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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

( In the lawns of White House George Washington and President Obama are seen sitting in chairs and sipping wine. It is a holiday and they look relaxed)

Washington. Dear President Obama, Hope you are now settled in the chair by now. ( Sings)

Dear Mr. President Barack Obama
Now you are popular like near by canal Panama
In Pakistan what goes on a sordid drama?
They fight with out a full stop and a comma

Obama. Sir. Yeah. I am Well settled. Your poem was good.

Washington. Hope you are going strong at Afghan war

Obama. Sure. I am paying special attention to the war . However I find Pakistan a bottle neck.

Washington. I am sure they are trying to avoid you and dilly dallying the issue of strong actions against Talibans and Al Qaida. They are hand in glove with the thugs I am sure.

Obama. True. These guys are stuck neck deep in shit pot. They are unable to manage their country. It is a failed state. They abdicated responsibility of Waziristan.

Washington. I read in news paper that one guy called Nawaz Sheriff a former PM started great march where all funny guys including lawyers joined the march. Are they copying the great Chinese march of thirties during the time of Chiang Kai Shek led by great Mao tse tung.

Obama. I think they are nuts. Zardari was trying to force his way by banning Sheriffs from contesting elections and also refused reinstating the former ousted Chief Justice.

Washington. Hee…heee.. What type of leaders they have?

Obama. Sir. They are pseudo leaders. I was getting worried. Pak army Chief General Kayani was itching for a coup and made it clear to Zardari to behave and sort out amicably or face sword.

Washington. Haa.. haaa. That worked.

Obama. Even we played role from behind the curtain. I was prepared to axe Zardari in favor of Kayani. Army rule in Pak is not new. If not now, it will happen tomorrow.

Washington. True ( Sings)

These nuts can not rule by themselves
They fight for bread kept on their shelves
They have no clue of a democracy
What they know is just mischief and hypocrisy

What they need is a constant kick from behind
They are like a spring that one can not wind
Like rodents they squabble at a dust bin
And they are good however to make great din

Obama. Sir ! well said. Hats off to you. You are a great poet too. You deserve Noble prize in literature

Washington. Haa..haaa.. Now what is the latest state in Pakistan?

Obama. Sir. Zardari has mellowed. He agreed for conditions. Nawaz has been restored as CM of Punjab. The dismissed chief Justice is back in chair. They are now seen laughing together sitting in chairs next to each other.

Washington. Poor Indians. must have been disappointed. General Kayani has not struck. MK Gandhi must have been happy.

( There is a flash and suddenly MK Gandhi appears on the scene. He is in his usual gait with a stick.)

Obama. Hello Mr Gandhi. Welcome. I am not much acquainted with you. I heard great about you.

Gandhi. There is nothing great about me.

Obama. You are too humble.

Washington. Welcome. Mr Gandhi. I have not seen you here since long.

Gandhi. True. I was trying to sort out some shit in India that goes on under the name of democracy.

Washington. But your country is considered as a strong democracy among the nations where military rulers are grinding swords against you.

Gandhi. Look. Mr Washington. It is an apology to democracy. Now the elections have been ordered in India and the game has been unfolded. A great drama goes on there.( Sings)

Indian leaders are after voters
In heart they feel voters are mere jokers
They catch votes by hook or crook
After winning they would never give them second look

Washington. Haa…..haaa… heee..heeee….. We also had the drama in USA

Gandhi. In India you find all sons , daughters, uncles and aunts of leaders contesting from one place or other. It is dynastic democracy. If a leader has died his wife or son must be given the ticket even if he is anti social element and illiterate and court cases are pending against him. They are masters in showing victory signs without understanding word of democracy. They have to just lift their hands in parliament or assembly when required. Of course, showing their teeth too with a wide grin is what required. Their role is to run to podium whenever required and be a part of shouting crowd. They must master abuses and vocabulary for abuses.

Obama. Haa…haaa. Well said. I am sure the constitution makers of your country must be crying hoarse beating chests. I shall ask you one thing. Why only one family is ruling India? Are others incompetent? Do they lack spine? Are they earth worms?

Gandhi. Our constitution makers are dead long ago. They may be turning in graves if buried or crying in sky if cremated in fire…..Coming to family rule, Not exactly like that. You know. Indians are greatest idol worshippers. They worship three crores of gods and goddesses, if not less. They also worship some families too. They go crazy at some families and run after them hoping that they get some pieces thrown to them in return.

Obama. What a shame? I heard at your name they go crazy and vote blindly.

Gandhi. Why shame? True to some extent about my popularity. It is the second nature in India. Mr. Obama. In India educated do not vote. They feel it is a waste of time. They are very sure that the ballot boxes are mismanaged. Many claim that before they go, their vote is already cast. Then why vote? They ask so. The funniest joke is that some news paper flashes a photo of a very old lady being carried to polling booth to caste vote. All a gimmick for popularity.

Washington. They are very correct. Why vote?

Gandhi. ( sings and does a jig)

Many do not cast their votes
Although they collect many notes
They know the routes to power
Grabbing fathers seat they climb the tower

The leaders pour gallons of liquor
Poor voters are lured with succor
The shady drama of catching votes goes on
Although the government puts on these some ban

Washington ( Laughs) Hee..hee…ooh…oooh… Mr Gandhi Well danced and sung too. You are a great guy in fact.

Gandhi. Thanks sir. I am obliged.

Obama. What else goes on there?

Gandhi. Every party leader is promising many things free to the people. One guy says he will give TV sets free. Some one gives cooking gas and rations free. Some one is guaranteeing monthly cash to poor and other guy is promising free power. No one knows how they would give. For farmers powers is free and for poor medical facilitiers are free. They may mortgage the nation to World Bank. Some may be selling Indian land to western powers. As it is the government is throwing the lands at very low prices to private parties. East India Company may take rebirth again in India.

Obama. Are they so crazy for power?

Gandhi. Yes. In India, politicians would die if they are out of power. They will develop Hyper tension, Diabetes, Skin rashes, Heart problems, asthma, allergy, eczema, Fissures, Fistula, Piles, Convulsions, Rickets, eye sores, Gas trouble, Ulcers, cancer, stress fatigue, erectile disorders, gout, and Parkinson disease. What else and what not?

Washington. Great Scots. Any thing more to your list Mr. Gandhi?

Gandhi. There could be more sir. But things are very bad.

Washington. Oh God! All these days I was thinking differently about Indian democracy. I never knew it was such hypocrisy. Mr. Gandhi ! You opened my eyes.

Gandhi. Thanks for the acknowledgements. Please open your ears too.

Obama. Look Mr. Gandhi. I want to state some thing. India must try to learn to live with Pakistan

Washington. Mr. Obama! You said you are taking care of Afghan war.

Obama. Yeah. I am releasing more funds to Pakistan. They have to survive. They have to depend on our funds only. Or else, Pakistan would collapse and militants would take control of the country. It would become Talibanistan or AlQaidaistan.

Gandhi. That is how exactly Pakistan black mails you. Unless you cut aid, Pakistan will not wake up.

Washington. True. But we can not let Pakistan fall to AlQaida. We have to keep them in good humor. Look Mr Gandhi. We are fighting a war in Afghanistan and Waziristan. You guys have not joined the war. You refused to send troops to Afghanistan. What type of great sympathy we would have for you?

Obama. True.

Gandhi. So. I must assume that all your actions after 26/11 were bla..bla..bla.

Obama. You may think so. I can not help it.

Gandhi. Thanks Mr. President. Thanks for revealing. Bye

Washington. Mr. Gandhi. Please do not get annoyed

Gandhi. No Mr. Washington and Mr. Obama. I am not annoyed. I am woken up finally. Thanks.

( Gandhi picks up his stick and walks away from the lawn)


Dr K PRabhakar Rao

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