Monday, October 8, 2012


                                                PART III

                               Dr K Prabhakar Rao

41. This happened when Rani Abbakka of Ullal in Karnataka was betrayed by her own husband to Portuguese. She waged wars against the Portuguese invaders much before Rani Kittur Chinnamma fought against East India Company in 19 century. Our Hindu historians never speak of Rani Abbakka in their books. She has no identity. Not even a line is written about her achievements.

42. This has happened when young son of Sri Krishna Deva Raya emperor of Vijay nagar empire in 16 century was poisoned by his enemies ( King Prataparudra Gajapathi of Kalinga is suspected) in his palace and he died. It was set back to the empire and it also weakened the empire and its unity.

43. This also is happening even now when a section of Hindus is busy throwing mud at Anna Hazare who is spearheading agitation against corruption.

44. This happened recently now when Baba Ramdev has been left in lurch after his arrest and breaking up of his fast at Delhi. Now no one talks about him.

45. This happened when First PM of India, Jawaharlal Nehru was not in favor of restoring Somnath Temple in Gujarat that was destroyed repeatedly ( Finally by Aurangzeb)by Islamic rulers. It was restored to original glory after 1947.Thanks to Sardar Patel and his associates. He was much against President Babu Rajendra Prasad inaugurating it traditionally. This has sent wrong message to minorities in India.

46. This happened when Subhas Chandra Bose was literally hounded out of Congress party by MK Gandhi and his associates by non cooperation after Subhas was elected as Congress President for second time against Gandhis candidate Pattabhi seetha Ramayya in 1939.Gandhi commented, " Subhas’s victory is my defeat ",and this was un warranted and not in good spirit. He resigned soon and was forced to part ways subsequently. Gandhi was most non cooperative to Subhas. Rest is history. In fact MK Gandhi never liked any opposition. He wanted yes men with him.

47. This happened when Shanti Bhushan the team member of Anna Hazareji recommended plebiscite in Kashmir. It is unworthy of him.

48. This happened when President Abdul kalam was denied 2nd term as President. This is because he recommended two party system.

49. This happened in case of terrorists Afzal Guru and Kasab. Their hanging is being delayed for no reason by the pseudo secularists.

50. This happened when one lakh Pak prisoners were handed over to Pakistan without any condition by Indira Gandhi after 1971 war. She sought self glory and probably expected Nobel peace prize.

51. This happened when Maharaja of Gwalior betrayed Rani Laxmi bai of Jhansi in 1857 war. It is charged that he willingly gave a weak horse to the queen to fight the battle. The queen was very seriously injured in the battle after the horse failed to jump across a stream. She succumbed to injuries although she escaped from the battle field. She was hastily cremated by her followers.

52. This happened when Jawaharlal Nehru and Krishna Menon the Defense Minister let down Indian army and the nation in 1962 very badly and Indian army suffered the most humiliating defeat at the hands of PLA. Nehru also let down General Thimmayya in parliament after requesting him to withdraw his resignation. Any amount of hand swinging and stamping of feet, roaring of tanks, screaming of fighter jets and display of colorful horse cavalry during republic day parades will not erase this insult and is a permanent blot on our armed forces. Thanks to the bungling by the civilian authority under Late Nehru that continues unabated.

53. This happened in 1948 when Jawaharlal Nehru referred Kashmir issue to United Nations although Indian army was at the verge of recovering all areas from Pakistan. This thoughtless decision let down the nation and India is suffering till date.

54. This happened when Pak army and terrorists were allowed to withdraw safely in Kargil war. Indians failed to annihilate Pak militants and Pak troops at Kargil. The governmnent developed weak knees.

55. This happened when terrorists from Prison were handed over at Kandhar to Taliban regime by the central minister when Janata party was in power. India in turn got its hijacked plane along with passengers from militants. It had no will to face situation strongly.

56. This happened when Indian govt lacked spine and failed to take strong action after 26/11 Bombay attack by terrorists. It allowed Pakistan to let go off the hook.

57. This happened when Indian Govt failed to take any action against Bangladesh Rangers after they abducted Indian BSF personnel and killed them in cold blood .Indian govt had no courage to take strong action.

58. This happened when Govt in AP failed to take action against members of AMIM including MsLA who attacked Tasleema Nasreen from Bangladesh ( writer of novel Lajja) at Hyderabad. The offenders escaped from law being minorities. Govt looked other way.

59. This happened when Govt of India failed to take action against Mir Osman Ali Khan , Nizam 7 of Hyderabad after police action in Sept1948. He was made Raj Pramukh ( Governor) of the state as a policy of appeasement of minorities. Earlier, he unleashed a reign of terror on Hindu population in Hyderabad state under the leadership of Razakar leader and devil incarnate Kasim Razvi in order to remain an independent ruler. The Nizam abdicated his responsibility of protecting his people and he deserved severe punishment. He escaped all punishments and was pardoned without any trial and also was made Rajpramukh of Hyderabad state. What a spineless decision it was?

60. This happened when Swami Dayananda saraswati was poisoned in the palace of a Maharaja in Rajasthan by a cook due to palace conspiracy .
To be continued

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