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In to the past with pain...335




(Gandhi  Jawaharlal and Patel are seen sitting in a park in heavens.  Many people are around busy talking to each other, Gandhi occasionally says Ram  Ram with little cough …)
Gandhi – Look Patel ,the park is full of  sinners.
Patel – Why Bapu ?
Gandhi – It is believed that souls that have less good deeds to their credit first come over to heavens, enjoy for some time and they are then taken away to hell.
Nehru. So we are also sinners. We first came to heavens
Patel – I see…..
Gandhi. Must be true.
(In the mean time, some commotion is heard in the park.  Gandhi and patel rush to the spot, they see some evil looking demons are trying to drag away  three persons from the park)
Gandhi – Mere Bhai, Ye kya Zulum hai (what is this oppression?) why you guys are dragging them?
Devil look .  We are soldiers from hell. We have been ordered to  take these guys to hell.
Patel ….  why ?
Devil: Their period of enjoyment is over. Now they have to suffer in hell.
Nehru. So one day we also will be dragged out. Eee... eeee
Gandhi. Have to be if we refuse to go.
(The persons who are being dragged away run to Gandhi and fall on his feet, they are Ramnarain, Sitaram,   Vaikuntahm )
Sitaram (Holding Gandhi’s feet).  Please save me from these Devils.  I am happy to be here. 
Gandhi - But your days here are over.  You have to now pay for bad deeds.
Sitaram :  eee….eee….. I never knew this will happen to me.
Gandhi – What all you have done?
Sitaram – Bhai, I was from united Andhra Pradesh state in India.  I studied in Osmania University and got law degree BA LLB.  While in college,  I beat a professor because he caught me in exam while I was copying . I was debarred for one year.  Later, the Professor committed suicide and that sin has stuck to me.  I was practicing advocate in the high court where for the next forty years I told lies, cheated my clients, cheated the courts and earned money.  I had a real estate business also .  There, I cheated my clients in building construction and land sales.
Gandhi – Oh  How bad? What next?
Sitaram – I was married when I was thirty. I had illicit relations with many women in the city.  When my wife objected, I killed her and destroyed all evidence.  It was shown off to be a suicide.  I joined politics and joined a popular party in the state.  There is no crime I have not done as a political leader.  You please name any crime in the Indian Penal code.  You will be shocked to know that I committed each and every one.  I was also a law minister for fouryears.
Patel :   Look Sitaram.  You narrated all  your bad deeds.  What are the good deeds you  have done?
Sitaram – Every Saturday I used to go to Saibaba Temple in our colony and pray to the baba. I have also donated a silver crown to the Baba.  Every day in the morning I used to light a lampand burn agar batthi and pray to the deity at my house.I also read Hanuman chalisa.
Patel – That you would be safe and successful in your deeds. Look Sitaram ,You came to heavens for these few good deeds.  But these are very small ones.  You have to suffer in hell because, you committed more grave sins.  Please go away.  I cannot help you.
Gandhi – Devil Sahib . How long he will stay there?
Devil – Probably for 300000 years as on earth.
Gandhi – Then what happens to him?
Devil.. He will take rebirth as some dirty creature.
Sitaram – eee ….eee.. chee….chee.. Bacho.. Bachao  
(A devil thrashes Sitaram and drags him away. A dog that accompanies devil keeps biting  Sitaram while he is dragged away)
Patel – Horrible guy.  Kutta Kainka ( Dirty dog).  Wants to stay in heavens!  He is a crook, cheat and rascal.
(In the meant time, Ramnarayan  pleads to Bapu)
Ram narayan – Sir please help me. Save me from the devil.
Gandhi – What you  have done ?
Ramnarayan – Sir I was born in a good family and also good at  studies. In   Allopathy medicine I secured a MBBS Degree.  I   practiced medicine.
Gandhi – That is very nice.  But what went wrong?
Ramnarayan – Sir, I was an expert in illegal abortions and I must have terminated lakhs of pregnancies with my own hand in my clinic.
Gandhi. Then what else?
Ramnarayan. I had an understanding with  clinical labs who used to pay me mothly once an hefty sum because I directed patients for various tests. Most of these tests were not needed. I acted as a leach towards patients.. I also sold medicines given  by  medical  representatives as samples. I purchased a big flat in  very posh  area  with such money alone.
Gandhi. You appear to  be a big swine. You are a disgrace to your profession.
Patel. You are a rascal and need to be permanently  kept in hell.
Nehru. How strange! Don’t you have fear of sin?
Ranarayan.  Sir,I spent lakhs of rupees to purchase a medical seat as I did not a merit seat. I have to earn back that money. Am I not correct?
Devil. You swine. I shall drag you over a special road full of nails and sharp stones.
Ramnarayan.. Oh no. Please  have mercy on me. Almost every one in this profession does this. I am not alone.
Devil. Shut up   fool. Keep quiet.( Devil kicks him in the  stomach)
Ramnarayan.. eee..eee..
Gandhi. I can not help you. You are such a  bad person and you insulted the profession. Now suffer in hell. Devil ji  kindly take him away
(Devil  kicks Ramanarayan like a football and  drags  him on the track. A donkey in waiting keeps  kicking him often.
(Gandhi is  shocked when   vaikuntam  falls at his feet)
Gandhi. Get up. What you have done? Tell me.
 vaikuntam. I  was a  professor  at an Institution.
Patel.  What made you come here? You look  mature.
 vaikuntam. I was a simple teacher and took classes  in the college
Gandhi. If you are so simple ,why you are being dragged by the devil?
 vaikuntam. Sir, I  took money  and gave marks to students, I also gave attendance after taking money. During inspections of university, I arranged  fake staff members who were paid  for the day of Inspection.
Gandhi. That is  bad. You appear to be a cheat. You are a teacher and guru. Is this you do rascal?
 vaikuntam. I also made moves to  girls. I had the habit of holding girls hands on some  pretext and used to enjoy feeling by pressing hands.
Patel. You scoundrel and you call your self a professor ( Patel  slaps  him)
Devil. Sir. Please do not  beat him. It is our duty.
 Vaikuntam. I also  was after  lady research scholars. Many left research unable to  bear  my behaviour. One lady  committed suicide. However she  did not blame any one.
Gandhi. You are a rascal and son of a bi…… You call yourself a teacher. Shame… Mr Devil.  Take him away. Or else I shall    kill him.
Nehru. I do not want to see his face.
Devil. Sir . He  already died. He can not die again.
Gandhi. I am sorry. I was much  upset
( Devil drags the professor over the road while  a rabies- dog spits over him )
Gandhi. Look Patel, What type of people are there in India. Look at the doctor, Lawyer and Professor. All are supposed to be   from noble  careers. But every one of them is a swine.
Patel. Bapu. Life is like that. But we should not call  them swines. It is an insult to swines. These are humans and  know what is good and what is bad. Indian society has completely degenerated. We have seen some better days.
Gandhi. True. Any how his is kali yuga. People  will be like this. Let us go.
        (Gandhi , Nehru and Patel walk away singing Ram ram..Ram..)
                                   CURTAIN FALLS

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