Thursday, August 23, 2012



                                                  Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Hindu society is being eaten away from with in than the outside damage being done today. It is like white ants destroying clothes in an almirah. The existing caste system in Hinduism no doubt is being exploited by the minority communities for conversion of Hindus and Hindus are finding difficult to counter it.. Particularly Dalits have fallen a prey . Secondly, the political parties are thriving on hatred towards upper castes. Emergence of Bahujan party in North India and Dravid Munnetra Kazagam party in Tamil Nadu are examples. DMK party has sent state Congress on leather hunt after it has captured political power. Congress can never regain there.Kanshi ram and Mayawati successfully usurped power in AP. It is a different thing they lost it later. Soon they will get back power one day. Some national parties thrive on dividing the society to capture votes and it is their pastime and time honored tradition and manifesto too. . The members of society no doubt aggrieved, vote for such parties blindly out of hated towards other castes and the parties come to political power and divide the society further. Reservations in the country have not removed social division and in fact has got further strengthened. The provision of reservation is being renewed again and again causing social distress among people and talented. Merit has gone down the drain. Merit was hanged at gallows in 1947.

The party that thrives on appeasement of minorities purely for vote bank turns a Nelson’s eye to clandestine immigration of Muslims in to Eastern India damaging the social structure. Recent violence in Assam state is clear example for the chaotic policy of rulers. They are doing untold damage to the nation for catching votes. Clandestine immigration is encouraged and social conflicts are growing. In the process Moghalistan is on way too. It is almost true that these states would finally lead to demand of greater Bangladesh if not checked even to day. Bangladesh that gained freedom by the blood of Indian soldiers turned it’s guns against India and has become a strong cell for jihadis. The ill reputed HUJI terror outfit operates from there and can call shots at will. It is known that Bangladesh based Jahangir University and Pak agencies are working together to carve out Moghalistan by linking Pakistan and Bangldesh through north Indian states running through Assam, UP, Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab. This is seen as a major step towards Islamization of India. Marriages of Bangladeshis with local Muslims also are complicating the issue. Many Bangladeshis clandestinely settle In Hyderabad in the state of AP and eastern states, get married to local girls,breed multiply and merge with the society. On the whole, the society is seriously damaged from within. Why blame outsiders? We have to blame ourselves. It is sad that our Hindu religious heads of various Institutions even do not have a common view and platform while Muslim religious heads converge. Forces that converge add up vectorially and become strong and forces that diverge get weak and loose identity. This is the law of statics in nature.
It is also said when an Hindu converts, the question is not loosing one Hindu, but that one Hindu hater and enemy of Hindu has increased.There could be some good persons in them too. But their voice is suppressed by Jihadis. Islam does not give any credit to ancestors of those who convert into Islam. They are considered as dwellers of hell. The convertees are prohibited from praying to their ancestors. The story of Kalapahad in the service of Bengal Nawabs who attacked Orissa during the times of Emperor Akbar in 16 century stands testimony to a fact that when a Hindu converts to other religion opposition strength is increased, Kalapahad was a Hindu Kayasth ( Some claim him to a Brahmin)named Rajiv Lochan Roy and he converted to Islam on certain issues on which he clashed with Brahmins of Orissa. Rajiv Lochan Ray was the General in the service of a Orissa Hindu king and he was lured into a love affair by Sultan of Bengal involving his daughter. The Sultan realized that unless the brave Rajiv Lochan was pulled away from the Hindu king, he would not be able to defeat him. So he made plans. Initially he refused to convert to Islam when sultan offered his daughter and suggested that his daughter be admitted to Hinduism. His proposal was rejected by the Hindu king and Brahmins too. In anger, the youth converted to Islam and married sultan”s daughter. He harbored deep hatred towards Hindus and particularly Brahmins. Subsequently, he took service with the Nawab of Bengal and became a General. He invaded Orissa with his army and destroyed most of Hindu temples and sculpture and idols. He developed great hatred towards the Hindus in Orissa. The destruction of Kalinga temples all over the state and defacing of grand Kalinga sculptures including the damage to great Konark temple is attributed to him. Very important shrines such as Jagannath temple at Puri, Lingaraja temple, Raja rani temple at Bhubaneswar and Konark were the main targets. Nothing was left unvandalisded by Kalapahad. He became a Hindu hater to the core and was probably crueler than Muslims who invaded India in the past. He scored over Alluddin Khilji, Malik Kafur, Feroz Shah, Sikandar Lodi, Aurangzeb and many more.

Holy Koran is very clear on this aspect. It states that a converted Muslim can not have any loyalty or love to his ancestors as they were infidels and dwellers of hell. They should not pay to them. Hindus are lured by minorities into their religions by inducements, financial help and jobs. Constant anti Hindu propaganda against Hinduism is doing great damage. In medieval times during Muslim invasions, no doubt many helpless Hindus were forced to embrace Islam by threat and inducements. Now there is no such threat. But conversions go on by inducements and highlighting social discrimination in Hindu society. However some scholars ( in their own way) claim that in past, conversions were due to acceptance of Islam as a superior one and those were attracted to it. Their contentions are again disputed by others. Naturally who go out of Hinduism have grudge against their parent religion. Opposition to Hinduism increases on all fronts. This is exactly happening in India. As conversions go on , Hindu society is getting weakened day by day. Hindus are killing themselves rather rapidly by their foolishness and ill conceived policies of selfish and narrow minded leaders devoid of any vision and grey matter in the skulls with a sole aim to stay in power all the time.

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