Thursday, August 23, 2012


                      INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…272

                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel at Rajghat in Delhi and are sitting infront of the black marble memorial ( grave or samadhi )of Bapu. They are singing Ramdhun and also are clapping. The watch man arrives.)
Watch man( Looks at them queerly) What are you doing here?
Patel. Can’t you see and listen ?. We are praying.
Watch man. This is not a pooja ( Prayer) room . Please get lost.
Patel. Why? Can’t we do prayer here?
Watch man. No. You can at best pay respects and go.
Nehru. What is this nonsense going on here. I must call my PA.
Patel. Hee.. Hee.. Ho.. Hoo.hoo.hey..hey.. You are no more the PM of this land. That you lost long ago.
Gandhi, Correct, Jawaharlal, Relax.
Nehru. I am sorry. But there was no requirement of such remarks from Patel. After all, I was the PM for many years.
Patel. Please take it easy brother.
Watchman. Have you heard my words? Now go from here.
Patel. Bhai. Is there any way out for this?
Watch man. No such thing is there. Please go.
Patel. Look brother. Whole India works on basis of money exchange from hands.Top to bottom guys are sunk in swindlig and money making. You may call anything. It may be business, mamool, Hafta, Corruption, Under the table, rushwat, Dalali, etc.( He takes out Rs 20 note and gives to watch man. ) Please keep this.
Watch man. Thanks sir. You may sing now.You can dance also for another twenty Rupees.
( Watch man goes away)
Gandhi. Patel. You are great. The note worked.
Patel. Bapu. This is India. Some one is happy with Rs 20 and some other guy wants crores of rupees. Level changes. People are same. He is a small guy.
Gandhi. This is a good trick. I think without these things, it will be difficult to live in India.
Nehru. Bapu. I am shocked at this.
Gandhi. Relax. Patel was practical in fact. I am not for these things. But we have to live and get things done.
(Suddenly the sky gets dark and from the black marble emerges soul of Gandhi and stands in front of trio)
Gandhi. Hey! Who are you? Why are you imitating me?
Soul. Look, I am the real soul. You are a changed one.
Gandhi. Why. In what way I have changed?
Soul. Just now I heard you supporting Patel when he gave Rs 20 to watch man.
Gandhi. Oh, That one!. I only understand the present realities in India to day. The past days are gone.
Soul. But values should not change
Gandhi. But is it possible to live now with those past values?
Soul. That is different. Why you should change? People look at you for inspiration. They made you Mahatma.
Gandhi. I never wanted it.
Soul. But you never refused it also.
Nehru. Who does not like honors?
Soul. I know. You struggled for Nobel peace prize. But you never got it. Even Yasser Arafat got although he was the father of terrorism.
Gandhi. Now what should I do?
Soul. You know the answers. Why ask me?
Gandhi. Look Mr soul. I am already the soul of Gandhi MK. How there can be another soul.?
Soul. I am the inner consciousness. I am soul within soul.
Patel. Hee..hee
Soul. What is there to laugh?
Patel. Nothing much. Bapu has realized the futility of values today. All is in a game.
Soul. I am not very clear about what you said.
Patel. In war and love all is fine. In modern world living is nothing but fighting a war. Look at our great ministers who were elected by the people to serve them for 5 years.
Nehru. Are they not serving ? Otherwise how the country is running?
Patel. Look at the cases of swindling under the present govt. Even Pranabji was accused of some thing. By Hazareji. He is still strong about it. An active politician can not the President. But who cares in India.
Nehru. Patel, Why discuss about the top man?
Gandhi. Look soul sir. I am the old MK Gandhi. I have not changed. I am also getting used to the way things are happening in India.
Soul. That is exactly I am saying about. You should not change. You have to stick to your values.Otheriwse why people should worship you?
Patel. Who is worshipping him? That is all pretending. Gandhi’s name is only to catch votes and to become popular and image building. ( sings)
In the morning the guys sing Gandhi’s name
And then in night run for females of ill fame
In their offices his photo is hung to a nail
And with corrupt money they bulge like blue whale
Soul. Hera, Hera, Very nice. You hit the nail.
Patel. Thanks. Now what about Bapu?
Soul. He knows better.
Gandhi. I am lost really. I do not know what to do. I am helpless. No one cares for me. I am an unwanted guy in India. I am only a ceremonial guy. People say Majbooree ka nam hai Mahatma Gandhi. (Helplessness stands for Mahatama Gandhi) ( sings in sad tone )
Hamari ankhone se dil ke tukde
Hamari aankho se dil ke tukde
Ab aansu banakar nikal rahe hain
Ke aaj apni khareeb rahkar
Teri judayee mein jal rahe hain. ( Surendranath from Gawaiah 1954)
Patel. Ha. Haa. Haa. Well said Bapu. It is a very late realization.
Soul. Look Mr Gandhi, Get back to your own self. Do not worry what happens outside. It is none of your business.
Gandhi. Probably true.
Soul. Not probably. Really it is true. OK Bye I am going. I shall maintain a watch on you.
( The inner consciousness of MK Gandhi vanishes)
Patel. Bapu. It is already late. We must go now
( In the meantime the watch man arrives)
Watch man. Sir. The time is up. You enjoyed your Rs 20. Now please go. Or I shall be in trouble.
Gandhi. OK brother. We shall go. Patel, Let us move
( The trio walks out of Rajghat )
                                          CURTAIN FALLS

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