Thursday, August 23, 2012


                                        INTOTHEPAST WITH PAIN…274
                                             Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru  are at a road side tea shop in Delhi and are enjoying hot cup of tea. A song is loudly played from a cheap FM radio installed in the shop. )
Hameto loot liya milke husn walone
Kale kale balone gore gore gaalone
Tiitir..Titir.. Titir…titir…
Titir titir  tum…
 A  youth standing -by dances in an obscene shaking his groin way to the tune of the song
Patel. Come on  bhai. We are all here standing. Please behave. Have some consideration for the elders. This is a public place.
Youth. This is democracy uncle. I can do any thing.
Gandhi. Do I look like Uncle? Democracy does not mean anything can be done. Freedom of expression should not cause distress to others.
Patel. Bapu. There is no meaning talking to these stupid men.
Youth. What is wrong in my doing? When our leaders are doing all types of shouting and gesticulations in parliament, why I can not do? Have you not seen Madam Sonia shouting at Advaniji in Parliament? recently.
Gandhi. He says true. Youngsters learn from elders.
Nehru. Do you compare yourself with them? They are great people.
Youth, How They are great? Is it because they are Gandhis?
Gandhi. Oh Bharatmata..Please save us. By the by Patel,      What are the latest news?
Patel. Bapu. Sangmaji  has  put a case in Supreme court challenging Pranabji’s election as President.
Gandhi. Good. People have some nice tamasha now. Finally, the post of President has become like any Municipal election.
Patel. Why not? It is also a post like any one. If court gives   judgement aginst the election, poor Pranabji has to cut a sorry figure. Will he go home?  Will he become finance minister again? People are worried because they may have to eat grass soon.
Gandhi. It is not that easy. Earlier Rajiv lost a court  case in case of Sha Bano. He then used parliament to nullify court verdict. Supreme court was helpless. Parliament made a mockery of highest court. They can do that way. In democracy power lies with parliament.
Patel. That means Pranabji can stay around. Poor Sangmaji will  be badly hurt. He has become like Neither Gharka nor Ghatka. ( Neither  belonging to a house nor of river side)
Gandhi. Bhai Patel, Politics is a dirty game. Only crooks can flourish in this game. This is not a place for simple souls.
Nehru. Are you saying that I was a crook?
Gandhi. Did I say that? Why  are you getting upset?
Nehru. Bapu, You can not generalize.
Gandhi. Sorry Bahia. You were a good one. You were  greater than Raja Harschandra or Raja Bhoh or SIBI. Are you happy now?
Nehru. It is OK.
Patel. In fact Pranabji was an active politician. Such men can not become Presidents. Have you heard him in his address on maiden speech on 15August this year? He was in fact referring to Lok Pal bill and Annas efforts. He should  not have addressed that way. People now can not have faith in him. Many are of the opinion that he will always back up the ruing party. He has to be an yes man to high command for the favor bestowed on him.
Gandhi. What to do? The era of good presidents is over. We have to select out of the available ones. Sometimes even scrap will have some useful items. ,hee..hee
Patel. Well said Bapu..haa..haa..haa.That means the present guys are scrap.
Gandhi. Surely. Pranabji harbored ambition for PMs post. Finally he knew he will not get it. It is reserved for Gandhis family in India. He settled for the present job. Poor guy. I feel sorry for him. If he had refused this , he would  have been Neither Gharka nor Ghat ka. He is an unhappy guy acting as if he is happy. Patel. You know that congressmen are good actors.
Patel. Yeah. Sure. I know that. Bapu,You know that one Chaiwallah  ( Tea vendor)also was a contender for post of President.
Tea vendor. Bhai, That is me. I was not considered. I also knew that I shall not get it.
Gandhi. Then why did you apply?
Tea vendor. I just tried my luck. If elected, I would have been the best peoples President after Dr Kalam sahib. I would have announced free tea three times a day for every citizen of India below poverty line.
Patel. Now Montek singh is giving Cell phones to all poor. Once given, all poor will be declared rich because they have cell phones.
Tea vendor. Then I need not give free tea to any one. Haa..haa
Gandhi. Hee..heee..hee
Patel. haaaa. Like all  elections, President’s election also  became a Tamasha. The election is being fought in courts too. How shamefulit is?
Tea vendor. True sir. In India life is a Tamasha.
Gandhi. Very true. I was sure that this time a tea vendor,Riksaw puller or an auto driver will become the President.
Patel. Why not? Allhave a chance.Better luck next time. Please do not get disheartened. One day all such men will  get the  post one after the other. We become example of a real democracy. OK Bhai. Let us go. It is getting late.
In distance song is heard
Unchi neechi unchi neechi dagar jeevalki
Chalna sambhalke pyaare …
Manjil tho hai badi dhoor
Manjil tho hai badi dhoor
Manjiltho hai Badi dhoor    ( Immortalsinger CH Atma)
( The trio walks off singing Ramdhun)

                                 CURTAIN FALLS 

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