Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pencil sketch of an anti Nazi by dr k Prabhakar Rao


 He was aGerman General and took part in WW I and was highly decorated having served on Ottoman Empire during the war. He retired from service in 1930 and in 1934 he went to China that was under General Chiang Kai shek and at that time China was at war with Japan. He went as military advisor. However when Germany aligned with Japan during WW II he was called back. He was threatened that if he did not return his family would be in troubles and he would be seen as disloyal. he returned and during WW II he was sent to Belgiam under German occupation where he was responsible for administration and deporting many Jews. Jews were forced out of Blegian economy and consequently there was large scale unemployment. many were sent to forced labor camps. about 48000 non Jews were sent to concentration camps in Northern France where 13000 died. He ordered shooting of scores of NAzi resistance fighters. R eportedly he was soft towards Belgian resistance fighters.He turned anti nazi and was in association with Carl Friedrich Goerdler and Firld marshal Erwin VON witzleben. after the. Failure of 20 July plot. He was arrested and he was shifted from on concentration camp to other. He along with 140 prominent in mates of Dachau camp were shifted to Tyrol where SS guards ran away when German army unit under an officer arrived. they were liberated by Us fifth army on 5 May 1945. he was arrested for war crimes by allies and was sent to Belgium for trial In 1948.During the trial he was sentenced 12 years hard labour in Germany In 1951..52.When he returned to Germany after three weeks , he was pardoned by West German chancellor Konrod Aadenauer as he has already served three years in Belgium. He died in 1966,Although he was a war criminal he was pardoned.

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