Saturday, October 20, 2012



                                                       Dr K Prabhakar Rao

                       We have been completely engulfed by cheats and crooks who are after political power at all costs masquerading as great patriots and nationalists.They go to MKG's samadhi ( Grave ) at Rajghat on Oct 2 and 31 Jan every year and shed crocodile tears. They also try to spin the yarn with a Charkha. They all sqaut on spotless while cloth as if all are very pious.Once the function is over they all vanish. In parlaiment hall they pay floral tributes at the large Bapus photograph. Soon the real colors of the guys is displayed. The next day once the hiouse meeets for business complete chaos is seen. Members run into well, gesticulate, shout and do all wild things putting the nation to shame. Nothing concrete is done except chaos. The guys who elect these guys are the real loosers and wonder why they elected such guys. But sadly next time at elections the same guys get elected. People again vote without using their brains. Caste, creed, religion plays the game. All parties try to ensure that BJP does not forma govt. That is the only aim for them. All useless men get together to forma majority and make a coalition making a mockery of democracy in this country. Can we really call it a democracy? Any sane person would hang his head in utter shame.We beat chests claiming that ours is one of the best democracy.How sad it is.

                          In fact what is going on is a deep rooted game to deny rule of any Hindutwa party and Hindus are not seeing the real truths and are taken over by caste, regional and other factors. Every moment we are inching towards total chaos that would soon engulf us from all fronts.Sadly our VHP and other sister parties do not see eye to eye and have internal rivalries. Destruction of this great nation is awaiting around the corner and we are helpless.

India now is in the hands of thugs and thieves
They are worst than the wild stinging bees
The nation is being led to the dooms day
These leaders are ready to eat all muck and hay

Day and night the guys are busy in scams galore
Soon they would vanish into folklore
Many have made tonnes of  money
However their words are like sweet honey

There was a time  when the leaders attracted crowds
While today these guys face people with  shrouds
The country men are taken for  a camel"s ride
And their skins are like a buffalo's  hide

Nations money is locked up abroad in swiss bank
And these men have  brains like a steam engine crank
Every guy  poses to be  highly pious and  honest
And many are ready to steal even  crows eggs from its nest

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