Friday, April 28, 2017

Pencil sketch of a Nazi bydr K Prabhaakr Rao


Heinrich Otto Abetz (26 March 1903 – 5 May 1958) was the German ambassador to Vichy France during World War II and a convicted war criminal.Abetz was arrested by Allied authorities in the Schwarzwald in October 1945. He was quoted in France Soir, following the announcement of his arrest, as saying that Adolf Hitler was not dead, which statement is found in the FBI files pertaining to Hitler's apparent escape to Argentina.[17] In July 1949 a French court sentenced Abetz to 20 years' imprisonment for crimes against humanity, particularly his role in arranging the deportation of French Jews to the Nazi extermination camp. He was released on 17 April 1954 from Loos prison.H e died in an auto accident in 1958.

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