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                                                           PART V

                                                       DR K Prabhakar Rao

61. This happened when Pravir Chandra Bhanjdeo the ruler of Bastar was killed in front of his palace at Jagdalpur in Madhya Pradesh along with his  court officers by the police in free India in 1961. He was a great leader of Tribals and politically strong too. His death is still a mystery. Very few deaths have been accounted for although it is learnt that police fired more than 100 rounds.  It is reportedly believed that he was assassinated to stop his rise to power in the state. He was the last Kakateeya  ruler of the province.

62. This happened when ill famed Kasim Razvi the devil incarnate and manifestation of Satan and   the ill famous Razakar leader of Majlis Ittehad ul Muslimeen ( MIM which is now transformed into AIMIM) at Hyderabad was allowed to go to Pakistan after giving an undertaking that he would go to Pakistan  within 48 hours. On the basis of undertaking he was released from Pune prison and allowed to migrate to Pakistan. Where was the necessity to do so? He was given a lenient sentence of 10 years in prison by a three judge court after Police action in 1948. Our leaders had no courage to send him to gallows through summary trial after police action inspite of his serious atrocities on Hindu population. Remaining Razakars were allowed to merge in society. Bitterness continues. The MIM party was allowed to continue after few years. Now it is called AIMIM.

63. This happened when Srimant Narayan Rao Peshwa was got murdered by his uncle  Raghunath Rao at Pune at Shaniwarwada fort. Maratha empire was weakened by the feuds.

64. This happened when step mother of Sambhaji Maharaj attempted to poison Sambhaji Maharaj to eliminate him so that her son Raja Ram could become chatrapathi. Sambhaji Maharaj reportedly executed her step mother along with other conspirators leading to bitterness.

65. This happened when reportedly ( Not confirmed) mother of Rajaram ( shivajis second son) poisoned Shivaji Maharaj so that her son Raja ram could be crowned. Bitterness thus developed within the family.

66. This happened when Bijjala the Kalachurya King of Kalyani in present Karnataka state was murdered by followers of Basaveswara in 12 century. It led to civil war between Jains and Lingayats.

67.This happened when  Nalagama Raja  king ( Haihaya dynasty) of Palnadau ( Guntur region) in AP state fought very bitter battle with  his step brothers Malidevas ( Elder and Younger) at Karempudi ( Guntur District of AP) in 1186  for share in the kingdom under the ill guidance of his evil PM Nagamma. Brahma Naidu the PM of Malidevas led his armies in the famous battle called Palanati Yuddham . Narsinga Raja the evil younger brother of Nalagama Raja was slain by brave Balachadradu son of Brahma Naidu in the battle in a duel. Earlier Narsinga Raja in collusion with Nagamma got Alaraju poisoned when he visited Nalagama Raja on peace mission. Alaraju was the son in law of Nalagama Raju and belonged to the faction of Malidevas.  Balachadradu too later lost his life in battle fighting after he was reprimanded by his father for his act. All kings of the State took part in this historic battle and scores of men perished in the battle. The state became weak by the war  out of family feuds.

68.Artist MF Hussein painted Hindu woman deities in nude and only Shiva sena reacted sharply against this insult.  Rest of Hindus in the country swallowed up the insult and looked other way. MF Hussein ran away from the country and stayed abroad. Some pseudo secularists  made efforts to get him back to India. However he died outside the country.

69. Reddy kings of Kondaveedu in AP had a constant feud with Velama rulers of Rachakonda and Devarakonda. They also fought with another Reddi Kingdom  of Rajamahendravaram in coastal Andhra. These disputes gravely weakened unity in south India and helped cause of Islam.

70. Prataparudra Gajapathi the ruler of Orissa ( Kalinga) in 16 century had bitter enmity with Sri Krishna Deva Raya of Vijay nagar. Raya led an expedition  and  defeated  Gajapathi and married his daughter. It is  learnt that Pratapdudra forced her daughter to kill  her husband on the first night itself. However  Krishan deva Raya escaped. The lady was innocent. The mishap did not take place.  This no way reduced the bitterness. These feuds helped cause of Islam in South.

71. Laik Ali the PM and criminal of  former Hyderabad state was allowed to escape to Pakistan  after police action from confinement . He was not even tried in absentia and awarded sentence. After WW II, Israel went after the evil men hiding at different places and caught hold of Adolf Eichmann in South America and was kidnapped and brought to  Israel  where he was tried for war crimes and was hanged at a scaffold. Can India do it? Never is the answer. Indian rulers are unable to hang the condemned terrorists held captive in Indian jails. How can they plan and  kidnap  and bring home the criminals from abroad.  It lacks will, competence and commitment. Neither it has the capability and has trembling knees.

72. Deenyar Jung the Police Chief of Hyderabad state in 1948 was not handed over due punishment that he deserved for  unleashing a reign of terror  and abetting Razakars. He deserved very severe punishment as a custodian of law  and order and  he abetted a reign of terror by Razakars. He atleast deserved life imprisonment if not  gallows. He escaped with very less punishment. Minority card played the trick. Indian govt buckled under weak knees as usual.

73. The party of Razakars MIM ( 1948) was initially banned after police action and  then was allowed to function after some time in  Hyderabad as a policy towards appeasement    and it is now called AMIM. Kasim Razvi the villain after release from prison handed over the reigns of the party  to Abdul Wahab Owaissi. No one was willing   to take over. The same family is dominating the party now. After Wahab Owaissi, his son, Sultan saluddin Owaissi ruled over the party till he died. After him his sons  are ruling the party the elder Asaduddin Owaaissi as an MP  and the younger Akbaruddin Owaissi as a local  MLA.  The party claimed that they had rewritten its party constitution. The pseudo secularists hobnob with this party to keep them in good humor although they play Islamic card all the time.

74. This happened when   Seethapathi Raju alias Shitab Khan the former ruler of Warangal as a vassal of Kalinga King Prataparudra Gajapathi fought Krishnadeva Raya when he led an expedition against Kalinga in 16 th century. Hindus had no unity. He was defeated and probably slain.

75. This happened when Naiks of Madhura and Tanjavur   vassals of Vijaynagar empire had bitter enmity and these feuds resulted in the fall of empire subsequently. Madhura   vanquished Tanjavur subsequently and extinguished Naika dynasty later. A prince  however was saved from the calamity and he grew outside and could not regain the throne. Thanjavur was  taken over by Venkoji, step brother of Chatrapathi Shivaji.

76. The grave of Prithvi Raj Chauhan exists very close to that of Mohd Ghori in Afghanistan.  The grave of Hindu king is made in such  a way that visitors have to first trample the grave  before they visit grave of Mohd Ghori. This was made to insult the hero by the Afghans.  The govt of India is least bothered about such insult and looks other way.  They visit Afghanistan and have no time to visit grave of Chauhan  . They have plenty of time to lick the grave of Baber the destroyer of Ram temple at Ayodhya and who erected towers of skulls. How shameful it is!

77.Aurangzeb the evil and sadist Mughal emperor destroyed most of Hindu temples including Somnath, Kashi and Mathura and desecrated them by building mosques  near them. Our rulers look other way for fear of loosing Muslim votes. A main road in Delhi is named after Aurangzeb who did maximum damage to Hindu sentiments in the country. The Aurangzeb  road mocks at Hindus and their inability to change the name.

78. At the time of partition, Sardar Patel declared that Muslims who remain in India could  not have dual loyalties. Yet, there are scores among them who  worship Pakistan. They burst crackers when Pakistan team won cricket match against India. When Israel attacked a mosque in Middle east some time ago,  Hindu shops and temples and houses were attacked in old city of Hyderabad. How Hyderabad is concerned with the attack? Aligarh Muslim University declared holiday when Pakistan won a match against India in cricket. They display emblem of Saudi Arabia on their personal Jeeps at Hyderabad and move around while the police agencies look other way. The govt too looks other way. Many of them  display photographs of Mohd Ali Jinnah the creator of Pakistan and Bahduryar jung  the founder of MIM and staunch Islamist that gave birth to notorious Razakars in Hyderabad subsequently.

79. Conclusive proof has been given for Taj mahal that it was a Rajput Palace before it was converted into  the present grave  . The rulers look other way. Indian govt  is scared of touching truth for fear of antagonizing minorities. Truths are rubbed under the mat.

80. Till recently, memorial lectures for Mir Osman Ali Khan the 7 th Nizam of Hyderabd were conducted at Madina Hall ( Named as Syed Ahmed Khan hall) at Nampally. This  has been   discontinued and now the lectures are held for Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who established Aligarh Muslim university.  He was the first person  who inspired the thought of creation of Pakistan. The officialdom closes its eyes for the fear of loosing Muslim votes. None of these men deserved memorial lectures in India having opposed an united India.. 


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