
Nehru. I did not say that. You have sometimes  strange views.
Gandhi.  So be it.I am also human. Patel. Can you see some guy approaching us?
Patel. Yeah. But  his figure is not clear. He has  some type of blanket around him.
( In themean time ,the figure approaches the trio.Now the figure looks  more clear. The person has a  large  scarf around his headLike palestines Yasser arafat.
Patel. Bhai. Who are you? Why you are coming very close to us? I hope you haveno malafide intentions.
Stranger. Did you not recognize me?
Nehru. How the hell we know you? You are not a very popular figure that every one knows you.
Patel. Any how, you are dressed strangely. Are you a  guy from Palestine?
Stranger. No I am very much  from this country.
Patel. But guys fromthis country do not dress up like this. You are more o rless looking like  terrorist.
Stranger. Correctly said. I am Afzalk guru the  guy who was hanged by your govt.
Patel.  Do not say my govt. Say our govt
Gandhi. What is this? Were you hanged? But you are walking.
Afzal guru. Haa..haa.. Ghosts do not hang. They can walk and talk.
Gandhi. What do you want from Us? guys appear to be former leaders. I recognize you guys.But you guys died long ago.
Patel. True. How does it matter?
Afzal. Look. I was hanged by UPA govt after Pranabji becamethe president. Do you think I was to be blamed.
Gandhi. What we can say? Courts decide on this. Your case was  tried by the courts and  you were found guilty of crimes.
Afzal. Did I kill any one? I was innocent.
Gandhi.  I knowthat you planned and abetted attack on parliament when it was in session.
Afzal. I have no clue about it. I was  framed.
Patel. Look Afzal i. We are not worried about it. Law takes own course.  It decided to hang you and so you were hanged.
Afzal.  Do you read news papers?
Patel. We read everything and we are aware of things happening everywhere. But some news papers  andmagazines we can not trust. They are sold guys.
Gandhi. People call them prestitutes which is a composition of two words.prostitues and press combined.
Afzal.  Now  many JNU students are  supporting me  and say that I was innocent.
Gandhi. Are they university students? If  they are  students, it is a shame to the word student. They have no business to stay  in University.
Patel. They  must be thrown out.kicked out rather.
Nehru.  The issue has becomea national problem.
Patel. Now a days the elected members to the houses have no work. When they are in opposition they have to oppose everything right  or wrong.
Gandhi. Hee..heee. Correctly said. Fun  is  that even Raul supports the  JNU  guys on anti national slogans and support to Afzal guru.Somehow he wants publicity. Hedamged himself immensely.He is a gone case now.Hefeels Modiji is scared of him
Patel. Shame indeed. Nehruji,  What doyou say?
Nehru. What I can say? The guy is immature and has no common sense. He speaks whatever his writrs teach him. He has become a joke of the century.
Patel. Do you really feel so?
Nehru. I am first the patriot. Then any thing else.Sadly theguy is frustrated and  whenever he speaks makes a mockery of himself
Gandhi. True.
Afzal. Anyhow , I find sme supporters for me. Recently Chidamabaram the former minister from previous govt said there is an element of doubt about Afzals hanging.
Patel. He does not have any work. He wants public attention. He was in UPA govt when you were hanged.
Gandhi. True. There is no death for clowns in Idia .He os one among them
Patel. Bapu , This JNU mustbe closed permanently, Or else it will become another Paki madrasa.
Gandhi. True. We must agitate at parlaiment for that.
Nehru. Bapu,  I have already run away from there. I do not want my name attached to it.
Gandhi. Well said Jawahar. I am proud of you and patriotism.
Patel. True.
Afzal.  I think I will not get justice from you guys.
Patel. How can you get? You were a rogue terrorist. You paid dearly by your life.Modi  is notgoing to be perturbed by these goons like opposition guys , JNU anti national  scoundrels  and anti national stooges and friends of Raul.
Gandhi. Patel , Do you know?. A guy called Junior  sindhia declared that by shouting anti national slogans one can not be said to be  anti national.
Patel. He is a  spoon of Raul . He wants some publicity. So he utters shit.
Gandhi. On the other hand there is another guy who adds.. ji Afzal.
Patel. I know that guy . Another clown.
Gandhi. What type of desperate opposition we have! Shame to them.  Mri Afzal go now. Sorry. Go and hang around with devils like you.
Afzal.Dekh loonga sabko.Tumhara khoon peejaunga.
Patel. Chal .. hatt, Kya dekhlega be , Bada aya, Kya dekhlega  mera sar. Bhaag  yahanse... Naitho....aisi ki taisi.. chamda ukhad doonga,  Maitho nizam ko chutki mein khatamkiya.. samjhe.. Too kya hai.. bhag yahanse.
(Afzal runs aways shouting  pakistan zindabad. Raul gandhi zindabad...Chidamabaram zindabad, Sindhia jindabad, Digvijay singh zindabad.  Anti national JNU students jai ho....)
Gandhi. He is a no one clown . Let us go. It is already dark.
Patel. OK.
(The trio walks off singing Ramdhun).  


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