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Into the past with pain... 336

                                              INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN..336
                                                  DR K Prabhakar Rao

(It is Delhi and it is evening after a hot day.  Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen standing near Parliament street  and singing Ramdhun...Some people watch them curiously)

Gandhi. Raghupathi  raghava raja ram... Sabko sanmathi de bhagwan

Nehru. Seetha ram jai seethe ram

Patel. Iss ko sanmathi de bhagawan.
Nehru ( Gets upset) Patel. What is this? Do you think I do not have sense?

Patel. Come on. What I have said. ? Did I blame you Jawaharlal? Did I take your name?

Nehru. You meant me only.

Patel. You are mistaken brother.

Gandhi. What is going on between you? Why do you guys keep fighting all the time?

Patel. Bapu, Jawaharlal suffers from some kind of complex

Gandhi. That is bad indeed. What happened?

Nehru. Patel sang that god should give me some sense as if I had none.

Gandhi. Patel, Did you?

Patel. Bapu. I did not mean him. It was  general appeal to god.

Gandhi. You guys better do not sing Ramdhun. It solves many problems. 

Patel. Bapu, as it is no one is singing it at present. People left long ago. People at present sing at best some love songs from films.

Gandhi. You guys better   sing too. Patel... what happened to  polls in UP state.

Patel. Bapu, It is over long ago. BJP won hands down. There was a sweep by BJP.

Gandhi. Yeah. What happened to Yadavs. They were fighting all the time.

Patel. Yadavs were bull dozed. They lost very badly. They are in shock and  are unable to utter a single word.

Gandhi. There was a self styled Netaji in UP among Yadavs. Where is he now?

Patel. He is very much there hiding.

Gandhi. Modiji did a great job in UP elections. Mayawati has vanished along with her elephant. Poor lady. She had many hopes. Must be crying... Kya  milgaya bhagawan  tujhe dilko dukhake..arman ki nagaree mein   meri aag lagake....  ( NoorjehanAnmol ghadi  movie .. 1946)

Nehru. I am unable to say anything. Raul fared very badly.

Gandhi. Was Raul a reckonable force in UP? I think  he was never.

Nehru. Atleast in Raebareli he was.

Gandhi. Poor guy. His mother overestimated him always.  He has taken party to suicide every time. Tragedy is that  she  always believed that Raul was born to rule India  while  he is unfit to be a sarpanch even .

Patel. Poor lady. Now Rauls career is over. Better he takes sanyas at Rishikesh and named as Chidanand comic swamy

Gandhi. He will not go there as Ramdeva baba will be there.

Patel. Haa..haa..haaa True, Well said bapu. 

Gandhi. Patel. Who is becoming UP CM

Patel. I am not sure

Gandhi. What are  gupshup and rumours

Patel. I heard Raj nath singhs name as he was from UP. He was already a CM  of UP earlier

Gandhi. Who are others?

Patel. The candidate has to be from UP.  Modi can not thrust a guy from other state.

Gandhi. It is also true

Patel. One need not be surprised if Modiji keeps  it as additional portfolio

Gandhi. How can he do it?.

Nehru. Why should we bother who becomes a UP CM? Oh Poor Raul  (  wipes tears ). What we get out of it.

Patel. Bhai Jawahar. Please  console yourself. All days are not same. You have seen many ups and downs and  were a PM too for 16 years. What else you want.. Be bold. Even Mughal empire  that was once very strong vanished.

Nehru. So you mean  my Dynasty also vanishes from power.

Patel. I did not say that. But it can happen.

Nehru. But you meant it.

Patel. Dynasty could continue . Raul need not become a PM. You know some of the royal families of India although lost their kingdoms after 1947 still perform celebrations  privately in their palace complex when a new maharaja takes over the imaginary  kindom. They live like Don Quixote wielding armour, lance, sword on a horse.  Nizam of Hyderabad  is one such guy. When Osman Ali khan passed away his grand son  Nawab Barkat ali khan became   Nizam 8 after a grand celebration at Hyderabad.  Some time ago.. Saif ali khan  cine actor became ruler of  Pataudi in MP state after his father Mansoor ali khan pataudi ( Cricket) passed away. There were celebrations too for  the turban tying celebrations.. So Jawaharlal, members of your dynasty can   have  such celebrations for Raul privately. But  you had no  samsthan. Your ancestors were not rulers. There is nothing like dynastic succession. At best Raul Gandhi can  succeed to all properties of your family after Sonia. He can celebrate it.

Nehru. Bapu. You are too sarcastic.

Gandhi. No. I am  telling truth and truth is always pungent and difficult to digest.

Patel. Jawaharlal. Take it easy. It is part of game.

Gandhi. Now Modi has won UP in a grand way. It is not necessary that he would repeat it regularly. People can put a full stop to  him someday. No one is permanent. He also knows it and keeps saying.

Patel. Well said. Bapu. Whoever become CM of UP his life will not be that easy.Apart rom managing the state he has to manage Modiji. His seat will be a frying pan. His life will belike a Dholak. One oneside the PM will be  beating with a stick while on the other end his party MLAs will be hammering.

Gandhi. Haa..haa. Well said. As per latest news  some new guy will be made the CM of UP. I hope he will not run away after knowing i
Patel. Haa..haaaa... heeee...heeeee

Nehru.. aaa.  aaaaaa      ..haa...haaa..

Gandhi. Enough for today. We will meet again once some guy becomes CM of UP. Let us go.

 The trio walks away

                CURTAIN FALLS

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