Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nagunur Fort..A Painting by Dr K PrabhakarRao


 It is drawn in water colors on A 4 size paper... Nagunur is at present a small village 10 km away from karimnagar town. One can reach it easily by road from Hyderabad. Plenty of buses ply from Hyderabad to Karimnagar. Once, it was a strong military garrison and centre with great ramparts, high walls and bastions during the reign of kakateeya kings who ruled from Warangal. What remains to day are a group of shiva temples in fort area that depict kakateeya style with excellent carvings on the doors and the temples Need restoration and preservation. However , apathy and negligence of successive govt is causing immense damage to these exceptional temples and our heritage. The fort has dissipated with time and vandalism. It is high time , the govt preserves the remains and makes it a good tourist center. SADLY THE GOVTs TALK HIGH AND DO LESS.

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