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21. This happened when Temples in Bangladesh were destroyed. No murmur was heard in India.

22. This happened when temples were destroyed in Kashmir by minorities and Pundits were driven out from there. The Pandis who were driven out from Kashmir by Muslim terrorists shivered on Delhi streets while the rulers enjoyed in warm beds in their palaces.

23. This happened when Swami ( Is he really a swami?) Agnivesh passed insulting comments on Amaranth yatra and holy ( Ice) Shiva lingam. He was ofcourse slapped once at a meeting by an onlooker. He deserved more of it.

24. This happened when Haj Bhavans are being built extending all facilities and financial help to minorities while Hindus are left in lurch.

25. This also happened in 14 century when Velama kings in Telangana at Racha konda and Devarakonda betrayed ruler great Kapayya Naika of Warangal and joined Bahmani sultans of Gulbarga( Later Bidar) against him and Vijay nagar kings. An exhausted Kapayya was killed by deceit by ruler Anapotha naika of Rachakonda at Bheemavaram ( Near Warangal) in a battle. Their betrayal resulted in occupation of Telangana by Bahmani sultans. They had no national outlook and were selfish and betrayed Hindu cause although some of them were very brave and learned and promoted literature.

26.This also happened when few scions of Telangana ( Amba deva, Harihar Deva and Murari Deva) revolted against Rani Rudrama devi of Kaakateeya dynasty ( Daughter of Ganapathideva) being a lady at Warangal in 13 century. She was very valiant and crushed them mercilessly. She spent most of her tenure fighting and suppressing rebels and enemies and finally laid down her life in one of such battles.

27. This happened when step brother of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Venkoji at Tanjavur did not cooperate with Shivaji Maharaj and raised arms against him. He was disciplined by Chatrapathi.

28. This happened when marauder and evil Bijapur General Afzal Khan was protected by some Hindu warriors ( Kulkarni) against Shivaji Maharaj . Kulkarni raised sword against Shivaji Maharaj after Shivaji Maharaj knived Afzal khan in the tent in self defense. Shivaji killed secretary of Afzal Khan on the spot. Afzal Khan met his doom in the hands of Shivaji Maharaj. His head was cut off and presented to Queen mother Jijabai. Afzal Khan was responsible for the deaths of Shahaji Bhonsle( father of Shivaji Maharaj) and Shambhooji elder brother of Shivaji Maharaj earlier.

29. This happened in 1947 when Pakistan was created and congress was leading the freedom movement. They were in hurry to capture political power for selfish reasons. Indian interests were let down. India was partitioned.

30. This happened when martyr Bhagat singh and his associates Sukhdev and Rajguru were hanged by the British. Apparently no united efforts were made to save them.

31. This happened in early 19 century when Rani Chinnamma of Kittur was betrayed by one of her chieftain who ensured that cannon powder in the fort of Kittur was wetted thus making guns ineffective against the troops of Collector Thackeray of Dharwar in the battle of Kittur in 19 century. The queen refused to surrender her kingdom as a consequence of doctrine of lapse imposed by the East India Company. The traitor was crushed under elephant legs. But Rani lost the war and was imprisoned at Bailhangal fort where she passed away in few years. Our history books do not write any thing about Rani Chennamma in their books and do not even give a passing reference. What a shame!

32. This happened in 19 century when some traitors handed over Veera Pandya Katta Bomman the palegar of Panchala kurichhi in Tamil nadu to East India Company. He was hanged along with his associates and his fort was demolished.

33. This happened in 19 century when some traitors gave information about Velu Thambi the Dewan of Maharaja Balarama verma of Travancore Cochin who revolted against East India Company in early 19 century. He committed suicide when he was surrounded at Malladi when he took shelter in a temple.

34. This happened when Sarvai papadu ( Papanna) the dare devil ruler of Telangana province in 17-18 century was betrayed by some of his selfish associates to Mughal troops while he was resting. He committed suicide to avoid capture, torture and humiliation. With this, all Hindu resistance to Mughals vanished in Telangana. Our History books do not mention any thing about this great son of the soil. Probably there are many such heroes in other states too who vanished into history un sung and un heard.

35. This happened when Renigunta Rami Reddy, the valiant fighter of Telangana was betrayed to Razakars in 1948 and he was killed by the Tehsildar in the shoot out in deceitful manner.

36. This happened when selfish Velama rulers at Rachkonda and Devarakonda in Telangna colluded with Bahamani sultans of Gulbarga in 15 century and fought relentlessly against Reddy kings of Kondaveedu ( Formerly at Addanki) in Coastal Andhra Pradesh. This seriously weakened Hindu revival in AP and finally Muslims captured the areas.

37. This happened when King Prataparudra Deva II of Warangal lost great battle with Mohammed Bin Tughlaq in 14 century at Warangal and was captured on battle field due to differences between his Velama and Reddy Chieftains on the battle field . A section of Chieftains reportedly kept looking at battle field while other section was fighting along with the king. By the time they reacted seeing the emergency, it was too late and the king was captured. Kakateeya empire in AP collapsed with death of Prataparudra deva II on his way to Delhi as prisoner when he committed suicide by jumping into Godavari river ( Some say it was Narmada).Some ballads say that Prataprudra was rescued from Delhi by his minister Yougandharayana and was restored to the throne. But the empire did not last long and the king abdicated and left into oblivion. It is also said that his successor Annamadeva migrated to Jagdalpur in MP and established a dynasty that ruled right into 20 century. Raja Pravira Bhanja deo ( Dev) was the last ruler who revolted against Indian congress govt and was killed in police firing along with his followers at his palace. His killing still remains a mystery. Loss of erstwhile Kakateeya kingdom at Warangal was a major set back to Hindus in south India.

38. This happened when Jagga Raya put Sri Ranga Raya II emperor of Vijaynagar in prison with family and finally killed him along with entire family at Vellore fort in Tamil nadu and this resulted in the great Thopur battle in 1616 on the banks of river Kaveri in which Velama Chieftain Yachama Naika ( ruler of Kalahastee) accompanied by many associates including Raghunath Naika of Tanjore loyal to the slain emperor crossed swords with Jagga Raya and his army. Jagga Raya was slain in the battle by Yachama Naika. Prince Ramadeva the only surviving son of Sri Ranga II was crowned as emperor. But serious damage was already done to the unity of empire and in course of time, it collapsed ( 1649) due to disunity among Hindu Chieftains like of Madhura and Chenjee during the rule of Sri Ranga III. Muslims occupied entire south
India. It was very great set back.

39. This happened very long ago when Alexander invaded India. King Porus ( Puroshotthama) of Takshasila was betrayed by Ambhi a local ruler who colluded with Alexander. King Porus was defeated in Battle although he had great military strength.

40. This happened during the reign of Sri Krishna deva Raya the great emperor of Vijay nagar who ruled in 16 century. The Naikars of Tamil region like Madhura ( Madurai) and Chenji ( Jinji), never reconciled to the domination of Vijaynagar and often revolted and were subdued from time to time. These Naiks ensured finally that the empire vanished when it became weak during the time of Sri Ranga III in 1649.

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