Friday, April 28, 2017


                                              Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Modiji is only a politician whose brain is filled with truncated short-sighted plans for winning state Elections and saffronise all states. He is not a leader in real sense. Leader has a vision to look into distance future. Politician hangs onto ideas of winning next elections and craves for power. His areas of thinking are limited.There are no ethics for a politician  in the political game. He has to win at all costs. Hence the country always  suffers at the hands of politicians by their whimsical policies and actions glorified by a bunch of sycophants who  are around him always.. At present opposition is disorganized and clueless and family infighting have very badly tarnished their images. Mulayam singhs (pseudo Netaji) party has destroyed itself by infighting by making a mockery of Indian democracy. Mayawati of Bahujan Samajwadi party lost her battle before it began. Congress was never in reckoning. Having lost its moorings,it is a badly sick horse  living on ventilator. The point is that congress must throw out Nehru dynasty from influential position and project another sane leader if they have to compete in next election . By making Pranab mukherjee the President and clipping his wings to protect Raul, Congress party has committed hara-kiri Promoting self destruction. If he was projected as the candidate for PM after Man Mohan Singh , Side lining Raul, Priyanka and Sonia, probably congress party would have made a comeback rejuvenated. Dr Man Mohan Singh could be elevated as the president where he could be happy being a silent shadow. Think of Punjab election where Congress came to power eliminating and dumping BJP into dust and Raul made no impact. It has proved that BJP is not invincible and congress can turn tables provided they project a good leader away from the Nehru family. It was Capt Amrinder Singh who turned tables on Modiji. A party should never be given absolute majority at national level if we have to ensure prevention of dictatorship from arising out of chaos and also prevent erratic policy decisions like demonetization that happened recently putting entire society in great turmoil leading to uncalled- for hardships.. A party should be given only border majority so that they govern with care taking all with them and not take one sided,   cockeyed and lopsided decisions based on personal whims and fancies for self glorification  and intoxicated with brute parliamentary majority. A Damocles sword must always hang on their heads..Hope Indians will keep this in mind during next elections and do not get carried away by slogans and false promises. We must remember empty vessels make more noise.

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