Thursday, April 27, 2017

Demonetization and surgical strikes failed to contain terrorist actions

                                              DR K Prabhakar Rao
Modiji has failed in his mission of ending terrorism for which he claimed demonetization was a real answer. all his claims have been shattered as the terrorist activities in no way reduced, In fact there are more incidents now. His surgical strikes also made no iimpact on the terror situation in valley as jihadis are infiltrating into our territory and launching attacks on army camps supported by stole pelting actions frbom civilians. S tone pelting crowds mean availability of funds to the terrorists and separatists.The govt has completely failed To contain P ak actions . T hey are asking army to control after tying their hands. T he govt has no clue and is wading like blind man in Waters. They are busy celebrating Victory in UP and further actions of saffronicing the country. it is time Pakistan is taught a good Ad final lesson. surgical strikes that are claimed by the govt in fact have failed. Now amputation of pak army is required Nothing less.failure of govt is also revealed by the sad killing of 27 CRPF constables in Chattisgad state.H ow could the armed team walk into the trap. they have forgotten basic laws of actions in insurgency.T hey are not capable of fighting insurgency as they are not trained for. the purpose.

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