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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Hindus are divided. This is a well known, proved and established fact. They have not learnt from history and probably they would never learn. It is in their blood and has become part of their DNA. More over and sad part is that they are unlikely to learn too. From time immemorial, they have been quarreling for personal supremacy and with regional feuds and the result was that foreign tribes, some uncivilized too invaded India from west, defeated Indians and occupied the lands. They carried away our women after killing our men. They also carried away men, women and children as slaves. Some of the invaders established their kingdoms and enslaved India for many centuries. Except Muslims all of them merged with Hinduism by intermarrying with locals. Indians were enslaved by Kushans, Parthian, Scythians Huns and Greeks and then by Muslims and later by Europeans consisting of Dutch, Portuguese, French and the English men. What happened to Ramdev Baba at Delhi recently at the hands of Delhi administration duly abetted by the Delhi state police is the latest reflection of disunity among Hindus that plagues the society like breast cancer among women. The differences between Hindutwa parties on many issues are much disturbing. Tussle for leadership and self glorification appears to be the root cause for disunity in Hindutwa parties. The tragedy is that Hindus are yet to learn from past. These bickering are hurting the roots of the cause and undermining the existence of this nation. Hindus with such majority could not prevent partition of the subcontinent in 1947. There are numerous examples to prove disunity among Hindus that resulted in domination and imposition of slavery by not only outsiders but also some sections of society from within even in free India that has resulted in family rules. Rise of dynastic rules even after getting freedom from the Englishmen is the result of this evil and due to deep rooted slavish mentality. A Hindu in his own land appears to be an alien. He is getting shy of himself and does not want to identify oneself as a Hindu. He is much scared of his own shadow as he is persecuted at every stage by the pseudo secularists. He avoids being seen by others when he visits temples. He does not display his Hindu credentials unlike other religions that make it a point to display the religious characteristics. Educated Brahmins stopped displaying their Brahmin identity long ago. Thanks to the hatred towards Brahmins from other castes in this country particularly in Tamil Nadu where Ayyars and Ayyangars were hounded out to other states and other countries long ago. Leaders shout at pitch of the voice against evil of caste and its eradication while they are the first culprits in promoting the caste without which they can not have existence. In society, Brahmins are hated at every stage and at most of the places, but no function will be taken up without participation of a Brahmin Purohit. He is required for all functions right from birth of a child to the cremation ground at the end of life. Hindu scriptures never preached hatred and discrimination towards others. There are innumerable examples where Hindus betrayed their own cause causing own down fall. These are highlighted. This is an unhappy truth indeed in this historic nation. But truth is sadly uncomfortable to many particularly to pseudo secularists in this land of India and most of them are masquerading as great patriots and nationalists. Some of these men have no courage to speak truth. They write memoirs and hide them to be published after their death. Former Education minister at centre, Late Abul Kalam Azad and Late Arjun Singh are such examples who were no doubt timid. They obviously had no moral courage to state truth. They know doubt ran after positions. Abul Kalam Azad was the first education minister of free India. Arjun singh was the CM of MP state and enjoyed political power for long time. Even the present President Hon Pranab Mukherjee has written diaries regularly and does not want them to be published ( as per news paper reports) when he is alive. These men can not speak truth bravely and run after positions and power because speaking truth would hamper their political careers. If Pranabji’s diaries were published, he would have been shown the door by the high command immediately. Pranabji very well knows this. The pseudo secularists ensure that their controversial peers are over glorified in the false history books in the country while others are systematically down graded and memory is eroded. Subhas Chandra Bose is a victim in this direction. These truths are likely to put souls of some departed pseudo secularists at great discomfort who are today much glorified as great souls and Mahatmas. Hindus failed to unite on several occasions and basked on self imposed Dharma while the enemy had no such holy standards. Innumerable instances of such disunity among Hindus and their apathy are described:

1. This happened when Prithviraj Chauhan., the king of Thneswar and Ajmer fought invader Shahbuddin Mohd Ghori of Kabul in 12 century. India became a slave to Islamic barbaric and repressive rule for next 600 years. King Jai chand of Kanoj due to personal feuds betrayed him and invited Mohammed Ghori the ruler of Kabul to attack India. This resulted in the defeat and death of the king Chauhan and slave Muslim dynasty was established at Delhi under Kutubuddin Aibek.Chauhan adhered to Kshatriya Dharma and principles while Ghori had no such scruples. Chauhan released Ghori with all honor whenever he was captured. However Ghori did not reciprocate. Of late, some historians claimed that Jai chand was a brave hero and died on battle field fighting Ghori while Chauhan was a coward who tried to escape from the battle field. What a shame and disgrace!

 2. This happened when Mohammed Ghaznavi of Kabul invaded India and Somnath Temple in particular. Somanth temple was desecrated , destroyed ,looted and pillaged. There was no united resistance from Hindus. Hindus believed that the lord Shiva would open his third eye and destroy the Mlechas. It did not happen. Lord Shiva preferred to close his third eye and watch the destruction. Opening of third eye happened in scriptures and surely not in Kali yuga where only evil would succeed. Probably the Adharma has not reached the peak that would call for divine intervention as it happened in the earlier manifestations of Lord Vishnu. Mohd Ghazni broke the Linga and took away the broken stones to Kabul and spread them as steps at a mosque. The Muslims who went into the mosque and came out treaded over these stones to their utter glee. What an insult to the nation! Our rulers have no iota of shame and run to Kabul very often and pray, and rub their noses at Baber’s grave. What a shame indeed!

3. This happened when Yadava Kings of Devagiri ( Daulatabad) did not come to the rescue of Valinat Kakateeya King Prartaparudra II of Warangal against Allauddin Khilji and Mohd Bin Tughlaq in 14 century. Warangal and Devagiri both were conquered by Muslims subsequently and these dynasties vanished. South India lay bare to the vandalism by the invading Muslims. No single temple was left from vandalism. Wherever one visits, statues and gods stare at us with tears with broken limbs, sheared breasts and shattered heads. The ruins in the fort of Warangal are a testimony to the bitterness against Hindus whenever Muslim armies were victors. Each and every statue in and around Warangal fort has been mutilated and great sculptures were broken to pieces and reduced to rubble. Many broken sculptures have been used for construction at a later date by Muslims. No single edifice has been left untouched in the great fort that has seen bitter wars between Hindu kings and Muslim Sultans since 14 century. Even Razkars in the state of Nizam 7 caused immense harm to the remaining sculptures and temples in the towns and villages of former Hyderabad state during 1948 till they were erased by police action by the Indian government.

4. This happened when Rana Sangram singh ( Rana Sanga) fought Baber the Mughal and the marauder at Battle of Kanawha in 1527. Maharana lost the war and Mughals established their rule that lasted till 1857.Sadly, present Indian leaders go to Kabul and pray at the grave of invader Baber appeasing Muslims . Cruel Baber erected towers of skulls after his victories. How barbaric he was! What a shame to the nation!

5. This happened in 16 century when Maha Rana Pratap Singh of Chittor fought Akbar all his life. Fellow Rajput Chiefs gave their daughters and sisters to Akbar and served in his army. They also led the armies against Rana Pratap Singh. Example is Raja Man singh who was the brother of Jodha bai, queen of emperor Akbar and he was the Commander in Chief of Mughal forces. He defeated the Rana at the battle of Haldighat. Rajputs failed to unite and fight Akbar.

6. This happened when Sri Ranga Rayalu III of Vijaya nagar empire was betrayed by his Naikas of Jinjee and , Madhura in 17 century and empire vanished and was occupied by Bijapur and Golconda sultans. Muslims occupied South India.

7. This happened when Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj fought Aurangzeb in 17 century. Raja Jai singh the Mughal commader in Chief did not heed to Maharaj Shvaji’s request to fight Mughals united. He preferred to remain a loyal servant in Mughal court and retain his small kingdom in return than face the wrath of the wicked Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

8. This happened when Chatrapathi Sambhaji Maharaj was betrayed to Mughals by his brother in law Ganoji Shirke at Sangameswar. Sambhaji Maharaj was tortured and executed most cruelly. He became Dharmaveer.

9. This happened when Chatrapathi Sahu Maharaj fought Tara bai widow of Chatrapthi Raja Ram for the crown after his release from Mughal's captivity after Aurangzebs death in 1707. They fell to the plot of Mughals for causing disunity among Marathas .

10. This happened when Marathas fought Ahmad shah Abdali Durrani at Panipat war III in 18 century and Marathas lost the war. Many Hindu kings and Sikhs did not support Marathas. This greatly weakened Maratha power and resulted in rise of the East India Company.

11. This happened when Maharaja Ranjit singh of Punjab was betrayed in Anglo Sikh wars by own countrymen.. Sikhs lost the kingdom.

12. This happened when Raghunath Rao peshwa colluded with East India company. It caused quicker down fall of Maratha empire.

13. This happened when Tantya Tope, Nana Sahib, RaniLaxmi bai and Veer Kunwar singh, Rani of Tulsipur and Rani Avanti Bai of Ramgad fought East India Company troops in 1857. Many Indian princes of Baroda, Gwalior, Indore, Mysore, Hyderabad and Punjab sided with the company and let down the nation. Indian rebellion was a failure.

14. This happened when Bobbili king Raja Veera Gopala Krishna Ranga Rao in AP fought the French army led by General Bussey and army of Vijayrama Raja of Vizianagaram and Commander Hyder jung of Hyderabad ruler Salabat Jung in 1757.Bobbili heroes 250 in numbers laid down their lives to the last man. Hindus had no unity and the French took advantage.

15. This happened when Sri Atal Bihari Bajpaiji the PM was defeated by one vote in parliament in recent times. His govt fell.

16. This happened when Lord Rama was insulted by Karunannidhi the CM of Tamilnadu and central govt filed a petition in Hon. Supreme court stating that Lord Rama was not a historical figure. This was great insult to Hindu belief. This was because DMK party from Tamilnadu does not believe in Lord Rama. On Dassera festival, they celebrate Rama Dahana ( Burning) instead of Ravana dahana. DMK Party believes that Rama was an Aryan who waged war against native Dravidians who were described as demons by Aryans. Other Indians swallow this.

17. This happened when Kanchi seer was arrested in AP at midnight and flown to Chennai and refused even bail. All Hindus kept mum.

18. This happened when in AP attempts were made by the late CM YSR Rajsekhar Reddy to build churches on the hills of Lord Balaji destroying it's sanctity. However the attempts did not succeed. Reddy lost his life in an chopper crash. God wished so. It is believed tat Panch Bhoota caused his death. Air, water, sky, fire and ground were involved in the mishap of the chopper.

19. This happened when 1000 (medieval) pillar Mandapam was demoilished at Tirupathi and attempts were made to build temple pillars with Cross symbols.

20. This happened whenever Media denigrated Hindu pontiffs on slightest pretext that dare not do for cases in respect of minorities.

To be continued

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