Saturday, April 14, 2018


                                                                      INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN   .. C

                                                                         Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen  doing window shopping at Abids in Hyderabad
 Gandhi. Patel. I feel India  has   surely progressed. See what all we have in these shops? There are   many Gold shops in this lane with glittering gold. The shops are full too. Can you say India is poor.
Patel. Bapu. This is a very famous shopping  mall in Hyderabad.  This is the posh place. Only rich guys come here. It does not mean that India has progressed. Nizam 7 former princely of Hyderabad was the worlds richest king in his days. But, Hyderabad was a poor state. People in villages were poor and exploited by the land lords which continues even  now.. Even to day people in villages and small towns are poor after decades of independence. The PM of this country every now and then goes abroad. Wears costly clothes and  fancy turbans like in fashion show.  Does it mean that all Indians  can do such air travel and wear costly clothes.  Indians are born to be poor, live  to be poor and die   poor.
Gandhi. Patel. You appear to be biased.
Patel. Why? What wrong I told? I told facts. Facts are  difficult to digest.
Gandhi. OK,,, OK. Relax.  But I  wonder why Indians could not progress.
Patel. Bapu, remember what Mr.Winston  Churchill told before we were given freedom, He said Free India would be handed over to a bunch of crooks.
Gandhi. I know. Why you want to repeat it? What you will gain? When he said   all of us were alive. He surely considered us to be crooks.
Patel. I will not gain anything. You did great injustice to me after we got independence. I was to become the PM. You never allowed it. Jawaharlal was your blue eyed boy.
Gandhi. Why dig old grave? Can we undo that past?
Patel. I know we can not do any thing. Any how why  boil our blood.  Let us see the shops from outside.
Gandhi. By looking at the shops, we feel as if India has become a rich country.
Nehru. Yeah. A section of people are very rich. But poor are many. There is a wide gap between them.
Gandhi. Have we failed by giving them freedom.?
Patel. This question must be asked by the Englishmen. Many old times feel that it was a mistake.
Gandhi. During the  rule of Dr Man mohan singh there were scores of scams. It became the election  strategy for BJP and they won
Nehru. I learnt that  during the last four years, people are put to untold miseries due to demonetization, GST etc.  Many business men have ditched Banks and vanished from the country. People died waiting in queues at banks  in hot sun.Is Govt bothered about them.Were their families compensated by the govt?
Patel. True. I also heard.
Gandhi. I am sure  elections in 2019 will be fought bitterly.
Nehru. Surely.
Gandhi. People are getting disillusioned from the way things are going on. There will be anti Govt  voting surely which is very common.
Patel. Wait and see. Why speak about taste of a cake before you eat it.
Gandhi. True. I herad the opposition aprties are making a common cause and forming a front.
Patel. Yes, But every one wants to become the PM
Gandhi. I  heard that even the CM of Telangana want to lead a  national front. He went to press  about it.
Patel. He made air dash to Calcutta recently and met mamata ji regaring the forming the front
Nehru. Whole world knows that he got a cold shoulder and next day she met congress leaders. There are many opposition leaders playing such cards. Even Pawar sahib from Maharashtra is harboring the ambition of claiming to be the next PM.
Patel. So  KCR Sahib is now quiet and cooling heels.He probably thought that the whole country would  welcome him as he  got Telangana that was in cold storage since 1956,
Gandhi. Uniting  entire opposition is not that easy. Every leader wants to be the PM. How it is possible. Behind the scene every one wants downfall of the other.
Patel. Haa..haa..haa  Well said Bapu’Nehru. What is there to laugh?
Patel. What is wrong if I laugh?
Gandhi. Take it easy guys. You all know that in UP BJP lost tow important seats in By elections. It was a great shock.  There will be many such shocks in future.
Patel. Remember guys. In politics everything is possible. No one is permanent. Downfall starts once a person becomes over ambitious and becomes proud. It happened to Indira Gandhi and  Congress party under Dr Man mohan singh.
Gandhi. What is this? We are indulging in discussion on Inda politics instead of watching the Abids market
Patel. Hee,,hee, That was nice reminder.Bapu,Shall we have some drink?
Gandhi. What  do you mean?
Patel. No No.. I mean  it is cool drink
Gandhi. I do not mind some thing cool
(The trio  go to a corner shop where cool drinks are sold. They order three Cokes.The vendor hands over three bottles after opening the lids )
Gandhi. Yeah. Cool. It is refreshing indeed
Patel. Yes Bapu. It was a hot day
Nehru. But Coke is not our natural drink. It is a Foreign brand. Some time ago it was banned by the Govt. It was  short sighted decision.
Gandhi. We should not be that crazy. Will the present generation like Jal jeera, Chanch, Buttermilk.
Patel. Many enjoy butter milk no doubt eve today
( Then suddenly  a motor cycle driven by a person carrying  a lady and six kids rushes at them and  is about to hit Gandhi when Patel stops the bike )
Patel. What is this? Bike is meant for two persons. You are  six on the vehicle. How can you control
Bike driver. Who are you to ask me? Are you a police man? Even the police man did not stop me. Who are you to stop me?
Patel. I stopped you because you were about to hit this old man. He would have died.
Driver. But he did not die.
Pate; I stopped you in time. Please do not be a risk to others. Go away before I call a police man.
(The driver goes away with his family through a small lane )
Gandhi. Now a days it a risky affair to walk even
Patel. True Bapu. In Hyderabad it is so.  It is a chaos on  city roads. The metro work on roads has ruined city life. It is going on eternally. A small section of Metro has become functional . Now most of these trains are going empty. Initial craze has disappeared. Wisdom has dawned on people. The Metro has become great burden people of this city.
Gandhi How sad!   Look patel. It is getting late. Shall we go back?
Nehru. Bapu ,Can we get any bus here?
Patel. Bus ? what is it? I never saw aged people  boarding it. It is not meant for elderly guys.
Gandhi. Hee…hee  Then let us  walk fast
Patel. We can not even walk fast on this jammed roads.

 The Trio  walks  back singing Ramdhun

In the distance a song is heard
Dukh ke  ab dina beetat naahi
Sukh ke     eka sapna thaa… aai..                       ( KLSaigal from Dev Das)
                                                          CURATAIN FALLS

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